Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Track Records Set At 24th Annual Hot Rod Nationals

New track mph records were set in AA/Supercharged and Pro Mod Motorcycle at Woodburn Dragstrip on Saturday at the 24th Annual Buy.Sell.Ride/Bi-Mart/Oldies 106.7 Hot Rod Nationals. Troy Owen set the new standard for AA/Supercharged at 214.18 mph. Tony Clizbe, from Brooks, Alberta, Canada, shattered the Pro Mod Motorcycle mph mark with his 217.67 blast on his Suzuki. Troy Owen took a giant leap toward the 2012 AA/Supercharged Championship at this event by defeating Howard Anderson on Saturday in the continuation of the rained-out Season Opener. Troy’s (.037 reaction time) 6.675 downed Howard’s (.090 reaction time) 6.670 in the quickest side-by-side race in the history of this class. Owen (6.665) would meet and defeat Scot White (6.756) in the finals on Saturday. Anderson got his revenge on Sunday as he met Owen in the finals and used a .028 to .084 starting line advantage to earn the win by .002 over the quicker Owen who ran 6.77 to Anderson’s 6.82.

The Top Eliminator final was a true side-by-side drag race featuring the Floyd boys, Mike and Rod. Rod ran 7.62 with a perfect .000 reaction time which was quicker than Mike’s .008 reaction time and 7.70 elapsed time. Mike Padur and Dennis Gorans earned semi-final honors.

In Pro Nostalgia, Mike Peck added to his points lead by taking the win over Todd Miller in the finals. Peck’s 6.81 at 204 mph was more than enough as Miller had engine trouble and coasted across the line. Ena Eickmann earned the victory in Pro Nostalgia Eliminator with a stout 7,615 to defeat Eddy Waggoner’s famed Plymouth Arrow Funny Car formerly campaigned by Kenny Goodell.

In the Nostalgia Hot Rod Series, Barry Roberts picked up the win over Travis Hilton in Top Gas with Devon Hilton earning a semi-final finish. Jarod Anderson defeated Gary Fetters in the semi-finals of Hot Rod I and went on to defeat Rochelle Pappel in the finals. Tom Clark was unstoppable in Street Machine I. In the finals Clark defeated Erik Pierson who had stopped Dave Nassimbene in the semi-finals. Bob Comeau and his ’39 Chevy Coupe earned the Hot Rod II victory over Fred Hostler’s ’49 Ford. Comeau hole-shot each of his opponents in every round, including Jeff Enger who earned a semi-final finish. Randy Nichols survived on top of 6 rounds of racing to defeat Gordon Cady, Jr in the finals of Street Machine II. Brook Baird earned a semi-final finish with his ’68 Dodge. Walt Skoczylas and his ’54 dragster defeated all in the Inline/Flathead class. Michael Bjerklund faced Walt in the finals but broke out by .042 in the loss. Wendy Pine and Lynda Bates earned semi-final finishes. With a semi-final finish, Paul Carbaugh maintained his points lead in the Stick Shift class. Bruce Poppino defeated Carbaugh in the semi-finals but red-lit against Denny Hays and his potent ’57 Ford in the finals.

Current points leader and defending track champion, Ron Austin, met Christina Presser in the finals of Dragsters & Roadsters class. In the semi-finals, Presser had defeated Ryan Maygra and Austin had defeated Jamie Mata. Presser launched with a .031 green light but Austin lit the red light by .006 second to give the victory to Presser.

In Northwest Dragbike competition, Len Darnell’s 6.79 was victorious over Jeff Marsh in Pro Mod while Kerry Drost downed Eric Robinson in Pro Street and Stacy Hesch topped Don DePeel in Quick 8. Stacy Hesch won the ET bracket race on Saturday and Jim Werre won the ET bracket race on Sunday.

