Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Day One Of The Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart 28th Annual Fall Classic

Day one of the Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart sponsored 28th Annual Fall Classic began under cloudy skies, before the sun came through and graced everybody with warm temperatures. Richard Smith and Scott Arriaga made spectators stand on their feet as they took Darin Bay’s Jet Dragsters on three passes over the weekend, with best times resulting in identical 5.417’s at 290 and 289 mph respectively. And, as Smith later claimed, ‘we didn’ break nothing!’. Also taking place was the Lucas Oil Regional featuring Top Alcohol Dragsters and Funny Cars who completed their qualifying rounds, and elected to run first round of their eliminations due to the potential for inclement weather on Sunday. Pro Nostalgia competitors also had fans on the edge of their seats with side-by-side racing. For our bracket competitors, wins were scored by Tony McNeal (Electronics), Scott Lang (Non-Electronics), Randy Whiteman (ET Motorcycle), and Dale Hrenko (Super Comp). Great times were had by all as with qualifying complete, racers were ready to rock into eliminations for the final day of racing on Sunday.

In the Electronics Gambler category, a pair of 10-second door cars faced off for the title and the cash. Tony McNeal, the number one qualifier, defeated Steve Laskowske, Tracy DePeel, Dave Biancalana, a single pass, and Shane Molinari to reach the final round. His opponent, Paul Nero, downed Danny Wargnier, Tom Avgerakis, Meghan Molinari, and Mike Miller to earn the semi-final round single. In the final round, McNeal unleashed a near-perfect .002 reaction time start to win on the double-breakout over Nero to take the Pacific Office Automation ’57 Chevy into the Winner’s Circle.

Non-Electronics Gambler featured a final round faceoff between Scott Lang and Larry Peterson. Lang’s journey into the finals was through Stephanie Gross, Dave Nassimbene, Robert Glafka, a single, and Matt Kielman. On the other side of the ladder, Larry Peterson reached the final by eliminating Tony Price, Bryon Bilodeau, Tony McCauley, Kevin Feeny, and Glenn Burbage. In the final round, the 2012 Summit ET Finals Pro Champion Lang had nearly a tenth of a second advantage off the starting line with his .018, and turned that into a victory over the ’71 Chevelle of Peterson. Lang was the number one qualifier.

The ET Motorcycle category final round was between the number one and number twelve qualifier. The number one, Randy Whiteman, defeated Gary Tokos and Trevor Benett to earn the single in the semi-final round. The number twelve, Van Smith, earned victories over Stacy Hesch, Mark Adams, and Shane White to earn a trip to the final round. In the finals, Whiteman earned a .03 advantage off the starting line, and then ran closer to his posted dial-in to earn the victory.

The Pacific Northwest Super Comp Association rolled into town and brought with them some of the toughest Super Compers in the Northwest. Dale Hrenko and Ray Martin met in the final round to see who would be able to earn the event win. Hrenko defeated Jolene Scott, Tom Gresham, and Rick Dearinger, whereas Martin drove through Rod Lee, Emmett McKillop, and Charles Linne. In the final round, Martin had the advantage off the starting line, but Hrenko ran closer to his dial-in to earn the victory for Day One of the Pacific Northwest Super Comp Association race eliminations.

Listed are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, (vehicle year and model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

Top Alcohol Dragster Qualifying

1. Shawn Cowie, Delta BC, 5.331, 265.56 mph
2. Chris Demke, Tujuuga CA, 5.356, 266.19 mph
3. Ray Martin, Anchorage AK, 5.361, 264.62 mph
4. Joey Severance, Woodburn OR, 5.367, 263.77 mph
5. Garrett Bateman, Albany OR, 5.434, 268.49 mph
6. Megan McKernan, Sierra Madre CA, 5.466, 270.67mph
7. Gregg Lawrence, Salem OR, 5.645, 253.02
8. Jeff Ashwell, Keizer OR, 6.627, 145.41mph

Top Alcohol Funny Car Qualifying

1. Steve Gasparrelli, West Covina CA, 5.707, 256.92 mph
2. Brian Hough, Junction City OR, 5.727, 252.95 mph
3. Sean Belemeur, Anaheim CA, 5.742, 254.66 mph
4. John Evanchuck, Edmonton AB, 5.747, 249.58 mph
5. Jirka Kaplan, Calgary AB, 5.780, 248.41mph
6. Clint Thompson, Klamath Falls OR, 5.818, 250.20 mph
7. Randy Parker, Graham WA, 5.972, 233.76 mph
8. Russ Parker, Salem OR, 7.499, 125.99 mph

Electronics Gamblers
W: Tony McNeal, Milwaukie OR (’57 Bel Air) [.002] 10.545, 128.40 (10.58 dial).
R/U: Paul Nero, Eugene OR (’85 Mustang) [.052] 10.265, 126.92 (10.31 dial).
Semi’s: Shane Molinari, Battle Ground WA

Non-Electronics Gambler
W: Scott Lang, Beaverton OR (’76 Ford) [.018] 12.322, 103.35 (12.26 dial).
R/U: Larry Peterson, Eugene OR (’71 Chevelle) [.105] 11.568, 113.40 (11.52 dial).
Semi’s: Matt Kielman, Vancouver WA; Glenn Burbage, Silverton OR.

ET Motorcycle
W: Randy Whiteman, North Plains OR (’80 Kawasaki) [.050] 9.177, 140.03 (9.15 dial).
R/U: Van Smith, Portland OR (’77 Kawasaki) [.081] 12.852, 91.56 (12.79 dial).
Semi’s: Shane White, Salem OR.

Super Comp
W: Dale Hrenko, Port Orchard WA (’03 Undercover) [.025] 8.918, 160.71 (8.90 dial).
R/U: Ray Martin, Anchorage AK (’02 Dragster) [.012] 8.943, 165.99 (8.90 dial).
Semi’s: Charles Linne, Port Orchard WA; Rick Dearinger, Port Angeles WA.

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