Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Bateman & Gasparelli First Time Winners @ Woodburn

Sunday!  Sunday!  Sunday!  The final day of racing was completed for the Baxter Auto Parts & Bi-Mart sponsored 28th Annual Fall Classic.  It was truly an event that made every fan rise to their feet on multiple occasions.  With the weatherman calling for rain all day, the stands were not full of ‘fair-weather’ fans, but only the truest of diehards who are committed to the sport like nobody’s business!  For that, we appreciate you, the spectators, and also all of the racers who came out to race your hearts out.  Richard Smith and Scott Arriaga both blasted near 300 mph passes in Darin Bay’s Jet Dragsters, thumping the chests of anyone nearby.  And of course, a special congratulations to those who were able to claim victories, namely Garrett Bateman (Top Alcohol Dragster), Steve Gasparelli (Top Alcohol Funny Car), DeWayne Sanders (Pro Nostalgia), Jeff Lewis (Dragster/Roadster), Megan Lea (Top Comp), Steve Laskowske (Super Gas), Jess Dale (Super Street), Craig Bloom (Super Stock/Stock), Scott Nuciforo (Electronics), Steve Stuart (Trans Brake), Jerry Durant Jr (Sportsman), Randy Whiteman (NWDB E.T. Motorcycle), Don DePeel (NWDB Quick 8), Kerry Drost (NWDB Pro Street), Larry Cook (NWDB Pro Mod), James Taggart (HUNW Real Street), Dick Ewing (9.60/8.60), Will Pogson (Heavy Street), and Wally Friedlander (HUNW Outlaw).  Anyone who wishes to sign up for our 2014 Mailing list needs only email to race@woodburndragstrip.com their mailing address, and when the 2014 schedules are printed one will be sent your way!


Top Alcohol Dragster ran the first round of eliminations on Saturday due to the potential for weather problems on Sunday, which left them in the semi-final round.  In the first semi-final pairing, Garrett Bateman and Jeff Ashwell lined up side-by-side, and Bateman earned the win running a 5.545 at 260.49 mph after Ashwell’s car was plagued with problems.  In the second pairing, it was more ‘bad voodoo’ as Chris Demke earned a win over Megan McKernan after McKernan was shut off due to a fuel leak.  In the final round, Bateman got the edge off the starting line by .027, and never looked back running a 5.454 at 261.17 mph to down Demke’s plagued run of 5.639 at 241.87 mph.


Top Alcohol Funny Car also ran their first round of eliminations on Saturday to help speed up the Sunday show, and if that had any direct result on Sunday’s racing then it was well worth it!  The first pair out was Steve Gasparrelli, the West Covina racer running a 5.668 at 256.26 mph to get the win over John Evanchuk, who ran a 5.669 at 253.80 mph.  The other side of the semis was Brian Hough and Sean Bellemeur, with Hough’s 5.692 at 256.77 mph blasting past the competition.  In the finals, it was Gasparrelli, running a 5.656 at 255.53 to squeak by Hough’s 5.676 at 256.41 mph.


Pro Nostalgia’s final race and Eight-Car Shootout brought the final round down to DeWayne Sanders and Chris Marshall.  For Sanders, the journey into the final was through red hot Michael Peck and Jay Kinnee.  For Marshall, the defeated racers were Ena Eickmann and George Moore.  In the final round, Sanders had the advantage off the starting line by .06, and was able to secure the win when the number one qualifier Marshall broke out by .003 at the finish line.


Dragster/Roadster competition featured a final round like none witnessed so far this season, after Jeff Lewis used a .024 reaction time start coupled with running his number with a 3 to defeat season-bully Devon Hilton, who to this point in the season had won all previous events.  In the final round, Lewis matched up with Austin Grotting, who had defeated Gary Hogansen, Jennie Perrotti, and Michael Marcus.  In the final round, Lewis unleashed a near-perfect .001 reaction time to earn his first win of the season over Grotting.  Perrotti was the number one qualifier with a .008.