On Saturday, PJ Jesiolowski, from Paradise, CA drove his ’72 Dodge to victory over CJ Stoakes in the Slant 6 Association race. Doug Powers earned semi-final honors. Of special note is the fact that Low Madsen drove his ’68 Dodge Dart all the way from his home in Blacksburg, Virginia to Woodburn Dragstrip in order to race in the Slant 6 Association race. On Sunday, Lou made the long drive pay off as he took the victory over CA racer, Mark Etheridge. CJ Stoakes finished as semi-finalist on Sunday.

Three Gambler’s races were held Saturday. Jerry Carter won Electronics Gambler over Kevin Peterson. Richard Beyea won Non-Electronics Gambler 1 over Tom Clark and Gordon Cady, Jr. won Non-E Gambler 2 over Clif Stuart.

Following is the final results listing the driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour, and dial in.

W: Howard Anderson, Applegate, CA (’38 Chev) .028, 6.827, 206.23.
R/U: Troy Owen, Albany, OR (’41 Wyllis) .084, 6.773, 211.31.
Semi’s: Scott White, Gearhart, OR; Gary Reinero, Merced, CA

W: Troy Owen, Albany, OR (’41 Wyllis) .052, 6.665, 214.18.
R/U: Scott White. Gearhart, OR (’41 Wyllis) .054, 6.756, 212.66.
Semi’s: Howard Anderson, Applegate, CA; Mitch Chamberlin, Orting, WA

W: Rod Floyd, Battle Ground, WA (’98 Tuttle) .000 7.623, 196.33.
R/U: Mike Floyd, Battle Ground, WA (’05 Dragster) .008, 7.707, 191.12.
Semi’s: Mike Padur, Graham, WA; Dennis Gorans, Longview, WA

W: Mike Peck, Woodinville, WA (’07 FED) .047, 6.813, 204.26 (6.75 dial).
R/U: Todd Miller, Fairview, OR (’77 Firebird) .032, 12.082, 62.40 (6.34 dial).
Semi’s: Dewayne Sanders, Albany, OR; Chris Marshall, McMinnville, OR

W: Ena Eickmann, Turner, OR (’65 FED) .069, 7.615, 172.91 (7.57 dial).
R/U: Eddy Waggoner, Salem, OR (’77 Plymouth) .120, 7.687, 186.18 (7.50 dial).
Semi’s: George Moore, Redmond, OR

W: Barry Roberts, Monmouth, OR (’63 Nova) .029, 10.889, 125.59 (10.90 dial).
R/U: Travis Hilton, Vancouver, WA (’72 Vega) .044, 10.256, 129.44 (10.29 dial).
Semi’s: Devon Hilton, Vancouver, WA

W: Jarod Anderson, Springfield, OR (’55 Chevy Bel Air) .061, 10.927, 120.65 (10.90 dial).
R/U: Rochelle Pappel, Eugene, OR (’27 Ford) .047, 10.813, 119.88 (10.88 dial).
Semi’s: Gary Fetters, Salem, OR

W: Tom Clark, Vancouver, WA (’69 GTX) .033, 9.882, 135.60 (9.88 dial).
R/U: Erik Pierson, Woodland, WA(’66 Nova) .102, 11.757, 109.11 (11.90 dial).
Semi’s: Dave Nassimbene, LaFayette, OR

W: Bob Comeau, Vancouver, WA (’39 Chev Coupe) .125, 12.832, 86.15 (12.46 dial).
R/U: Fred Hostler, Toledo, OR (’49 Ford) .439, 13.190, 106.32 (12.20 dial).
Semi’s: Jeff Enger, Newberg, OR.

