Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Champions Crowned in Sunoco ET Series, High School, & Napa Auto Parts Jr Dragsters

Points were concluded in the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series, High School Series, and NAPA Auto Parts Jr Drag Racing Series.  Throughout the season, points were earned, battles were fought, and thousandths of a second decided wins and losses in all the categories.  Individual event victories were scored by Dave Sattem (Super Pro), Jim Goodman (Pro), Lucas Hull (Sportsman), Van Smith (Motorcycle), John Flett (Super Shifter), Chelbi Hageman (High School), Bill Heard (Run Tuff), Kaylen Pedro (Jr Fast), Katie Day (Jr Lightning), Alisha Miller (Jr Thunder), and Anthony Friesen (Jr Tuff).  Sunoco ET Series champions were Loretta McCool (Super Pro), Steve Stuart (Pro), Derrick Jackson (Sportsman), Don DePeel (Motorcycle), and Chelbi Hageman (High School.  In the Napa Auto Parts Jr Drag Racing Series Champions were: Dustin Day (Jr Fast), Austin Varner (Jr Lightning), and Trevin Walberg (Jr Thunder).

The final round in the Super Pro category came down to a super-showdown between Mark Dawson and Dave Sattem.  To make his way into the finals, Sattem had to defeat Devon Hilton, Tony Henderson, Robert Glembocki, and Dennis Weddle.  On the other side of the ladder, Dawson downed Jerry Jackson, Earl Griffith, a single, and Loretta McCool.  In the final round, Dawson’s .012 reaction time was second to Sattem’s .004, and was enough for Sattem to get the win on the holeshot.  Debbie Dawson was the number one qualifier with a .003. ‘Wild’ Bill McNeal earned the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points with a .010 package.

Pro Bracket eliminations brought together a final round showdown between Jim Goodman and Nicholas Shepherd.  Goodman, who started the day not on the Woodburn Dragstrip team, defeated Thomas Jackson III, Carl Wilkerson, Pat Figini, a single, and Tony Littleton to reach the final round.  Opposite him was Shepherd, who defeated Rick Andrews, Tony Price, Karl Hart, and Steve Stuart before reaching the final round.  With two cars remaining, Goodman left first with a supersonic .009 reaction time start to leap out in front of Shepherd, and stayed there by running an 11.596 on his 11.55 dial-in to get the win and solidly place himself onto the team.  Carl Wilkerson was the number one qualifier with a .012.  Tony Littleton swept away the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points with his .014 package.

In the Sportsman category, the final round consisted of one not so common name here at Woodburn, and one very common name.  Lucas Hull, the name not so common, defeated Steve Bancroft, Michael McFadden, Jerry Durant Jr, and Marty Arrigotti before earning a single.  For the common name of Derrick Jackson, the defeated racers were Lavonne Goodman, Dave Robensen,  Richard Kern, a single, and Robert Glafka.  In the finals, the drivers reaction times were separated by .001, but Hull was able to run right on his number with a 7 compared to Jackson’s 12.873 on the .86, resulting in a margin of victory by just .0052. Jerry Durant Jr was the number one qualifier with a .013 reaction time.  John Floyd Jr’s .053 package was good enough to get the win in the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points.

The final round in the ET Motorcycle category was a battle between two veteran racers. Van Smith defeated Cory Wayne to earn a single into the finals, and Don DePeel defeated Mike Graver and Gary Tokos to punch a ticket.  In the finals, mechanical issues slowed DePeel, and Smith’s experience helped him to keep from breaking out and earning the victory. Cory Wayne was the number one qualifier, and also earned the A-1 Performance Trans and Converters Package for the Points victory.

In the High School category, the plan was simple for Chelbi Hageman: somehow get incoming points leader Dustin Day, who was averaging a semi-final finish, to lose first round, then win the race.  Simple enough?  It all came together for Hageman though, as just like in last year’s final High School race, the top two points earners faced off in the first round.  Last year, it was the incoming number one who defeated number two, but this year it was a different story.  After defeating Day, Hageman then downed James Parsons to earn the single in the semi’s.  Facing her in the final round was Spencer David, who he himself earned a single first round before defeating Jacquelyn Roberts and Chevy Olson.  In the final, David had the large starting line advantage but was unable to run his number, which resulted in Hageman getting the win and securing the championship.  David was the number one qualifier.

The Run Tuff category is one that allows all drivers who lose in the first round to get a second chance at racing.  Bill Heard and Dave Fowler faced off in the final round, with Heard getting the starting line advantage and using that to get the holeshot victory. Angelo Palamaris was the lone semi-finalist.

Super Shifter ran their final round ‘as it should be’ when the number one qualifier and number two qualifier faced off.  John Flett, the number one, defeated Alan Morrill, a single, and Charlie Carnahan to reach the final.  For Masterman: Steve Erickson and Dick Arnold were the racers defeated before earning a single into the final round.  In the final, Flett and Masterman had almost identical reaction time starts, but Masterman broke out by .016, meaning the victory at today’s event went to John Flett. Flett’s .028 reaction time earned him the number one qualifying position.

