Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Dave Bronec; Fall Transbrake Series Champion

In the first race of the Fall ET Series Transbrake class, held at the Fall Classic, Steve Stuart and Todd Buckbee lined up to race in the final round.  Stuart, competing in the final round for the second year in a row, defeated Christopher Dutson, Wallace Cronin, Matt Kielman, and Bryce Moilanen.  For Buckbee: Mike Lang, Mike Hansen, Tony Price, and Eli Taghon were the defeated racers.  In the money round, both racers turned on the red light start, but with Buckbee leaving first the race went in favor of Stuart, collecting the win.  Kirby Olmsted was the number one qualifier with a .002.

After back-to-back rain outs, competitors Dave Bronec and Steve Stuart lined up this time in the final round.  Bronec, the number two qualifier, defeated Chuck Gillespie and Jeff Poleski before earning a single in the semi-finals, while Stuart, the number one qualifier, eliminated last year’s series champ Dave Nassimbene, a single, and Tony Price.  The final round shaped up like this: both drivers had .05 reaction times, and both drivers ran just under their posted dial-ins. For Stuart: under by .013. For Bronec: under by only .009.  As such, by four thousandths of a second, Dave Bronec is your winner.
At this point, Stuart held the lead with 150 Points, second place Dave Bronec sat with 110 points, and in third was Tony Price with 100.  However, drivers in this series knew that point’s leader Steve Stuart wouldn’t be at the final race, and as such the race was on!

At the final race of the season, there was a final round battle between the number five and four qualifiers. The number five qualifier, Dave Bronec, scored wins over Carl Meinig, Scott Davis, and Joe Sorenson. On the other side of the ladder, number four qualifier Dave Nassimbene chocked up victories over George Burns Sr, Brett Davis, and Pat Figini. With a first round loss of Tony Price, the championship was locked up for Bronec, racing now to add an additional plaque to his wall.  Reaction time differences in the finals were separated by just .028 in favor of Bronec, and running a 10.16 on the 10.15 to get the win and the championship was ‘Dynamite’ Dave Bronec. Brett Davis was the number one qualifier with a .030.


Following are the top three point’s earners, in order of position, name, points, and round wins.

1. Dave Bronec, 190 Points, 8 Round Wins

2. Steve Stuart, 150 Points, 8 Round Wins

3. Tony Price, 130 Points, 4 Round Wins

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