Top Comp eliminations gathered together the quickest of bracket cars to race off.  Final round racers were number eight qualifier Megan Lea and number one qualifier Moe Trujillo.  Lea defeated Shane Molinari, Paul Nero, and Danny Wargnier to reach the finals.  Trujillo earned a single in the first round, then defeated Paul Nero and Kevin Rennick to reach the final round battle.  In the finals, Trujillo had the reaction time advantage but was unable to run the number, giving the win to Megan Lea. Trujillo was the number one qualifier with a 6.639.


The Pacific Northwest Super Comp Association brought a group of 12 Super Compers to Woodburn Dragstrip.  Final round racers Randy Beck and Jolene Scott ended up into the final round.  Beck downed Chuck Linne and Ty Anderson to earn a single in the semis, where Scott downed Rod Lee, Dale Hrenko, and Dale Green.  With inclement weather on the horizon, Beck and Scott agreed to split the winner’s awards and call a truce.


In the Super Gas category, Steve Laskowske and Randy McCool turned up in the final to see who would be the best 9.90 racer of the day.  Laskowske defeated Dennis Robinson and Jim Jeffries to make it to the money round, whereas McCool claimed victories over George Scott III and David Biancalana.  The final round showed both drivers running identical 9.917 elapsed times, with the nod going to Laskowske with the better reaction time.  George Scott III was the number one qualifier with a 9.900.


Super Street’s odd eliminations showed all three pairs getting competition broke singles in the first round.  In the second round, Jess Dale defeated David Pracht, and Don Paine earned a single as the number one qualifier to send both racers into the finals.  In the final round, Dale earned a starting line advantage of .023 and won on the double breakout.


In Super Stock/Stock eliminations, racers Craig Bloom and Bill Parmenter battled it out in the final round.  Bloom defeated Fadi Atiyeh, a single, and Jim Devine, while Parmenter eliminated Larry Peterson and Del Ellam to earn a single.  In the final round, racers had almost identical reaction time starts, but on the double-breakout decided by just .007, Bloom earned the win.


Scott Nuciforo and Don Paine lined up for final round battle in the first of five races in our Fall ET Racing Series Electronics category.  Nuciforo defeated tough racers in the name of Tom Avgerakis, Marty Stewart, Devon Hilton, and Gary Wargnier.  On the other side of the ladder, Paine plowed through Traci DePeel, a single, Michael Boyd, and Fred Nicholas.  In the final round, the race was over before it even began after Paine turned on the dreaded red light by .001.  Traci DePeel was the number one qualifier with a perfect reaction time.


In the Trans Brake class, Steve Stuart and Todd Buckbee lined up to race in the final round.  Stuart, competing in the final round for the second year in a row, defeated Christopher Dutson, Wallace Cronin, Matt Kielman, and Bryce Moilanen.  For Buckbee: Mike Lang, Mike Hansen, Tony Price, and Eli Taghon were the defeated racers.  In the final round, both racers turned on the red light start, but with Buckbee leaving first the race went in favor of Stuart, collecting the win.  Kirby Olmsted was the number one qualifier with a .002.


Foot Brake eliminations brought two tough class racers into the final round.  2012 and 2013 Summit ET Finals Sportsman Champion Jerry Durant Jr defeated Dale Baldwin, Glenn Burbage, a single, and Robert Glafka to reach the finals.  On the other side of the ladder, Curt Landis defeated Garry Heinrich, Tony Littleton, Greg Kielman, and Mike Powell to reach the final round.  In the finals, Durant Jr took the race from wire-to-wire, being number one qualifier and getting the win, averaging an almost unbelievable .007 reaction time through five rounds of racing.


Northwest Drag Bike brought a plethora of bikes to compete in an array of classes.  Randy Whiteman was able to defeat Shane White in the ET Motorcycle category after White turned on the red light start.  In the Quick 8 category, Don DePeel erupted with a .004 reaction time to get the win over John Plaster.  Pro Street rider Kerry Drost earned the win after Eric Robinson encountered issues.  In the Pro Mod category, number one qualifier Larry Cook earned the win over number two qualifier Len Darnell when Cook ran a 6.757 at 196.85 mph.  Randy Whiteman also took the win on Saturday in the ET Motorcycle category defeating Van Smith.