In the NAPA Auto Parts Jr Fast category, a pair of ladies faced off in the final round to see who would earn the winner’s award.  Kaylen Pedro made it into the final round by defeating incoming point’s leader Dustin Day, John Burke Jr, and Kacee Pitts to reach the final round.  On the other side of the ladder was Taylor Toftemark, who downed Hayley Jackson and Cheyanne Helvey before earning a single.  In the final round, the race was over before it began when Toftemark turned on the red light start, meaning that Pedro secured the victory.

The NAPA Auto Parts Jr Lightning category featured a final round between two Motivational chassis cars.  Katie Day made it to her sixth final round appearance by downing Anthony Friesen and Josh McMyne.  On the other side of the ladder was Levi Burke, who in his first race of the season at Woodburn qualified number one, earning the single, and then defeating last year’s Division 6 Jr Thunder Champion Kyler Pitts in the semis.  In the final round, the race was over before it even began when Burke turned on the red light by just .006, ending his chances and meaning that Katie Day would win her fourth event of the year.  Burke’s .009 from qualifying earned him the number one position.

In the NAPA Auto Parts Jr Thunder category, the final round again came down to a pair of ladies as the female gender swept the three main Jr categories.  Alisha Miller was one half of the final round by defeating Riley Adams, Ramon Vincent and Conner Rice, while Rilynn Saucy defeated Trevin Walberg and Tucker Turner before earning a single.  The reaction times in the final round were separated by about .1, and thanks to that advantage Miller earned the round win.  Ramon Vincent was the number one qualifier with a .011 reaction time.

The Jr Tuff category also allows racers who lose in the first round a second chance to go out and have fun, and that is exactly what Anthony Friesen and Clay Saches did when they faced off in the final round.  Saches had a major starting line advantage, but broke out at the finish line by only twenty two thousandths of a second, meaning that Friesen would earn the victory.

Following are final round results in order of driver name, city/state, (vehicle year and make), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

Super Pro Winner: Dave Sattem, Camas WA (’99 Dragster) [.004] 8.175, 163.10 (8.14 dial). R/U: Mark Dawson, Sutherlin OR (’27 Roadster) [.012] 8.924, 141.70 (8.89 dial). Semi’s: Dennis Weddle, Salem OR; Loretta McCool, Sublimity OR.

Pro Winner: Jim Goodman, Canby OR (’68 El Camino) [.009] 11.596, 114.27 (11.55 dial). R/U: Nicholas Shepherd, Tigard OR (’62 Chevy) [.046] 10.790, 115.83 (10.80 dial). Semi’s: Tony Littleton, Salem OR.

Sportsman W Winner: Lucas Hull, Middleton ID (’89 Mustang) [.021] 12.007, 107.34 (12.00 dial). R/U: Derrick Jackson, McMinnville OR (’67 A100) [.020] 12.873, 93.93 (12.86 dial). Semi’s: Robert Glafka, Battle Ground WA.

Motorcycle Winner: Van Smith, Portland OR (’77 Kawasaki) [.027] 12.798, 91.38 (12.78 dial). R/U: Don DePeel, Gladstone OR (’98 Suzuki) [.039] 13.594, 52.66 (8.34 dial). Semi’s: Gary Tokos, Olympia WA.

High School Winner: Chelbi Hageman, Lebanon OR (’65 Satellite) [.170] 11.679, 107.91 (11.57 dial). R/U: Spencer David, Eugene OR (’65 Fairlane) [.029] 15.410, 90.50 (14.95 dial). Semi’s: Chevy Olson, Warrenton OR.

Run Tuff Winner: Bill Heard, Portland OR (’80 Pinto) [.040] 9.262, 134.81 (9.23 dial). R/U: Dave Fowler, Springfield OR (’90 S-10) [.117] 11.758, 114.40 (11.73 dial). Semi’s: Angelo Palamaris, Albany OR.

Super Shifter Winner: John Flett, Tillamook OR (’96 Mustang) [.041] 13.140, 104.20 (13.13 dial). R/U: John Masterman, Milwaukie OR (’79 Camaro) [.045] 12.154, 104.78 (12.17 dial). Semi’s: Charlie Carnahan, Beavercreek OR.

Jr Fast Winner: Kaylen Pedro, Scappoose OR (’07 Akron) [.007] 8.064, 80.66 (8.00 dial). R/U: Taylor Toftemark, Castle Rock WA (’03 Half Scale) [-.051] 8.039, 80.49 (7.98 dial). Semi’s: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon OR.

Jr Lightning Winner: Katie Day, Estacada OR (’05 Motivational) [.031] 8.173, 78.96 (8.22 dial). R/U: Levi Burke, Bates OR (’04 Motivational) [-.006] 8.818, 74.22 (8.90 dial). Semi’s: Josh McMyne, Salem OR; Kyler Pitts, Lebanon OR.

Jr Thunder Winner: Alisha Miller, Warren OR (’04 Akron) [.041] 9.026, 68.93 (8.96 dial). R/U: Rilynn Saucy, Beavercreek OR (’99 Motivational) [.169] 10.801, 56.83 (10.76 dial). Semi’s: Conner Rice, Milwaukie OR.

Jr Tuff Winner: Anthony Friesen, Sutherlin OR (’99 Universal) – 11.047, 57.42 (11.05 dial). R/U: Clay Saches, Kelso WA (’98 Dragster) – 8.408, 77.56 (8.43 dial). Semi’s: Tate Turner, Pomona CA.

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