W: Randy Nichols, LaFayette, OR (’69 Nova) .079, 13.017, 102.08 (13.06 dial).
R/U: Gordon Cady, Jr., Vancouver, WA (’65 El Camino) .118, 12.671, 101.92 (12.77 dial).
Semi’s: Brook Baird, Salem, OR

W: Walk Skoczylas, Aloha, OR (’54 Dragster) .132, 11.950, 109.72 (11.92 dial).
R/U: Michael Bjerklund, Lebanon, OR (’68 Dart) .030, 18.158, 74.03 (18.20 dial).
Semi’s: Wendy Pine, Paradise, CA; Lynda Bates, Meadow Vista, CA

W: Denny Hays, Damascus, OR (’57 Ford) .073, 13.690, 101.30 (13.45 dial).
R/U: Bruce Poppino, West Linn, OR (’65 Mustang) -.273,11.817, 114.41 (11.95 dial).
Semi’s: Paul Carbaugh, Cloverdale, OR

W: Christina Presser, Salem, OR (’23 T Ford) .031, 9.714, 133.43 (9.67 dial).
R/U: Ron Austin, Medford, OR (’48 Topolino) -.006, foul.
Semi’s: Ryan Maygra, Yakima, WA; Jamie Mata. LaFayette, OR

W: Lou Madsen, Blacksburg, VA (’68 Dodge Dart) .186, 14.964, 93.72 (14.95 dial).
R/U: Mark Etheridge, Signal Hill, CA (’62 Plymouth) .766, 10.677, 124.49 (10.62 dial).
Semi’s: CJ Stoakes, Halsey, OR

W: Len Darnell, Vancouver, WA (’12 Hayabusa) .036, 6.798, 201.38.
R/U: Jeff Marsh, Woodburn, OR (’10 Kayasaki) .027, 8.313, 114.22.
Semi’s: Larry Cook, West Linn, OR

W: Kerry Drost, Sherwood, OR (’99 Hayabusa) .063, 8.005, 168.44.
R/U: Eric Robinson, Eugene, OR (’03 Hayabusa) .220, 20.560, 32.99.

W: Stacy Hesch, Shelton, WA (’83 Suzuki) .025, 8.643, 149.47 (8.60 dial).
R/U: Don DePeel, Gladstone, OR (’74 Kawasaki) .038, 8.685, 147.49 (8.70 dial).
Semi’s: Shawn Blehm, Salem, OR; Nick Puhl, Port Orford, OR

W: Jim Were, Renton, WA (’08 Suzuki) .054, 9.669, 138.69 (9.63 dial).
R/U: Randy Whiteman, North Plains, OR (’80 Kawasaki) -.002, foul.
Semi’s: Mark Adams, Portland, OR

W: Stacy Hesch, Shelton, WA (’83 Suzuki) .027, 8.577, 134.50 (8.52 dial).
R/U: Mark Adams, Vancouver, WA (’01 Kawasaki) .019, 9.634, 133.94 (9.50 dial).
Semi’s: Jim Were, Renton, WA; Don DePeel, Gladstone, OR

SLANT 6 (Saturday)
W: PJ Jesiolowski, Paradise, CA (’72 Dodge) .041, 13.609, 98.10 (13.57 dial).
R/U: CJ Stoakes, Halsey, OR (’74 Plymouth) -.006, foul.
Semi’s: Doug Powers, Portland, OR

W: Jerry Carter, Pendleton, OR (’66 Nova) .012, 10.255, 129.01 (10.25 dial).
R/U: Kevin Petersen, Portland, OR (’56 Chev Pickup) .045, 10.466, 127.93 (10.40 dial).
Semi’s: Gary Wargnier, Keizer, OR

W: Richard Beyea, Salem, OR (’57 Chev) – 10.851, 121.31 (10.76 dial).
R/U: Tom Clark, Vancouver, WA (’69 GTX) -.011 foul.
Semi’s: Grace Presser, Salem, OR

W: Gordon Cady, Jr., Vancouver, WA (’65 El Camino) .030, 12.833, 94.13 (12.67 dial).
R/U: Clif Stuart, Bend, OR (’66 Cutlass) .103, 16.092, 87.26 (15.90 dial).
Semi’s: Bob Comeau, Vancouver, WA

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