Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Shepherd, Riedl, and Burbage Claims First Wins

The day was full of race action for everyone at Woodburn Dragstrip on Saturday, July 21st as racers in the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series, Sport Compact Challenge Series, Junior Drag Racing Series, LX Club, and National Hot Rod Diesel Association provided excitement the entire day. Vicki Shepherd, Bruce Riedl, Glen Burbage and Don DePeel took the wins in the Sunoco Series. Jody Kelly and William Breese earned the Sport Compact victories and Jessie Skerjanec, Carson Wheeler, and Elizabeth Varner took top honors in their Jr. Dragsters. Tim Schwender won Run Tuff and Connor Rice won Jr. Tuff. National Hot Rod Diesel winners were Brad Ponci in Top Diesel, Rob Coddens in Pro Stock, Pro Street, and Super Street, Dustin Gullet in Super Diesel, and Mike Pliska in Sportsman

A-1 Performance Transmissions and Converters “Package for the Points” winners for the day along with their winning time and product awarded are:
Tony McNeal Super Pro .009 Lucas Oil Products
Steve Stuart Pro .021 Blaster Products
Stephanie Gross Sportsman .040 Abby’s Pizza – Woodburn
Don DePeel, Bike/Sled .054 Pico Wiring Products

In Super Pro, Vicki Shepherd ran five runs between 8.050 and 8.042 and took the win over Travis Hilton in the finals. Michael Boyd and Danny Wargnier were semi-finalists. Bruce Riedl scored a perfect light in round 1 to defeat his wife and went on to meet Steve Kelly in the finals. In a race decided by .001, Bruce was able to take the win. Rich Potter and Daniel Burdick were semi-finalists. Glen Burbage met Jerry Weber in the finals of Sportsman and took his first win of the year. Steve Ennis claimed semi-final honors. The most unusual race of the day occurred when Don DePeel met Mark Adams in the finals. Mark dialed 9.65 and left the starting line expecting Don to be catching him in the lights. Little did he know that DePeel broke a shifter at the launch and was sitting on the starting line as Mark broke out with a 9.54 which gave the win to DePeel. Tim Schwender took the win over Tony McNeal in Run Tuff.

The top qualifiers in each of the Jr. Drag Racing classes were:
– Jr Fast: Kacee Pitts .005
– Jr Lightning: Boyd Eickmann .001
– Jr Thunder: Kyler Pitts .001

In the Junior Drag Racing Series, Jessie Skerjanec used a .006 reaction time and ran 7.950 to defeat Tucker Tooke-Terry and maintain her first place standings in Jr. Fast. Emily Mix earned a semi-final finish. In Jr. Lightning, Carson Wheeler defeated Chad Tallan to move into a tie with Dallas Hill for the points lead. Anthony Friesen was the lone semi-finalist. Elizabeth Varner had her best showing of her first season, taking the win over points-leader Kyler Pitts in Jr. Thunder. Tommy Tallan and Maria Marroquin earned semi-final honors. Connor Rice defeated Nicholas Karr in the finals of Jr. Tuff with Cheyanne Helvey as semi-finalist.

William Breese earned his second victory of the year in Sport Compact Pro in his 10-second Talon, defeating Jesse Tait’s BMW. Pamela Wolfe was the semi-finalist. Jody Kelly scored her first victory in just her second race by defeating Hoppy Hopkins in the finals of Sport Compact Sportsman. Thomas Major and Christine Presser earned semi-final finishes at this event. The LX Club Championship was claimed by Alik Osheim and his impressive B100 van over Donald Zirk’s Dodge Magnum.

