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Dylan Hough; Fall Jr Racing Series Thunder Champion

Now starts the annual tradition of wrapping up the 2013 racing season by honoring all champions. These posts will happen every Monday and Thursday, honoring those who claimed championships in the 2013 Season.



The Fall Jr Racing Series saw competition in Thunder start off with a bang as Conner Rice and Josh Schmanke lined up in the finals.  Rice defeated Rilynn Saucy and Lorenzo Gonzalez to reach the final, whereas Schmanke downed Ryan Dick and Dylan Hough.  In the final round, Schmanke took the huge starting line advantage but broke out at the finish by .008, giving Conner Rice the points lead to start off the Fall Jr Racing Series.

After two rain outs, the second point’s race (fourth out of five overall) in the series showcased Dylan Hough persevering through round after round of eliminations before defeating Alisha Miller in the finals to earn the trophy and winners jacket at the Jacket Race.  At this point, Hough and Conner Rice were tied with 140 points and 4 round wins, edge going to Hough based on best at last race.

October 13th featured the final points race in the series, where Lorenzo Gonzalez and Alisha Miller battled out in the finals with Gonzalez getting the win after Miller red lit by -.003.  Ryan Bese was the lone semi-finalist.  Of course all attention was on Conner Rice and Dylan Hough in the first round.  Rice came up first and…breaks out!  Meaning that by virtue of six tiebreakers, the 2013 Fall Jr Racing Series Thunder Championship went to Dylan Hough.

Final points standings in order of Points Position, Driver name, Points total, and Round Wins.

1. Dylan Hough, 140 Points, 4 Round Wins

2. Conner Rice, 140 Points, 4 Round Wins

3. Alisha Miller, 130 Points, 4 Round Wins

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