Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Rain & Shine – The Oldies but Goodies is in the Books!!!!

The mornings may have been wet but the afternoons were perfect and the performances were superb at the NAPA Auto Parts/Oldies 106.7 – 36th Annual Oldies But Goodies held at Woodburn Dragstrip June 23 & 24, 2012. Howard Anderson and Troy Owen recorded the quickest AA/Supercharged side-by-side pass in history in the finals on Sunday. Owen’s fantastic 6.626 (205.94 mph) was for naught as the red light start gave the win to Anderson who recorded a 6.674 (201.34 mph). Owen was the top qualifier on Saturday with a fantastic 6.623 at 210.13 mph. Anderson had defeated Mike Molea and Owen topped Mitch Chamberlin in the semi-finals.

Two cousins, Mike and Rod Floyd met in the finals of Top Eliminator with the win going to Mike. His very stout 7.682 at 192 mph was just enough to get past Rod’s 191 mph blast. Dennis Gorans and Mike Padur scored semi-final finishes. In Pro Nostalgia, Chris Marshall and Paul New defeated two rounds of opponents to meet in the finals. Marshall dialed 6.60 and ran 6.948 to take the win as New could only muster a 7.107 on his 6.71 dial-in. Dewayne Sanders and Russ Parker were defeated by New and Marshall in the semi-finals. George Moore defeated Steve Olson in the finals of Pro Nostalgia Modified while Kevin McCurdy scored a semi-final finish.

The competition was intense in the classes of the Woodburn Dragstrip Nostalgia Hot Rod Series. Devon Hilton extended his hot streak with the win in Top Gas. Gary Palmateer fell victim to Hilton in the finals while Gary Wargnier and Martin Dykstra earned semi-final honors. Paul Comeau successfully defended his 2011 Oldies But Goodies Hot Rod I victory with a repeat in 2012, driving “Old Gold”, his ’39 Chevy Sedan to the win over the ’55 Chevy Business Coupe driven by Wendell Dietrich. Semi-final action saw Comeau defeating Jim Pappel while Marc Pruett red-lit against Dietrich. In the 35-car field of Street Machine I, Steve Stuart took top honors over John LaRoche who fouled away his chance by -.002 in the finals. Stuart ran 9.367 at 140+ mph in the victory. LaRoche had just experienced a double red-light semi-final round, but Jerry Bugge’s first violation sealed his own fate.

Rick Olson drove his ’56 Chevy to victory in Hot Rod II as he took the win over Bob Comeau’s ’39 Chevy Coupe. Olson’s 12.089 on a 12.01 dial-in was better than Comeau’s 12.530 on a 12.40 dial-in. Bret Swopes fell victim to Comeau in the semi-finals. Gordon Cady, Jr. took top honors in Street Machine II by running 12.607 on his 12.60 dial-in in his defeat of Jimmy Heriford’ break-out run. Brian Mooers and Ken Sweo day ended in the semi-finals. The highlight of the day in Stick Shift class occurred in the second round vs. Bruce Poppino as Gary Howe’s gigantic bumper-dragging wheelstand was definitely one for the record books. No damage was done to Gary’s car, and he was able to advance due to Poppino’s red light. Howe met Curt Garnick in the finals where he fouled away his chances for the win. John Selman and Dean Tabert finished one round short of the finals.

Kelly Gordon earned the Dragster & Roadster victory when Steve Marcus could not make the call. Marcus had defeated Jennie Perrotti for the chance to meet Gordon. Kelly singled with a 10.788 for the win. The Inline/Flathead class was mastered by Dave Mueller who edged out Jim Johnson in the finals. Walt Pearce and Michael Bjerklund earned semi-final finishes in this class. Winners of the Slant 6 Association races were CJ Stoakes over Andrew Howard and Wendy Pine over Walt Skoczylas. Final results for each class are listed with the driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour and dial-in.

