Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Import Face Off Draws Large Crowd

Import Face Off brought the best of the Imports to Woodburn Dragstrip on Sunday, May 27, 2012 for a drag race, car show, and stereo sound off. To say it was an impressive day would be an understatement. A steady stream of participants and spectators filled the entry road, pits and show area. Two rounds of qualifying preceded the eliminations in the heads-up classes. Tim Robards Supra blew away the Outlaw field with runs in the 8.0’s. Reid Lunde took the win over Jereme Lennig with a stout 8.475 in Forced Induction Pro. Cole Marmon, Joel Sipes, Brandon Finch, and John Davidson were the champions in the other heads up classes, while Jorge Zambrano took the win in the bracket class.

Meanwhile, eight junior racers gathered for the first Woodburn Dragstrip 330’ Shootout. Qualifying on a .5 pro tree was led by Shannon O’Leary with a 4.491. Shannon improved on that run with a 4.476 during first round of eliminations. Two winners for the day were Megan Molinari and Stephanie Biancalana.

Following are the Import Face Off final results for each class listing the driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour and dial in (bracket class only).

W: Tim Robards, Vancouver, WA (’94 Supra) .123, 8.064, 174.14.
R/U: Trevor Holland, Spokane, WA (’92 Talon) – foul.
Semi’s: Jeff Bush, Vancouver, WA

W: Reid Lunde, Kennewick, WA (’96 Civic) .258, 8.475, 176.78.
R/U: Jereme Lennig, Salem, OR (’91 Civic) .095, 10.421, 138.35.
Semi’s: Thomas Strom, Vancouver, WA

W: Cole Marmon, Enumclaw, WA (’99 Civic) 1.493, 9.433, 159.23.
R/U: Zol Nor, Olympia, WA (’97 Civic) – broke.
Semi’s: Chris McClure, Olympia, WA; Daon Nguyuan, Seattle, WA

W: Joel Sipes, Fircrest, WA (’93 Civic) .132, 10.564, 127.98.
R/U: Stefan Barbu, Auburn, WA (’95 Civic) .250, 12.208, 87.73.

W: Brandon Finch, Happy Valley, OR (’96 Supra) .467, 10.009, 133.53.
R/U: Matt Kincaid, Portland, OR (’02 Suburu) .182, 11.401, 98.45.
Semi’s: Scott Coman, Seattle, WA; Chris Cashen, Newport, OR.

W: John Davidson, Coos Bay, OR (’66 VW) .330. 12.330, 107.88.
R/U: Lisandro Reyes, (’95 Civic) .356, 13.412, 102.04.
Semi’s: Leng Xiong, Vancouver, WA; Bud Kuhns, Roseburg, OR

W: Jorge Zambrano, Vancouver, WA (’93 CX) .069, 12.832, 101.10 (12.70 dial).
R/U: Chris Langford, Roseburg, OR (’92 Civic) .028, 13.680, 101.87 (12.50 dial).
Semi’s: Erich Uhlman, Portland, OR

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