Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Team Woodburn Dragstrip Reigns over Division 6 !

For the 14th time the Summit ET Finals Team from Woodburn Dragstrip proved to be the Best in the Northwest by sweeping both the Track Managers’ Cup and the NHRA Northwest Division Team Championship. The 3-day event, held at Pacific Raceways from August 31 to September 2, 2012, proved to be the perfect finish to intense competition held in the Woodburn Dragstrip Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series, the High School Series, and the Jr. Drag Racing Series.

The Track Managers’ Cup was contested on Saturday. The Warriors from Woodburn Dragstrip were represented by the Race of Champions racers in the following classes: Bike/Sled (5 racers), Sportsman (6 racers), Pro (6 racers), and Super Pro (6 racers), as well as racers in High School (2 racers), Jr. Thunder (2 racers), Jr. Lightning (4 racers). The final tally shows that Woodburn Dragstrip earned 43 points followed by Portland International Raceway with 41 points. Mission Raceway, Firebird Raceway, and Bremerton Raceway finished 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively.

Two Woodburn Dragstrip racers earned Division 6 Championships in conjunction with Saturday’s event. Congratulations to Kyler Pitts who earned the NHRA Northwest Division Six Jr. Thunder Championship and to Derrick Jackson who was crowned the Sportsman Race of Champions winner and earned the trip to the AAA Finals held in Pomona, Ca for a shot at the National Championship. Jackson has earned this honor three times previously. Obviously, he would love to return with the National Title.

The importance of team support is very evident each day at this event. Whether a team member is going rounds or cheering for a teammate, each member plays a vital role. Following is the list of the names of the Woodburn Warriors representing Woodburn Dragstrip with the number of rounds won in the Track Managers’ Cup.

Jr. Thunder: Maria Marroquin (1), Kyler Pitts (5)
Jr. Lightning: Dustin Day, Jessie Skerjanec, Dallas Hill, Carson Wheeler (1),
High School: Travis Hilton (3), Kenny McGarry (4),
Bike/Sled: Michael Gosselin, Eric Johns, Don DePeel (1), Mark Adams (1), Jim Werre (2),
Sportsman: Marty Arrigotti; Jerry Durant, Jr, Robert Glafka (1), Karl Hart (2), John Floyd, Jr. (2), Derrick Jackson (7)
Pro: Mike Hansen, Eli Taghon, Nicholas Shepherd, Pat Figini (1), Carl Wilkerson (1), Steve Stuart (1)
Super Pro: David Pracht, Danny Wargnier (1), Mark Dawson (1), Matt Claussen (2), Devon Hilton (3), Travis Hilton (3),

The Warriors were crowned the 2012 NHRA Northwest Division Summit Racing Equipment ET Team Champions for the 14th time in the history of this competition. Outscoring Portland by 4 points (68-64), the team was led by Nicholas Shepherd, Karl Hart, and Jerry Durant, Jr. Shepherd scored a runner-up finish in Pro while Durant faced Hart in the finals of Sportsman and took the win over his teammate. Jerry Durant Jr. has been racing since his childhood. He has three previous Woodburn Dragstrip Sportsman track championships and one previous Woodburn Dragstrip Pro track championship. His win on Sunday at Pacific Raceways earned him the title of 2012 NHRA Northwest Division Sportsman Champion.

Just to have earned the points throughout the season to become a member of the Woodburn Dragstrip Team is an accomplishment in itself. The high level of competition throughout the season without a doubt contributes to the skill level of each racer. To join the racers who have been your competitors in a team effort is a one of the unique features of the Summit ET Finals. The support of teammates, family, and friends is very evident at this event. Even after having lost a round, the support a racer can give to his/her teammates can be the spark that produces another point for the team. And the memories of the fun and shared experience will last a lifetime. Following is the list of team members in each class with the number of rounds won which accounts for the 68-point total.

Sportsman: Michael McFadden, Stephanie Gross, Tracy Herinckx (1), Derrick Jackson (1), John Floyd, Jr (1), Travis Hilton (1), Gary Fetters (1), Jerry Weber (1), Robert Glafka, (2), Lavonne Goodman (2), Marty Arrigotti (3), Karl Hart (6), Jerry Durant, Jr. (7)

Pro: Pat Figini, Richard Potter, David Bronec, Mike Hansen, Eli Taghon, Thomas Jackson III, Hollis Runge, Jeff Marchi, Vic Levings (1), Matt Kielman (1), Ryan Schaefer (1), Kenny McGarry (1), Steve Stuart (2), Carl Wilkerson (2), Jim Goodman (3), Nicholas Shepherd (7)

Super Pro: Debbie Dawson, Mark Dawson, Robert Glembocki, Gary Wargnier, Bill McNeal, Vicki Shepherd, Travis Hilton, David Pracht (1), Al Lyda (1), Devon Hilton (1), Tom Avgerakis (1), Michael Boyd, 1), Danny Wargnier (2), Dennis Weddle (3), Matt Claussen (5),

Bike/Sled: Eric Johns (1), Jim Were (1),Michael Gosselin (2), Mark Adams (2), Don DePeel (4)

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