Following are the final results with the driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour and dial-in.
W: Vicki Shepherd, Newberg, OR (’01 Undercover) .038, 8.048, 164.41 (8.03 dial).
R/U: Travis Hilton, Vancouver, WA (’72 Vega) .015, 10.156, 131.06 (10.11 dial).
Semi’s: Danny Wargnier, Keizer, OR; Michael Boyd, Aloha, OR

W: Bruce Riedl, Oregon City, OR (’66 Olds 442) .025, 10.662, 124.46 (10.61 dial).
R/U: Steve Kelly, Vancouver, WA (’67 Camaro) .022, 10.576, 123.84 (10.52 dial).
Semi’s: Richard Potter, Oregon City, OR; Daniel Burdick, Monroe, WA

W: Glen Burbage, Silverton, OR (’69 Chevelle) .032, 13.237, 100.03 (13.15 dial).
R/U: Jerry Weber, Albany, OR (’82 Chev) .071, 14.570, 92.07 (14.50 dial).
Semi’s: Steve Ennis, Beaverton, OR

W: Don DePeel, Gladstone, OR (’74 Kawasaki) 2.008, 27.086 (8.65 dial).
R/U: Mark Adams, Portland, OR (’01 Kawasaki) .028, 9.540, 133.35 (9.65 dial).

W: William Breese, Hillsboro, OR (’92 Talon) .052, 10.515, 116.89 (10.42 dial).
R/U: Jesse Tait, Sutherlin, OR (’08 BMW) .253. 12.934, 12.85 (107.55 dial).
Semi’s: Pamela Wolfe, Scotts Mills, OR

W: Jody Kelly, Vancouver, WA (’11 Camry) .063, 16.385, 82.08 (16.36 dial).
R/U: Hoppy Hopkins, Beavercreek, OR (’93 Honda) .121, 17.706, 78.56 (17.72 dial).
Semi’s: Thomas Major, Salem, OR; Christine Presser, Salem, OR

W: Tim Schwender, Winchester, WA (’70 Duster) .067, 10.078, 132.39 (10.07 dial).
R/U: Tony McNeal, Milwaukie, OR (’57 Chev) .006, 10.908, 130.35 (10.91 dial).
Semi’s: Dom Andreotti, Scappoose, OR

W: Elizabeth Varner, Astoria, OR (Race Cars for Kids) .036, 10.571, 59.10 (10.41 dial).
R/U: Kyler Pitts, Lebanon, OR (Junior Dragster) .293, 9.165, 71.46 (8.97 dial).
Semi’s: Tommy Tallan, Molalla, OR; Maria Marroquin, Wood Village, OR

W: Carson Wheeler, Wilsonville, OR (’08 Spitzer) .050, 8.595, 74.20 (8.57 dial).
R/U: Chad Tallan, Molalla, OR (Race for Kids) .061, 8.950, 72.90 (8.92 dial).
Semi’s: Anthony Friesen, Sutherlin, OR

W: Jessie Skerjanec, Estacada, OR (Junior Dragster) .006, 7.950, 80.38 (7.90 dial).
R/U: Tucker Tooke-Terry, Portland, OR (Junior Dragster) .116, 7.966, 7.96 (7.96 dial).
Semi’s: Emily Mix, Aumsville, OR

W: Connor Rice .251, 13.215, 47.10 (13.00 dial).
R/U: Nicholas Karr, Salem, OR (Jr Dragster) .451, 14.844, 41.93 (14.70 dial).
Semi’s: Cheyanne Helvey, Milwaukie, OR

W: Alik Osheim, Beaverton, OR (’72 B100 Van) .041,12.171, 107.04 (12.08 dial).
R/U: Don Zirk, Gresham, OR (’05 Magnum) .090, 14.448, 96.46 (14.39 dial).
Semi’s: Kevin Rot, Grahan, WA; Roger Hanson, Everett, WA

W: Brad Ponci, Fortuna, CA (‘23T Altered) 8.790, 153.71

W: Rob Coddens, Eagle, ID (’02 GMC) 10.646, 99.16

W: Rob Coddens, Eagle ID (’02 GMC) 9.507. 140.13
R/U: Jarid Vollmer, Chubbuck, ID (’07 Dodge)

W: Rob Coddens, Eagle, ID (’02 GMC) 20.160, 50.03
R/U: Matt Moroni, Sutter, CA (’06 Ford)

W: Dustin Gullet, Boise, ID (’03 GMC) 12.179, 95.08
R/U: Rony Vanderberg, Vauxhall, AB (’03 GMC) 13.759, 52.77

W: Michael Pliska, Happy Valley, OR (’95 Ford) 15.663, 86.93
R/U: Rony Vanderberg, Vauxhall, AB (’03 GMC)

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