Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Jerry Durant Jr; Fall Foot Brake Series Champion

In the first race of the Fall ET Foot Brake Series, final eliminations brought two tough class racers to battle it out. 2012 and 2013 Summit ET Finals Sportsman Champion Jerry Durant Jr defeated Dale Baldwin, Glenn Burbage, a single, and Robert Glafka to reach the finals. On the other side of the ladder, Curt Landis defeated Garry Heinrich, Tony Littleton, Greg Kielman, and Mike Powell to reach the final round. In the finals, Durant Jr took the race from wire-to-wire, being number one qualifier and getting the win, averaging an almost unbelievable .007 reaction time through five rounds of racing.

At the next event, the Foot Brake final round featured a pair of first time Fall Series finalist. John Larson defeated Garry Heinrich, Jerry Weber, Dirk Douthitt, and Jerry Durant Jr to reach the final round. On the opposite side, Jim Lamkin downed John O’Donnell, Mike Canon, Robert Glafka, and Tony Littleton to reach the trophy round. In the finals, Larson’s .051 starting line advantage was too much for Lamkin to handle, resulting in Larson’s first victory of the year at Woodburn, and the specialty jacket that is given to the winners of the fourth Fall Series points event. Jeff Marchi was the number one qualifier with a perfect reaction time. With his semi-final round appearance, Durant Jr’s 4 round lead over second place Glafka seemed solid positioning.

Foot Brake eliminations showcased a pair of Jeff’s in the final round. Jeff Enger defeated Curt Landis, Scott Stoner, Ken Sweo, a single, and Jim Lamkin to reach the finals. For Jeff Marchi: Norman Lemly, a single, Garry Heinrich, Bill Lane, and a single to reach the finals. Earlier in eliminations, incoming points leader Jerry Durant Jr was eliminated in the first round, followed in the next round by then second place Bob Glafka. However, in the finals, Marchi had a chance to win the season championship if he could win. In the final round, Marchi scored the reaction time advantage (.038 to .060), but Enger ran closer to his posted dial-in to earn the tough victory over the number one qualifier.
Following are the top three point’s earners, listed by place, name, points, and round wins.

1. Jerry Durant Jr, 180 Points, 8 Round Wins
2. Jeff Marchi, 160 Points, 7 Round Wins
3. Robert Glafka, 150 Points, 6 Round Win

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