Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Kondalay & Conway Winners at Golf Cart Nationals

The Annual Golf Cart Nationals presented by the Woodburn Dragstrip Booster Club provided plentiful fun and amusement for all after a full day of time trials and qualifying on Friday evening at the 35th Annual Les Schwab Challenge Lucas Oil Drag Race Series. In the finals, it was the team of Stefan Kondalay and Miriah Conway from Chilliwack, BC who took the win over the team of Dallas Glenn and Sadie Floyd.

The team of Glenn and Floyd met the father-son team of Chris Cannon and Chris Cannon II in the semi-finals and took the win running 19.36 on their 19.35 dial in while Kondalay and Conway singled into the finals. In the finals, Dallas & Sadie had a .061 reaction time advantage. But found some extra power, breaking out by .099 while Stefan and Miriah broke out by .032 for the win.

Final results are listed here:

W: Kondalay & Conway, Chilliwack, BC (Golf Cart) .086, 15.708 (15.74 dial).
R/U: Glenn & Floyd, Covington, WA (Golf Cart) .025, 19.261 (19.35 dial).
Semi’s: Cannon II & Cannon, Bothel, WA

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