Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Perfect Weather For A Rose Festival Drag Race

Jets, Pro Mods, and BB Funny Cars were the feature attraction at the 37th Annual Sunbelt Rentals/Bi-Mart Rose Festival Drags at Woodburn Dragstrip on June 9 & 10, 2012. Scott Arriaja and Richard Smith brought the crowd to life with Darin Bay’s Incinerator and Black Rat Jet Dragsters. Following the exhilarating smoke, fire and afterburner show, the jets blasted down track through the traps in 5.3 seconds and at speeds nearing 300 mph. Ross Hogenson qualified atop the Pro Mod ladder and swept the field, taking the victory over Wayne Hofer in the finals. Hogensen recorded a winning time of 6.40 seconds at 231.89 mph as Hofer shook the tires and clicked it early to a losing 7.90 at 145.39 mph. Salem, OR racer, Russ Parker, again displayed his driving and tuning skill as he took top honors in an excellent 12-car BB/Funny Car contingent with his “Highbucks” Ford Mustang. Royce Taylor’s Ford Mustang was perfect through two rounds of competition and put up a valiant effort in the finals. Parker’s winning time 6.97 at 201.47 while Taylor recorded a runner-up finish of 6.74 at 209.15 mph.

Competition in the NHRA classes of Top Comp, Super Comp, Super Street, and Stock/Super Stock Combo saw Paul Nero, Randy Beck, Earl Cunningham, Duane Moore, and Mike Parmenter take home the gold. Nero was afforded a single in the finals of Top Comp due to his opponent having broken. Duane Moore ran a perfect 10.900 with a .008 reaction time in the finals of Super Street, much to the dismay of his opponent, Bill McNeal. Earl Cunningham took the victory in Super Comp in Saturday’s competition and Randy Beck defeated Ed Hauter in Sunday’s round of Pacific Northwest Super Comp Association action. Mike Parmenter’s SS/O ’55 Chevy downed Fadi Atiyeh’s DS/A ’71 Ford Mustang in the finals of the Stock/Super Stock Combo class.

Northwest Drag Bike racers competed in four classes with Larry Cook qualifying atop the Pro Mod class at 6.867 seconds and 198.50 mph. Cook would defeat Jeff Marsh in the finals of this class. Kerry Drost downed Verl Smith in the finals of Pro Street while Mike Gosselin took the win over Shawn Blehm in the finals of Quick 8. Saturday’s Bike ET class winner was Mark Adams and Sunday’s Bike ET class winner was James Weere.

Al Lyda and his ’65 Chevy Pickup performed to perfection as he defeated Devon Hilton’s ’38 Chevy Roadster in the Super Pro finals. Jim Goodman continued his hot streak in Pro, appearing in his second consecutive finals. However, Bryce Moilanen was able to secure the victory in his super-quick ’71 Vega. Doug Walkup earned the victory over Robert Glafka in the Sportsman finals due to a better reaction time in a double-break out race. Saturday’s Gambler’s races were won by Danny Wargnier over his brother, Gary in the Electronics final and Dave Bronec over Steve Stuart in the finals of non-Electronics.

Walter Poyner defeated Pat Choruby in Heads Up Northwest Drag Radial competition. Following are the final results listing the driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour, and dial in (where needed).

W: Ross Hogenson, Lethbridge, AB, Canada (’63 Corvette) .063, 6.4000, 231.89.
R/U: Wayne Hofer, Lethbridge, AB, Canada (’63 Corvette) .070, 7.904, 145.39.
Semi’s: Gary Uhrlacher, Spruce Grove, AB, Canada; Dan Vogt, Regina, SASK, Canada

W: Russ Parker, Salem, OR (’70 Ford) .024, 6.876, 201.47.
R/U: Royce Taylor, St. John, WA (’72 Mach I) .114, 6.746, 209.15.