The Heads-Up Northwest brought racers from all over the Northwest to Woodburn Dragstrip to compete in four exciting classes.  In Real   Street, James Taggart earned the win over Trevor Frye when Frye wasn’t about to stage the car.  Dick Ewing earned the victory in the 9.60/8.60 class, running an eased 11.085 on the single pass.  Will Pogson was the winner in the Heavy Street category when he defeated Jeff Dungey on a holeshot: 7.884 at 176.50 mph to a quicker but losing 7.576 at 182.29 mph.  In the Outlaw category, it was Wally Friedlander getting the win.


Listed are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, (vehicle year and model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).



Round 1

5) Garrett Bateman, Albany, Ore., 5.588, 256.99 def. 4) Joey Severance, Woodburn, Ore., 6.118, 161.23

8) Jeff Ashwell, Keizer, Ore., 12.780, 55.85 def. 1) Shawn Cowie, Delta, B.C., broke

6) Megan McKernan, Sierra Madre, Calif., 5.570, 267.69 def. 3) Ray Martin, Anchorage, Alaska, broke

2) Chris Demke, Tujunga, Calif., 5.380, 264.08 def. 7) Gregg Lawrence, Salem, Ore., 5.703, 252.24



Bateman, 5.545, 260.49 def. Ashwell, broke

Demke, 5.346, 264.16 def. McKernan, broke



Bateman, 5.454, 261.17 def. Demke, 5.639, 241.87



Round 1

1) Steve Gasparrelli, West Covina, Calif., ’06 Monte Carlo, 5.734, 255.60 def. 8) Russ Parker, Salem, Ore., ’02 Camaro, broke

4) John Evanchuk, Edmonton, Alb., ’06 Monte Carlo, 5.768, 241.54 def. 5) Jirka Kaplan, Calgary, Alb., ’09 Mustang, 5.752, 248.89

3) Sean Bellemeur, Anaheim, Calif., ’02 Camaro, 5.701, 255.02 def. 6) Clint Thompson, Klamath Falls, Ore., ’06 Monte Carlo, 6.076, 233.28

2) Brian Hough, Junction City, Ore., ’10 Mustang, 5.920, 210.42 def. 7) Randy Parker, Puyallup, Wash., ’04 Mustang, 5.987, 234.00



Gasparrelli, 5.668, 256.26 def. Evanchuk, 5.669, 253.80

Hough, 5.692, 256.77 def. Bellemeur, 5.825, 255.82



Gasparrelli, 5.656, 255.53 def. Hough, 5.676, 256.41


Pro Nostalgia
W: DeWayne Sanders, Albany OR (’98 Tuttle) [.060] 7.024, 187.18 (6.94 dial).
R/U: Chris Marshall, McMinnville OR (’37 Fiat) [.120] 6.427, 214.38 (6.43 dial).
Semi’s: Jay Kinnee, Salem OR; George Moore, Redmond CA.

W: Jeff Lewis, Salem OR (’23 Roadster) [.001] 9.459, 135.84 (9.43 dial).
R/U: Austin Grotting, Auburn WA (’66 FED) [.070] 8.072, 163.96 (8.09 dial).
Semi’s: Michael Marcus, Molalla OR.

Top Comp
W: Megan Lea, Vancouver WA (’03 Mullis) [.029] 7.600, 172.50 (7.57 dial).
R/U: Moe Trujillo, Happy Valley OR (’02 Undercover) [.014] 7.270, 168.22 (7.22 dial).
Semi’s: Kevin Rennick, Kent WA; Danny Wargnier, Keizer OR.

