Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Taylor Toftemark; Fall Jr Racing Series Lightning Champion

The first race of the Fall Jr Lightning Series had drivers race to see who could get the best start to the new series, and featured a final between two drivers who had battled all year long. Taylor Toftemark defeated Kaylen Pedro in the first round to earn a single into the finals, while Carson Wheeler downed Emily Lewis and Jordin Howell. In the finals, Wheeler had an impressive .014 reaction time…but was unfortunately on the wrong side of the luck as Toftemark unleashed a perfect .000 reaction time, and coupled that with running her number with a 1, putting together a .001 package in the final round. Kaylen Pedro was the number one qualifier with a .001. It should also be noted that Howell qualified last in the Jr Lightning field…with a .022 reaction time, the only driver without a .00* in qualifying.
In the second points race of the series, number one and number two qualifier Carson Wheeler and Taylor Toftemark battled in the finals again to see who would be the winner. After reaction times separated by two thousandths in favor of Wheeler, the elapsed times were separated by two thousandths…in favor of Toftemark! By the supernaturally slim amount of .0003 MOV, Wheeler earned the trophy. With both Wheeler and Toftemark now tied for the points lead, the last race of the season would decide who would earn the championship…and what a fitting finale it was! The last points race featured Taylor Toftemark and Carson Wheeler in the final round, and unfortunately for Wheeler, he turned on the red light start by -.025, handing the win and the championship to Toftemark.

Top three point’s earners, listed by place, name, points, and round wins.
1. Taylor Toftemark, 160 Points, 5 Round Wins

2. Carson Wheeler, 140 Points, 4 Round Wins

3. Jordin Howell, 40 Points, 1 Round Win

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