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Familiar & New Faces Visit The Winner’s Circle On September 7th

A cool morning fog broke for a warm afternoon September 7th with the Fall Jr Racing Series #1, Sport Compact Challenge #5, and the Annual Powder Puff race run to completion.  Overall race winners were Taylor Toftemark (Jr Lightning), Conner Rice (Jr Thunder), Emily Lewis (Jr Tuff), Amy Fields (Powder Puff), William Breese (Sport Compact Pro) and Hoppy Hopkins (Sport Compact Sportsman).


Jr Lightning drivers raced to see who could get the best start to the new series, and featured a final between two drivers who had battled all year long. Taylor Toftemark defeated Kaylen Pedro in the first round to earn a single into the finals, and Carson Wheeler downed Emily Lewis and Jordin Howell to reach the final round.  In the finals, Wheeler had an impressive .014 reaction time…but was unfortunately on the wrong side of the luck as Toftemark unleashed a perfect .000 reaction time, and coupled that with running her number with a 1, putting together a .001 package in the final round.  Kaylen Pedro was the number one qualifier with a .001.  It should also be noted that Howell qualified last in the Jr Lightning field…with a .022 reaction time, the only driver without a .00* in qualifying.


Jr Thunder competition was run to completion with Conner Rice and Josh Schmanke lining up in the finals.  Rice defeated Rilynn Saucy and Lorenzo Gonzalez to reach the final, whereas Schmanke downed Ryan Dick and Dylan Hough.  In the final round, Schmanke took the huge starting line advantage but broke out at the finish by .008, giving Conner Rice the points lead to start off the Fall Jr Thunder Series.


Emily Lewis defeated Nicholas Karr in Jr Tuff, a category for Jr racers who lost in the first round of eliminations.


The Powder Puff race is a specialty once a year race that kicks the boys out of their place and lets the ladies race.  In the final round this year was Amy Fields and Monica Zane.  Fields, racing out of Beaverton, defeated Lora Keiser in the semi-finals to advance into the trophy round, whereas Zane downed Luba Ivanov.  In the finals, Fields had the reaction time advantage and ran closer to her dial-in to get the win.


Sport Compact Sportsman and Pro both featured races extremely important to the point’s chases, and determining the overall season champions.  In Sport Compact Pro, it was William Breese getting the win to help bolster his incoming points lead.  In the final he defeated Michael Schwab, who was beat by almost .05 seconds off the starting line.  Ken Schaffer was the lone semi-finalist.


In Sport Compact Sportsman, Hoppy Hopkins and David Chun Jr did battle in the final round, with Hopkins getting the win after Chun Jr ran too far off his number.


Listed are final round results, in order of driver’s name, city/state, (vehicle year/model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).


Jr Lightning
W: Taylor Toftemark, Castle Rock WA (’03 Halfscale) [.000] 8.001, 81.40 (8.00 dial).
R/U: Carson Wheeler, Wilsonville OR (’09 Eickmann) [.014] 8.043, 7.99 (80.58 dial).
Semi’s: Jordin Howell, Port Orchard WA.
Jr Thunder
W: Conner Rice, Milwaukie OR (’04 Akron) [.256] 10.791, 58.99 (10.78 dial).
R/U: Josh Schmanke, Olympia WA (’07 Creative) [.046] 9.162, 69.28 (9.17 dial).
Semi’s: Lorenzo Gonzalez, Portland OR; Dylan Hough, Junction City OR.
Jr Tuff
W: Emily Lewis, Covington WA (’07 Creative) [.050] 7.948, 81.96 (7.99 dial).
R/U: Nicholas Karr, Salem OR (’96 Universal) [-.212] 13.204, 48.74 (13.30 dial).
Semi’s: Spencer David, Eugene OR; Ryan Dick, Astoria OR.
Powder Puff
W: Amy Fields, Beaverton OR (’89 S10) [.216] 13.601, 87.41 (12.69 dial).
R/U: Monica Zane, Monmouth OR (’98 BMW) [.606] 19.437, 73.57 (17.15 dial).
Semi’s: Luba Ivanov, Gervais OR; Lora Keiser, Salem OR.
Sport Compact Pro
W: William Breese, Hillsboro (’92 Talon) [.057] 10.381, 121.08 (10.28 dial).
R/U: Michael Schwab, Olalla (’56 VW) [.109] 10.349, 142.65 (9.60 dial).
Semi’s: Ken Schaffer, Portland OR.
Sport Compact Sportsman
W: Hoppy Hopkins, Beavercreek (’93 Honda) [.192] 17.828, 78.58 (17.76 dial).
R/U: David Chun Jr, Vancouver WA (’90 Nissan) [.022] 16.645, 77.56 (16.40 dial).
Semi’s: Bud Kuhns, RoseburgOR.

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