W: Howard Anderson, Applegate, CA (’38 Chevy Coupe) – 6.674, 201.34.
R/U: Troy Owen, Albany, OR (’41 Willys Coupe) – foul.
Semi’s: Mike Molea, Grants Pass, OR; Mitch Chamberlin, Orting, WA

W: Mike Floyd, Vancouver, WA (’05 Dragster) .062, 7.682, 192.51 (7.60 dial).
R/U: Rod Floyd, Vancouver, WA (’98 Tuttle) .045, 7.796, 191.65 (7.60 dial).
Semi’s: Dennis Gorans, Longview, WA; Mike Padur, Graham, WA

W: Chris Marshall, McMinnville, OR (’37 Fiat) .058, 6.948, 177.61 (6.60 dial).
R/U: Paul New, Sandy, OR (’05 New) .060, 7.107, 202.60 (6.71 dial).
Semi’s: Russ Parker, Salem, OR; Dewayne Sanders, Albany, OR

W: George Moore, Redmond, OR (’23 T) .403, 7.511, 177.44 (7.44 dial).
R/U: Steve Olson, Amity, OR (’48 Fiat) .277, 8.180, 154.63 (7.00 dial).
Semi’s: Kevin McCurdy, Milwaukie, OR

W: Devon Hilton, Vancouver, WA (’38 Roadster) – 8.213, 150.25 (8.19 dial).
R/U: Gary Palmateer, Monmouth, OR (’68 Firebird) – 10.934, 131.29 (10.90 dial).
Semi’s: Gary Wargnier, Keizer, OR; Martin Dykstra, Rosedale, BC, Canada

W: Paul Comeau, Vancouver, WA (’39 Chevy) – 9.510, 130.45 (9.55 dial).
R/U: Wendell Dietrich, Eugene, OR (’55 Chev) – 11.639, 112.75 (11.72 dial).
Semi’s: Marc Pruett, Vancouver, WA; Jim Pappel, Veneta, OR

W: Steve Stuart, Estacada, OR (’66 Chevelle) .047, 9.367, 140.82 (9.33 dial).
R/U: John LaRoche, Oregon City, OR (’64 Nova) – foul.
Semi’s: Jerry Bugge, Bend, OR

W: Rick Olson, Newberg, OR (’56 Chevy) .063, 12.089, 105.91 (12.01 dial).
R/U: Bob Comeau, Vancouver, WA (’39 Chevy Coupe) .023, 12.530, 106.79 (12.40 dial).
Semi’s: Bret Swopes, Tigard, OR

W: Gordon Cady, Jr, Vancouver, WA (’65 El Camino) .038, 12.007, 103.62 (12.00 dial).
R/U: Jimmy Heriford, Vancouver, WA (’64 Galaxie) .065, 12.538, 103.42 (12.56 dial).
Semi’s: Brian Mooers, Aumsville, OR; Ken Sweo, Oregon City, OR

W: Curt Garnick, Springfield, OR (’65 Mustang) .268, 14.128, 101.59 (13.30 dial).
R/U: Gary Howe, Gig Harbor, WA (’55 Chevy) – foul.
Semi’s: Dean Tabert, Tigard, OR; John Selman, Pendleton, OR

W: Dave Mueller, Kelso, WA (’69 Valiant) .140, 14.515, 91.69 (14.50 dial).
R/U: Jim Johnson, Portland, OR (’65 Nova) .079, 15.616, 86.78 (15.65 dial).
Semi’s: Walt Pearce, Twisp, WA; Michael Bjerklund, Lebanon, OR

W: Kelly Gordon, Vancouver, WA (’23 T Bucket) .116, 10.778, 100.36 (10.23 dial).
R/U: Steve Marcus, Molalla, OR (’32 Bantam) – broke.
Semi’s: Jennie Perrotti, Tualatin, OR

SLANT 6 (Saturday)
W: CJ Stoakes, Halsey, OR (’74 Plymouth) .120, 15.394, 87.90 (15.37 dial).
R/U: Andrew Howard, Eureka, CA (’62 Valiant) .064, 13.169, 96.85 (13.20 dial).
Semi’s: Richard Bjerklund, Eugene, OR

SLANT 6 (Sunday)
W: Wendy Pine, Paradise, CA (’63 Valiant) .099, 18.409, 72.87 (18.40 dial).
R/U: Walt Skoczylas, Aloha, OR (’54 Dragster) .103, 11.928, 109.18 (11.85 dial).
Semi’s: Michael Bjerklund, Lebanon, OR; Andrew Howard, Eureka, CA

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