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Final Day Results – Rose Festival Drags

Day two of the Sunbelt Rentals & Bi-Mart 38th Annual Rose Festival Drags read much like day one. Excitement, passion, heartbreak and breakthroughs dominated the day. When the dust finally settled, Paul New (Pro Nostalgia), Danny Wargnier (Top Comp), Dale Hrenko (Super Comp), Gene Heaton (Super Gas), Tommy Gaynor (Stock/Super Stock), Devon Hilton (Dragster/Roadster), Kevin Petersen (Super Pro), Nicholas Shepherd (Pro), Robert Glafka (Sportsman), Phillip Lang (ET Motorcycle), Len Darnell (NWDB Pro Mod), Kerry Drost (NWDB Pro Street), Stacy Hesch (NWDB Quick 8) all claimed victories. Nicholas Shepherd by far had the best weekend of all, combining a runner-up finish yesterday with the win today, along with A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points win earned him a total of 190 points in two days, leaping from 26th in points up to 6th, also showing just how tight Pro competition is.

A special noting should go to Richard Smith, who while driving Darrin Bay’s Incinerator Jet powered dragster made a blistering 299.70 mph pass to the cheers of the crowd.

In the Top Alcohol categories, Woodburn’s own Joey Severance set low ET and top speed in the Top Alcohol Dragster category with a 5.410 at 252.24 mph. Meanwhile, in Top Alcohol Funny Car, low ET and top speed went to Dave Germain, when he ran 5.791 at 242.52 mph.

Pro Nostalgia competition had spectacular runs all around, with heart-racing action all the way into the final round. DeWayne Sanders put together a great .292 (running a 6.955 at 198.19mph) package in the opening pair, but it was for waste after Spud Miller was unable to stage his car. Paul New caught early round luck after using his .146 to .478 starting line advantage to win against Ena Eickmann, despite being further off his dial-in. Number one qualifier Chris Marshall (6.542 @ 208.81mph) was unable to stage the car in the first round of eliminations, giving the win to Jay Kinnee. The final pairing showed Michael Peck and Kevin McCurdy battling off, in which McCurdy was in the lead until the car drifted over towards the retaining wall, forcing McCurdy to activate ‘evasive maneuvers’ which slowed him down, allowing for Peck to pull around for the win, running a 6.77 at 187.96 mph. In the semi’s Sanders took the big win over Jay Kinnee, running another great 6.90s pass at over 196 mph, while on the other half of the ladder Paul New showed why he was the number two qualifier, running a 6.616 at 211.61 mph. In the final, both drivers fired up their vehicles and started the pull forward into the burnout…when the New team realized Sanders hadn’t fired. Despite them being ready to do their burnout, the team showed the highest amount of class: backing their vehicle back up behind the burnout box and waiting to see if Sanders could get it to fire. After it wouldn’t, they then took the single pass, slowing to an 8.939 at 166.63 mph.

In the Super Pro category, one veteran competitor said it the best after she stated “This is some of the toughest competition we’ve seen in years. I have no idea where it’s come from!” The finalist in the Super Pro class was again a pair of first timers, this time in the form of Kevin Petersen and Craig Tharp. Petersen’s trip to the final round included beating racers the likes of Chris Dutson, Danny Wargnier, Earl Griffith, #1 Points earner Loretta McCool, and Julie Adams. On the other side of the ladder, Tharp had competition from a broke single, Marty Stewart, Devon Hilton, Dave Sattem, and a laddered single. In the final round, these two drivers left with almost identical reaction times (.034 to Tharp’s .030) before they both charged down the quarter mile and broke out, resulting in Petersen taking the win by a slim 46-thousandths of a second. Special congratulations to Mike Nicholson, who scored the win in the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points with a stellar .013 overall package.

Pro bracket racers saw a scene that is sadly familiar to them from over the last three years, as 3-Time defending Pro Champion Nicholas Shepherd chose the Bi-Mart/Sunbelt Rentals sponsored Rose Festival Drags as his weekend to ‘flip the switch. Shepherd went from having two round wins at his first five events (technically he earned both of those rounds at the first event, then went 0-fer at the next four) and having a grand total of 170 points, to having 13 round wins, and earning 190 additional points in two races. Shepherd beat Michael Cairy, Bryon Bilodeau, George Burns Sr, Casey DePeel, and John LaRoche before squaring off with Rob Newman in the final round. In that final round, Shepherd took a small .013 advantage off the starting line and never looked back, running right on his 10.67 with a 10.678 to seal one of the more dominating weekends in recent memory. Vic Levings claimed the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points with a .018.

The Sportsman category has so far through the year been unable to find a way to slow defending champion Derrick Jackson, whose worst race this year has been a pair of second round finishes (in which he won the Package for the points, boosting the races to 60 Pointers). For the two final round competitors, it was all about gaining points in chase. Robert Glafka defeated Garry Heinrich, Jim Lamkin, and a single before downing Jackson in the semi-final round. For Lavonne Goodman, victories came over Karl Hart, Jerry Durant Jr, number one qualifier Frank Pettit, and Kathy Figini. In the final round, Goodman had the narrow reaction time advantage (.049-.052) but was unable to get her ’75 Corvette to run the number, allowing Glafka to earn the win. Michael McFadden scored the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points when he nailed down a .040 package in the final qualifying session.

