Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Karl Hart Is The A-1 Transmission & Converters “Package for the Points” Leader

The A-1 Performance Transmissions and Converters “Package for the Points” best-package-of-the-year standard was re-set with Karl Hart’s fantastic .002 package. Hart left the line with a .002 reaction time and ran his number with a zero. Vicki Shepherd had set the standard with a .006 package on April 15th. Tony McNeal tied that mark on June 3rd. Travis Hilton’s .005 package would have been the new standard, but Hart’s .002 places him high on the list for the pair of drive tires to be awarded by Hoosier Tires Northwest. Individual winners and product awarded for the day were:
Super Pro – Travis Hilton .005, Pico Wiring Products & Blaster Products
Pro – Dave Fowler .026, Lucas Oil Products & Blaster Products
Sportsman – Karl Hart .002, Abby’s Pizza – Woodburn & Blaster Products

Devon Hilton earned his second victory of 2012 as his ’38 Chevy downed the ’95 Brogie driven by Dave Chun, Jr. Hilton ran 8.199 (8.19 dial in) as Chun Jr. was too quick with a 9.958 (9.97 dial in). Travis Hilton earned a semi final finish to move into second place in the point standings. Gary Wargnier, with his semi-final finish moved up to eighth place.

Steve Kelly drove just like a 4-time Woodburn Dragstrip track champion that he is and picked up the win in Pro Bracket over Carl Wilkerson. Kelly took a .038 advantage at the tree which just happened to be the margin of victory as each driver ran right on his dial with a 6. Fred Nelson earned semi-final honors with his Hemi powered Dodge.

Alan Snyder drove just like Derrick Jackson wanted him to as the secondary driver for Derrick in Sportsman. Snyder took the win over Stephanie Gross who scored the runner up finish. Robert Glafka maintained his second place point standing with a semi-final finish. Jackson maintains a 5-round lead over Glafka while Karl Hart maintains the third place standings.

Travis Hilton and Luke Hammond came to the line in the finals of the Canby Transmission High School category with identical 13.78 dial-ins. Hilton took the win and by doing so, moved into a tie with Kenny McGary for first place in series points. Garrett Seeburger is a mere 10 points behind. McGary earned a semi final finish at this event while Luke Hammond moved up to fourth place in the series.

In Run Tuff, Danny Wargnier ran 7.839. 7.838. and 7.851, before meeting David Pracht in the finals. David had run 10.538, 10.186, and 10.265 in his three winning rounds. Knowing that Wargnier would be flying through the traps at 170+ mph, Pracht did not let up and broke out by .018, (10.142 on a 10.16 dial in) which gave the win to Wargnier. Ramon Cooper and Glen Burbage earned semi-final finishes in this class.

Following are the final results for each class listing driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour and dial in.

W: Devon Hilton, Vancouver, WA (’38 Chevy) – 8.199, 161.46 (8.19 dial).
R/U: David Chun, Jr, Vancouver, WA (’95 Brogie) – 9.958, 139.44 (9.97 dial).
Semi’s: Travis Hilton, Vancouver, WA; Gary Wargnier, Keizer, OR

W: Steve Kelly, Vancouver, WA (’67 Camaro) .038, 10.526, 120.74 (10.52 dial).
R/U: Carl Wilkerson, Gresham, OR (’70 Chevelle) .076, 10.936, 120.08 (10.93 dial).
Semi’s: Fred Nelson, Oregon City, OR

W: Alan Snyder, Cornelius, OR (’67 Dodge A100) .068, 12.764, 102.36 (12.78 dial).
R/U: Stephanie Gross, Oregon City, OR (’67 Camaro) .058, 13.182, 101.46 (13.20 dial).
Semi’s: Robert Glafka, Battle Ground, WA

W: Travis Hilton, Vancouver, WA (’86 Blazer) .129, 13.789, 94.39 (13.78 dial).
R/U: Luke Hammond, Corvallis, OR (’68 GTO) .070, 13.858, 95.35 (13.78 dial).
Semi’s: Kenny McGary, Philomath, OR

W: Danny Wargnier, Keizer, OR (’08 Pontiac GTO) .031, 8.119, 138.65 (7.83 dial).
R/U: David Pracht, Hillsboro, OR (’70 Skylark) .033, 10.142, 125.62 (10.16 dial).
Semi’s: Ramon Cooper, Woodland, WA; Glen Burbage, Silverton, OR

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