Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Hot Rod II Champion – Bob Comeau

Hot Rod II is a class for the golden age of drag racing, featuring cars that were born in 1959 or older and run slower than a 12.00 elapsed time in the quarter-mile. And, for a series that featured back and forth dramatic action throughout the season, the final race made it all look like a cake walk.
The series’ opening event on April 21st showcased Bob Comeau taking the win over Rick Olson. Then, on May 5th, June 24th, and July 7th, Rick Olson scored back-to-back-to-back victories, over Del Selcher, Bob Comeau and Lyle Scott respectively. At this point in the season, Olson held a commanding lead over Comeau, 310 to 230, with Lyle Scott in third with 180. But, of course, a lead such as that wouldn’t be nearly as exciting, as the next event proved featuring Bob Comeau winning ‘the big one’ over Fred Hostler after Olson was eliminated in the first round, resulting in a 60 point swing. The difference was now a slim 20 points between Comeau and Olson, with the final event on September 29th putting everyone on the edge of their seats. After a broken car put Bob Comeau in the seat of son Paul Comeau’s Ol’ Gold’ racing machine, and some emergency speed corrections, Bob went on to win the event and seize the championship away from Rick Olson. All told, the top two point’s earners dominated the series, with Comeau and Olson accounting for all 6 wins, and 8 of 12 possible final round cars. It was a great matchup through the year, with a finale for the ages.
Following are the top three points earners, listed in order of drivers name, total points, and round wins. Complete coverage can be found in the Points section on our website.

1. Bob Comeau, 390 Points, 18 Round Wins
2. Rick Olson, 370 Points, 16 Round Wins
3. Lyle Scott, 270 Points, 9 Round Wins

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