In the ET Motorcycle category, two-wheeled racers compete to see who can run the closest to their dial-ins without breaking out, and ‘cutting’ the best reaction time possible. When point’s leaders Don DePeel went out in the second round, it sent a spark to Phillip Lang. Lang advanced to the final round over opponents Tyler Baker, Bob Osborne, and Cory Wayne. Maycee Blehm, advancing from the other side of the ladder, downed Jim Werre, Jay Wayne, and yesterday’s winner Gary Tokos. In the final, Blehm had the starting line advantage but Lang was able to run closer to his dial-in, scoring the victory.

The Dragster/Roadster category saw one new finalist and one repeat. Jennie Perrotti’s ’34 Vicky made it into the final round by downing David Gordon, Gary Hogansen and number one qualifier Tommy Stanford. For Devon Hilton: Kelly Gordon and Jeff Lewis were the victims before earning the semi-final round single. In the final round, Hilton broke out by more, but it was all for naught as Perrotti turned on the red light by -.005, giving Hilton his third win of the season.

Top Comp features drivers running at least in the seven second range. Danny Wargnier and Steve Cooper were the two cars to advance into the final round competition. For Wargnier, the lone door car, victims included a single, number one qualifier Chuck Glanz, and number three qualifier John Chitwood. For Cooper, wins came over a competition breakage, Grace Presser, and number two qualifier Shane Molinari. In the final round, Cooper gained over a hundredth advantage on the starting line, but was unable to use it at the top end when he broke out, giving the win to Wargnier.

In the Power Punch Pacific Northwest Super Comp Series, an association that travels the Northwest completely points races, eliminations are as tight as any other category, if not tighter yet! The final round featured a couple of experienced veterans, in the form of Dale Hrenko and Ed Hauter. Hrenko’s journey into the final round consisted of defeating Rick Dearinger and Emily Williams, before earning the single. For Hauter, the victories were against Debra Linne, Ty Anderson, and Emmett McKillop. In the final round, Hrenko cut a supersonic .005 reaction time…and left second to Hauter’s supersonicER .002. Despite the advantage, on a double breakout finish, Hrenko got the win by .0082.

Super Gas is a category in which opponents react off of a 4-tenths Pro tree (where all three amber lights activate at the same time) and attempt to get as close to running the 9.90 dial-in as possible. Since center-steer cars are not allowed in this category, no dragsters or altereds may compete. Of the racers that competed, it’s only fitting that the number one and two qualifiers ended up racing off in the final Gene Heaton (#1) took an advantage of .017 over Randy McCool (#2). At the finish line, Heaton scored the win on a holeshot, as he was farther off the 9.90 number than McCool, but not farther than the difference in reaction time.

In Stock/Super Stock competition, a category designed around a formula using engine size and car weight to pick the dial-ins, Tommy Gaynor and Mike Parmenter lined up against each other in the final round. This race put up a good case for why it is better to have the faster car, as despite Gaynor red lighting by .023, Parmenter, the slower car, red-lit first, giving the win to Gaynor. Gaynor then ran a 10.748 on his 10.79 dial-in.

Final round results are listed in order of driver name, hometown, (vehicle year and make/model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

Pro Nostalgia
W: Paul New (’05 Dragster) – 8.939, 166.63 (6.58 dial).
R/U: DeWayne Sanders (’98 Tuttle) – broke.
Semi’s: Michael Peck; Jay Kinnee

Top Comp
W: Danny Wargnier (’08 GTO) – 7.827, 175.02 (7.83 dial).
R/U: Steve Cooper (’03 Sarmento) – 7.433, 179.42 (7.47 dial).
Semi’s: Shane Molinari; John Chitwood.

Super Comp
W: Dale Hrenko (’03 Undercover) – 8.885, 169.17 (8.90 dial).
R/U: Ed Hauter (’02 Spitzer) – 8.877, 172.77 (8.90 dial).
Semi’s: Emmett McKillop.

Super Gas
W: Gene Heaton (’32 Brogie) – 9.943, 145.11 (9.90 dial).
R/U: Randy McCool (’37 Ford) – 9.940, 142.06 (9.90 dial).
Semi’s: Ed Hauter; John Whitemore.

Stock/Super Stock
W: Tommy Gaynor (’96 Corvette) – 10.748, 124.20 (10.79 dial).
R/U: Mike Parmenter (’55 Chevy) – foul.
Semi’s: Fadi Atiyeh

W: Devon Hilton (’64 Dragster) – 8.535, 155.73 (8.58 dial).
R/U: Jennie Perrotti (’34 Vicky) – foul.
Semi’s: Tommy Stanford.

Super Pro
W: Kevin Petersen (’56 Chevy PU) – 10.119, 131.48 (10.16 dial).
R/U: Craig Tharp (’69 AMX) – 10.393, 128.22 (10.48 dial).
Semi’s: Julie Adams.

W: Nicholas Shepherd (’62 Chevy II) – 10.678, 120.41 (10.67 dial).
R/U: Rob Newman (’71 Camaro) – 11.231, 119.44 (11.21 dial).
Semi’s: John LaRoche; Scott Lang.

W: Robert Glafka (’70 Torino) – 12.170, 98.97 (12.12 dial).
R/U: Lavonne Goodman (’75 Corvette) – 12.574, 104.32 (12.44 dial).
Semi’s: Kathy Figini; Derrick Jackson.

ET Motorcycle
W: Phillip Lang (’08 GSXR) – 9.526, 138.99 (9.49 dial).
R/U: Maycee Blehm (’02 Suzuki) – 8.667, 148.56 (8.60 dial).
Semi’s: Gary Tokos; Cory Wayne.

NWDB Pro Mod
W: Len Darnell (’12 Suzuki) – 6.713, 197.71.
R/U: Larry Cook (’99 Suzuki) – broke.
Semi’s: Kenny Dreer.

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