Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Super Shifter Champion – John Masterman

The 2012 Super Shifter class showed a lot more parity, as the class size increased by an outstanding 40%. However, the dust settled at the end of the year, and it was the ‘same ol’ song and dance’ as John Masterman locked up his second straight championship, with an even more commanding season than his previous season. With a combined three event wins out of four finals in the six race series, Masterman is your 2012 Super Shifter Champion.
At the first race of the season on April 22nd, Masterman did what he does best by winning over Bill Burnham. At the next event on May 6th, Mark Boehi kept him from doing it again by stopping John in the final round. Then on June 3rd and July 8th, Masterman made it three for four by taking out Alejandro Razo and Steve Erickson in the final round matchups. The second to last event showed a new face as Dick Arnold took the win over Steve Erickson, and then the final event on September 22nd presented Brent Russell hoisting the trophy over Alex Schluckebier.
Following is the final point standings for the top three points finishers, listed by driver name, total points, and total round wins.

1. John Masterman, 420 Points, 21 Round Wins
2. Alex Schluckebier, 300 Points, 12 Round Wins
3. Steve Erickson, 270 Points, 12 Round Wins

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