Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Things Heat Up At Sunoco ET Series, High School Series & Jr Series

Summer arrived with gusto (temperatures in the 80’s) on May 12th at Woodburn Dragstrip as racers competed in three separate series and race fans soaked up the sunshine to the delight of all. David Pracht – Super Pro, Steve Stuart – Pro, John Floyd, Jr – Sportsman, and Kerry Drost – Bike/Sled were the four champions. Garrett Seeberger, the Amity High School racer, took home the top prize in the Canby Transmission High School Class. Jr racers, Dustin Day-Fast. Justin Harmon-Lightning, and Maria Marroquin-Thunder emerged atop the three Jr. classes. Pat Figini picked up the win in Run Tuff while Cheyanne Helvey was the big winner in Jr Tuff.

In Super Pro, David Pracht continued his recent habit of going rounds, winning top honors with his defeat of Travis Hilton in the finals. Pracht had defeated Devon Hilton in the semi’s while Travis had downed Craig Tharp. In Pro, veteran racer, Steve Stuart powered his ’66 Chevelle past Derrick Jackson. Jackson was driving his brother’s El Camino. Stuart took down last year’s champion, Nick Shepherd in the semi’s and, by doing so, moved into a 10-point lead over Shepherd in the point standings. In the finals of Sportsman, John Floyd Jr. emerged the victor over Jerry Durant Jr. The classic matchup for all time occurred in the second round as Floyd, Jr was paired alongside Derrick Jackson. Each driver was excellent at the tree with identical .001 reaction times. At the top end, Jackson missed his dial-in by .003 while Floyd Jr. was exact to the thousandth of a second. With that .001 package, John Floyd Jr took that round win. You really can’t get any better than that! Meanwhile, Robert Glafka and Gordon Cady, Jr. took semi-final honors. Kerry Drost was the top rider in Bike/Sled as he took the win over Mark Adams while Roger Wolff was the lone semi-finalist. Run Tuff finals saw Pat Figini topple William Breese.

In the A-1 Performance Transmissions and Converters “Package for the Points” competition: Winners from May 12th along with their package and product awarded are:
Super Pro – Devon Hilton .008 (Abby’s Pizza Woodburn)
Pro – Tim Ellis .012 (Blaster Products)
Sportsman – Gordon Cady, Jr .035 (Pico Wiring Accessories)
Bike/Sled – Kerry Drost .322 (Lucas Oil Products)

With his win over Newport High School’s Chevy Olson, Garrett Seebeeger moved into a tie with Kenny McGary for first in the High School point standings. Seeberger ran 11.161 at 120 mph to down Olson’s Sunbird at 106 mph. Philomath High School racer, Kenny McGary took the semi-final honors.

In Jr. Fast, Dustin Day got the break-out win over Taylor Nielsen. With his win, Day overtook Tucker Tooke Terry for the current point lead Day ran 8.077 to Nielsen’s 7.959 (7.98 dial in). Emily Mix was the lone semi-finalist. In Jr. Lightning, Justin Harmon also took the break-out win. Dallas Hill ran 8.620 (8.63 dial in) for the runner up finish. Alyssa Madison and Carson Wheeler were semi-finalists. Harmon currently maintains a 10-point lead over Wheeler in the point standings. Maria Marroquin took the win and the points lead with her defeat of Kyler Pitts in the finals of Jr. Thunder. Maria blasted through the traps in 9.69 seconds at 67 mph in her winning lap and with that win, became the third lady to win an event in 2012 at Woodburn Dragstrip. Alisha Miller and Dylan Hough took home semi-final honors. Jr. Tuff went to Cheyanne Helvey over Chad Tallan. An excellent .049 reaction time paved the way for her victory. Elizabeth Varner was the lone semi-finalist. The #1 qualifiers for each Jr. class is listed here:
Fast – A. J. Harmon .000
Lightning – Alyssa Madison .009
Thunder – Elizabeth Varner .001

Listed below are the final results with the driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour, and dial in for each class.

W: David Pracht, Hillsboro, OR (’70 Skylark) .023, 10.170, 127.56 (10.15 dial).
R/U: Travis Hilton, Vancouver, WA (’72 Vega) .035, 10.059, 131.08 (10.05 dial).
Semi’s: Craig Tharp, Battle Ground, WA; Devon Hilton, Vancouver, WA.

W: Steve Stuart, Estacada, OR (’66 Chevelle) .035, 9.313, 141.33 (9.28 dial).
R/U: Derrick Jackson, McMinnville, OR (’70 El Camino) .058, 10.253, 106.90 (10.24 dial).
Semi’s: Nick Shepherd, Tigard, OR

W: John Floyd, Jr., Gresham, OR (’72 Nova) .071, 12.808, 103.01 (12.74 dial).
R/U: Jerry Durant, Jr., Oregon City, OR (’05 Dodge) .014, 14.441, 94.49 (14.31 dial).
Semi’s: Robert Glafka, Battle Ground, WA; Gordon Cady, Jr., Vancouver, WA

W: Kerry Drost, Sherwood, OR (’99 Hayabusa) .007, 8.022, 169.10 (7.97 dial).
R/U: Mark Adams, Portland, OR (’01 Kawasaki) .020, 9.432, 136.19 (9.50 dial).
Semi’s: Roger Wolff, Dundee, OR

W: Garrett Seeberger, McMinnville, OR (’70 Nova) .255, 11.161, 120.83 (11.13 dial).
R/U: Chevy Olson, Newport, OR (’78 Sunbird) .103, 12.374, 106.24 (12.40 dial).
Semi’s: Kenny McGary, Philomath, OR

W: Pat Figini, Oregon City, OR (’70 Maverick) .054, 13.069, 102.37 (13.03 dial).
R/U: Willaim Breese, Hillsboro, OR (’92 Talon) .049, 10.551, 123.47 (10.50 dial).

W: Dustin Day, Estacada, OR (Jr. Dragster) .041, 8.077, 80.14 (8.07 dial).
R/U: Taylor Nielsen, Damascus, OR (’01 Half Scale) .095, 7.959, 82.60 (7.98 dial).
Semi’s: Emily Mix, Aumsville, OR

W: Justin Harmon, Bay City, OR (’00 Van Ness) .189, 10.570, 60.49 (10.55 dial).
R/U: Dallas Hill, Vancouver, WA (RP Race Cars) .090, 8.620, 75.63 (8.63 dial).
Semi’s: Alyssa Madison, Portland, OR; Carson Wheeler, Orting, WA

W: Maria Marroquin, Wood Village, OR (’99 Dragster) .247, 9.691, 67.64 (9.58 dial).
R/U: Kyler Pitts, Lebanon, OR (Jr. Dragster) .230, 12.391, 46.33 (12.00 dial).
Semi’s: Alisha Miller, Warren, OR; Dylan Hough, Junction City, OR

W: Cheyanne Helvey, Milwaukie, OR (’09 Eickmann) .045, 9.240, 70.30 (9.19 dial).
R/U: Chad Tallan, Molalla, OR (Race Cars for Kids) .279, 8.970, 73.92 (8.90 dial).

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