W: Paul Nero, Eugene, OR (’06 Undercover)
R/U: single – broke.
Semi’s: Dean Anderson, Sheridan, OR

SUPER COMP – Saturday
W: Earl Cunningham, Enumclaw, WA (’06 TNT) – 8.907, 172.84 (8.90 dial).
R/U: Tom Gresham, Gresham, OR (’98 Yancer) – broke.

W: Randy Beck, Tacoma, WA (’02 Undercover) .021, 8.899, 169.36 (8.90 dial).
R/U: Ed Hauter, Lynwood, WA (’02 Spitzer) .035, 8.894, 167.41 (8.90 dial).

W: Duane Moore. LaCenter, WA (’71 Maverick) .008, 10.900, 121.68 (10.90 dial).
R/U: Bill McNeal, Milwaukie, OR (’57 Chevy) .034, 10.964, 126.28 (10.90 dial).

W: Mike Parmenter, Aurora, OR (’55 Chev) .004, 11.772, 109.02 (11.80 dial)
R/U: Fadi Atiyeh, Boring, OR (’71 Ford) .064, 11.072, 118.06 (11.10 dial).

W: Larry Cook, West Linn, OR (’99 Suzuki) .031, 6.994, 192.02.
R/U: Jeff Marsh, Woodburn, OR (’10 ZX14) .050, 7.044, 190.35.

W: Kerry Drost, Sherwood, OR (’99 Hayabusa) .075, 8.028, 165.89.
R/U: Verl Smith, Salem, OR (’05 Pro Street) .111, 9.419, 144.99.

W: Michael Gosselin, North Plains, OR (’99 Hayabusa) .096, 8.274, 157.12 (8.28 dial).
R/U: Shawn Blehm, Salem, OR (’08 Suzuki) .059, 7.964, 165.86 (7.85 dial).

W: Mark Adams, Portland, OR (’01 Kawasaki) .038, 9.465, 134.89 (9.46 dial).
R/U: Randy Whiteman, North Plains, OR (’80 Kawasaki) .151, 9.132, 142.02 (9.08 dial).
Semi’s: Don DePeel, Gladstone, OR

W: Jim Weere, Renton, WA (’08 Suzuki) .024, 9.649, 139.12 (9.65 dial).
R/U: Nick Puhl, Port Orchard, OR (’08 Kawasaki) .017, 8.546, 149.85 (8.55 dial).
Semi’s: Mark Adams, Portland, OR

W: Al Lyda, Hillsboro, OR (’65 Chev PU) .040, 8.856, 146.89 (8.85 dial).
R/U: Devon Hilton, Vancouver, WA (’38 Chevy) .023, 8.093, 159.12 (8.10 dial).
Semi’s: Matt Claussen, Vancouver, WA; Phil Johnson, Winlock, WA

W: Bryce Moilanen, Woodburn, OR (’71 Vega) .018, 10.381, 115.16 (10.32 dial).
R/U: Jim Goodman, Canby, OR (’68 El Camino) .044, 11.569, 113.69 (11.42 dial).
Semi’s: Chris Ross, Ridgefield, WA

W: Doug Walkup, Molalla, OR (’72 Challenger) – 12.628, 105.12 (12.63 dial).
R/U: Robert Glafka, Battle Ground, WA (’70 Torino) – 12.167, 109.78 (12.20 dial).
Semi’s: Kurt Gross, Oregon City, OR

W: Danny Wargnier. Keizer, OR (’08 GTO) .046, 7.777, 173.71 (7.76 dial).
R/U: Gary Wargnier, Keizer, OR (’67 Chevelle) .047, 9.323, 143.97 (9.23 dial).
Semi’s: David Pracht, Hillsboro, OR

W: David Bronec, Hubbard, OR (’72 Nova) .084, 10.228, 128.38 (10.20 dial).
R/U: Steve Stuart, Estacada, OR (’66 Chevelle) – foul.
Semi’s: Jeff Marchi, Estacada, OR; Cliff Mansfield, Odell, OR

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