Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Pro Champion – Nicholas Shepherd

Pro bracket is similar in style to Sportsman, but with faster cars and more technology. In Pro, cars can to travel as quickly as 9.00 seconds in the quarter mile, and are given the assistance of Trans brake buttons, which allow the driver the ability to leave at full throttle. As has been the case in the last two years, one racer was able to again dominate the field, as Nicholas Shepherd claimed his third straight Pro Bracket Championship.

After the victories of racers Mike Hansen (April 7), Dallas Glenn (April 15), Shepherd (April 22) Gary Fetters (April 29), Shepherd (May 6), Steve Stuart (May 12), and Shepherd for a third time on June 3rd, the points standings were as follows: Nicholas Shepherd with 530, Steve Stuart with 480, and Eli Taghon with 410. Following that event on June 10th, Bryce Moilanen rocketed into the spotlight with a win over Jim Goodman. Next, on June 17th, Steve Kelly showed the driving ability of a former Prp Bracket World Champion by downing Carl Wilkerson in the final to score his first win of the season. On July 1st, Shepherd did the best thing possible after watching 2nd and 3rd in points go out first round, by beating Matt Kielman in the final to take the 70 point swing. Shepherd then repeated last week’s fashion show by downing Dan Stokes in the final round to add even more points to his total, which now sat at a comfortable 19 round lead over second place. After victories by Bruce Riedl over Steve Kelly and Chris Stone’s victory over Lucky long on July 29th, it came down to one event, and a vicious battle for third place was brewing.

With seven drivers having a chance to boost them into the number three spot, it would only take one driver to have a good day to lock it up…and that one driver was Carl Wilkerson. Wilkerson had a career day, blasting through the competition to go from 6th to 3rd in points. Nicholas Shepherd, by far winning the war, also had a career showing, posting the highest points total (930) and rounds wins (49) of any champion this year.

Following are the top three standings, in order of driver name, point’s total, and round wins.

1. Nicholas Shepherd, 930 Points, 49 Round Wins
2. Steve Stuart, 700 Points, 28 Round Wins
3. Carl Wilkerson, 660 Points, 26 Round Wins

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