Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Jr Lightning Champion – Carson Wheeler

The Jr Lightning category featured a large variety of new drivers, as well as some veterans, in a class that features drivers age 10-14.

At the midpoint of the season, Carson Wheeler, in his rookie season, was driving through the competition with 310 total points earned, holding a two round lead over Katie Day and Justin Harmon. However, on the NHRA Jr Dragster Challenge weekend Dallas Hill took the points event win over Adam Lint to put him in prime striking distance of the lead. At the event the next day Hill scored his second straight win, this time over Clay Sachse. Dallas was now in a tie with Carson for first, with a battle for third brewing as Chad Tallan, Katie Day, and Justin Harmon were all within one round of each other. At the July 29th event, Boyd Eickmann, now your NHRA Western Conference Finals Champion took the win over Katie Day. Heading into the final event, Wheeler was still in a tie for first with Hill, with Wheeler holding the tie breaker based on more round wins. Hill ran first…and lost the round! Sealing the championship for Wheeler, who followed suit by going out first round, and opened the victory for Taylor Toftemark over Anthony Friesen, shooting her up into 3rd place. Wheeler also scored the Rookie of the Year award at the Woodburn Dragstrip Awards Banquet, an award voted by his fellow racers.
Following are the top three point’s earners, listed by name, point’s total, and round wins.

1. Carson Wheeler, 540 Points, 19 Round Wins
2. Dallas Hill, 540 Points, 18 Round Wins
3. Taylor Toftemark, 440 Points, 15 Round Wins

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