Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Chelbi Hageman; High School Champion

The High School category is one designed to give all students enrolled in high school with a state driver’s license to chance to race against other young adults. At the first race of the season, it was a matchup of the new and the experienced as Jake McGarry and Chevy Olson lined up.  McGarry, in his first race, defeated CJ Ferrell, Jacquelyn Roberts, and Emily Mix on his way to the final round.  For Olson, the battles were with Chelbi Hageman and Spencer David before earning the semi-final round single.  In the final round, McGarry had a .048 reaction to Olsons’ .138, and that was all she wrote as McGarry ran an 11.399 on his 11.38 dial-in to secure the victory and the early point’s lead.


The next event, held on May 2th, had a final round matchup between Dustin Day and Chelbi Hageman.  For Day, the road into the final was through fellow Jr Fast competitor Emily Mix in the first round, and Philomath High’s Brandon Schmidt in the semi’s.  Hageman defeated Jake McGarry and Astoria’s Chevy Olson.  In the final round, Day lost almost six hundredths of a second to Chelbi, but was able to secure the win after Chelbi broke out at the finish line by .041.


Father’s day was a special day as we watched sons and daughters, many being tuned and assisted by their fathers and mothers, fight to get a win on dad’s special day. Dustin Day made it two straight final rounds by taking out Jake McGarry and Jacquelyn Roberts, then earning a single.  Max McKinney, Chelbi Hageman, and Spencer David were all victims to Chevy Lee Olson’s march into the final round.  In the final, Olson turned on the red light by just five thousandths of a second, handing the win to Dustin Day. After three races, Day had a point’s lead of 180 points, with Olson sitting second at 160, and McGarry third at 140 points.  However, with only two races remaining, somebody was ready to ‘win one for the girls’!!


July 20th competition will be remembered as the beginning of ‘The Charge’ for Chelbi Hageman.  Hageman, reaching her second final of the year, defeated James Parsons and point’s leader Dustin Day.  Emily Mix, on the other side of the final, earned a single in the first round before defeating Jacquelyn Roberts.  In the final round, Mix reacted first by almost a tenth, but Hageman’s car ran closer to the dial-in, earning her the final round win.  This win boosted her into second place in the point’s standings, just 3 rounds out of first with one race to go!


The plan was simple for Chelbi Hageman: somehow get incoming points leader Dustin Day, who was averaging a semi-final finish, to lose first round, then win the race.  Simple enough?  It all came together for Hageman though, as just like in last year’s final High School race, the top two points earners faced off in the first round.  Last year, it was the incoming number one who defeated number two, but this year it was a different story.  After defeating Day, Hageman then downed James Parsons to earn the single in the semi’s.  Facing her in the final round was Spencer David, who he himself earned a single first round before defeating Jacquelyn Roberts and Chevy Olson.  In the final, David had the large starting line advantage but was unable to run his number, which resulted in Hageman getting the win and securing her first championship.


Following are the top three point’s finishers, with name, total points, and total round wins listed.


1. Chelbi Hageman, 270 Points, 10 Round Wins
2. Dustin Day, 250 Points, 8 Round Wins
3. Chevy Olson, 240 Points, 9 Round Wins

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