Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Golf Cart World Finals Showcases Division’s Best

In a tradition to the Friday night festivities of the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, the Golf Cart World Championships and a second chance race were run with SEVEN rounds of eliminations.  Good times were had by all, and for the select few who earned final round victories, the glory was great.  The team of Dallas Glenn/Sadie Floyd were the winners in the Golf Cart Nationals race, while Frankie/Ross Souza were victors in the Consolations race.  As is a custom in our regular elimination classes, close racing and high action were the norm, as we completed Day 1 of the Les Schwab Challenge.


In the Golf Cart Elimination race, the final round came to two pairs of teams: Dallas Glenn/Sadie Floyd, and Tommy Gaynor/ Megan Lea.  For the team of Glenn/Floyd, the defeated racers were Evan and Garrett Sides, TWICE, Pat Skahan/Daryl Hemley, Derek McMasters/Jessica, Layne/Wayne Linder, and Shane Westerfield/Bob. On the other side of the ladder, Gaynor/Lea downed Mike Williams/John Reidel, TWICE, Dana/Steve Glenn, a single pass, Vince Storms/Erika Field, and Joe Souza/Dan Terrall.  With the final round between two experienced veterans, and reaction times separated by just .005, it was certainly an exhilarating 19 seconds of racing.  At the finish line, by twenty three thousandths of a second, Glenn/Floyd made it first, and secured victory over the team of Gaynor/Lea.  Adam/Case was the number one qualifiers with a .012 reaction time start.


With great participation in the Golf Cart Second Chance race, a large crowd was given a buyback opportunity to race their elimination round for just $10.  If after that they were still unable to claim a win, a second chance race was formed.  In the final round, the battle came to Frankie/Ross Souza and Mike Williams/John Reidel.  After green reaction times a pair, the team of Souza and Souza were able to score the victory after gaining almost three tenths advantage on the starting line.  Casey Plaizier/Francesca were the semi-finalists.

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