Super Gas
W: Steve Laskowske, Tigard OR (’67 Nova) [.020] 9.917, 148.27 (9.90 dial).
R/U: Randy McCool, Sublimity OR (’37 Ford) [.044] 9.917, 141.95 (9.90 dial).
Semi’s: David Biancalana, Springfield OR; Jim Jeffries, Canyonville OR.

Super Street
W: Jess Dale, Bonney Lake WA (’70 Dart) [.010] 10.874, 146.08 (10.90 dial).
R/U: Don Paine, Summit WA (’72 Luv) [.033] 10.789, 128.25 (10.90 dial).
Semi’s: David Pracht, Hillsboro OR.

Super Stock/Stock
W: Craig Bloom, Gresham OR (’69 Camaro) [.031] 10.396, 125.76 (10.45 dial).
R/U: Bill Parmenter, Sandy OR (’57 Chevy) [.030] 11.669, 110.52 (11.73 dial).
Semi’s: Jim Devine, Yakima WA.

W: Scott Nuciforo, Sherwood OR (’80 Monza) [.121] 9.138, 148.17 (9.09 dial).
R/U: Don Paine, Summit WA (’72 Luv) [-.001] foul.
Semi’s: Fred Nicholas, Canby OR; Gary Wargnier, Keizer OR.

Trans Brake
W: Steve Stuart, Estacada OR (’66 Chevelle) [-.012] 9.075, 145.32 (9.12 dial).
R/U: Todd Buckbee, LaCenter WA (’64 Nova) [-.074] 10.226, 129.40 (10.30 dial).
Semi’s: Bryce Moilanen, Woodburn OR; Eli Taghon, Canby OR.

Foot Brake
W: Jerry Durant Jr, Oregon City OR (’05 Dodge) [.008] 13.956, 95.03 (13.98 dial).
R/U: Curt Landis, Newberg OR (’65 Chevelle) [.118] 10.377, 127.58 (10.44 dial).
Semi’s: Mike Powell, Oakridge OR; Robert Glafka, Battle Ground WA.

E.T. Motorcycle
W: Randy Whiteman, North Plains OR (’90 Kawasaki) [.100] 9.253, 139.31 (9.17 dial).
R/U: Shane White, Salem OR (’06 Hayabusa) [-.035] foul.
Semi’s: Mark Adams, Portland OR.

Quick 8
W: Don DePeel, Gladstone OR (’74 Kawasaki) [.004] 8.738, 142.87 (8.73 dial).
R/U: John Plaster, Buckley WA (’00 Harley XL883C) [.151] 9.781, 131.98 (9.88 dial).
Semi’s: Jim Iverson, Salem OR; Shane White, Salem OR.

Pro Street
W: Kerry Drost, Sherwood OR (’99 Hayabusa) [.243] 7.642, 182.55.
R/U: Eric Robinson, Eugene OR (’03 Hayabusa) – broke.

Pro Mod
W: Larry Cook, West Linn OR (’99 Suzuki) [.039] 6.757, 196.85.
R/U: Len Darnell, Vancouver WA (’12 Suzuki) [.033] 6.853, 182.62.
Semi’s: Kenny Dreer, Oregon City OR; Gary Christopher, Hope BC Canada.

Real Street
W: James Taggart, Winlock WA (’64 Falcon) [.016] 12.588, 81.08 (12.00 dial).
R/U: Trevor Frye, Montesano WA (Camaro) broke.
Semi’s: Pete Conley, Olympia WA; Rick Conley Sr, Olympia WA.

W: Dick Ewing, Elma WA (’58 Corvette) [.090] 11.085, 107.39 (9.60 dial).

Heavy Street
W: Will Pogson, Oregon City OR (’69 Camaro) [.662] 7.884, 176.50.
R/U: Jeff Dungey, Grayland WA (’55 Chevy) [1.002] 7.576, 182.29.
Semi’s: Brian Sipe, Arlington WA

Outlaw 1/8 Mile
W: Wally Friedlander, OlympiaWA (’90 Mustang) [.074] 5.567, 124.49.

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