Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Jr Thunder Champion – Maria Marroquin

The Jr Thunder category features the Jr Dragster pilots with the least amount of years’ experience, being that they are ages 8-10 years old. However, this lack of experience rarely reflects to a ‘boring’ points chase, especially true this year when the top two points finishers featured six lead changes and three events where these two drivers were tied. In the end there could be only one Champion, and that was earned by Maria Marroquin, capping her first full season of racing in the best way possible.
Halfway through the 2012 Jr Thunder Championship chase, two drivers had already established themselves as the ones to beat. At this point, the point’s tallies were: Maria Marroquin with 500, Kyler Pitts with 470, and a three way tie for 3rd between Trevin Walberg, Dylan Hough, and Tommy Tallan. Kyler Pitts was starting a late season tear though, having won the previous two events over Marroquin and Walberg. The Jr Dragster Challenge event on July 7th showed Lorenzo Gonzalez claiming victory over Ian Theofelis. The very next day Maria Marroquin scored a critical victory over Pitts. July 21st showcased Elizabeth Varner taking the victory over Pitts. The penultimate event had Trevin Walberg taking the victory over Marroquin, leaving the final event down to two. Marroquin had a 1 round deficit over Pitts, but it was all said and done after the first round when Marroquin advanced and Pitts did not. In fact, Marroquin put a well-deserved cap on her season with a victory over Dylan Hough.
The top three in points are listed, in order of driver name, point’s total, and round wins.
1. Maria Marroquin, 500 Points, 21 Round Wins
2. Kyler Pitts, 530 Points, 17 Round Wins
3. Trevin Walberg, 380 Points, 10 Round Wins

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