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Hilton Repeats In Super Pro At Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series On April 29th

Devon Hilton took his second consecutive victory in Super Pro while Gary Fetters celebrated his birthday with a win in Pro. Meanwhile, Derrick Jackson emerged from his minor slump to take his first 2012 win in Sportsman. In their first event of the 2012 series, Kenny McGarry took the win in the Canby Transmission High School series, William Breese was victorious in the Les Schwab Tire Centers sponsored Sport Compact Pro and Bryan Santino beat all others in Sport Compact Sportsman. Furthermore, in the final category at Woodburn Dragstrip on April 29, 2012, David Pracht raced his ’70 Skylark to victory in Run Tuff.

Three racers displayed their racing skills in the A-1 Performance Transmissions and Converters “Package for the Points” competition. Vicki Shepherd leads all racers for the 2012 Hoosier Tires Northwest award with her fantastic .006 package earned April 15th. Winners from April 29th along with their package and product awarded are:
Super Pro – Vicki Shepherd .012 (Pico Wiring Accessories)
Pro – Hollis Runge .019 (Abby’s Pizza-Woodburn)
Sportsman – Robert Glafka .035 (Lucas Oil Products)

Some great race action was displayed in the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series. In Super Pro, Devon Hilton faced Dennis Weddle in the finals and emerged victorious by .011. Jeremy McGhee brought out his “new” 2002 Chevy pickup for testing but decided to race it and made it to the semi-finals where the red light bit him. Gary Fetters dialed 10.27 and ran 10.271 in his victory over Dave Wilson in the finals of Pro. Wilson had defeated Eli Taghon in the previous round. The finals in Sportsman was one of those classic battles with Derrick Jackson lined up opposite of Gene Bergstrom. Jackson’s dial-in gave him a .55 starting line advantage but Bergstrom’s -.04 red light sealed his own fate. Tony Littleton and Michael McFadden scored semi-final finishes in Sportsman.

The Philomath High School Race Team scored another victory as Kenny McGarry downed Travis Hilton at the first event for 2012. Quite likely, these two racers will meet again in future events. Competition in Canby Transmission High School class should prove to be very exciting as several racers with Jr. Drag racing experience have moved into this class. In Sport Compact Pro, William Breese took the first event win in 2012. Breese was the Les Schwab Tire Center series runner-up in 2011 and is sure to be a contender in 2012. Ken Schaffer took runner-up honors to Breese at this event. Tim Schmidt’s mighty VW Bug was the lone semi-finalist. Bryan Santino raced in three classes at this event. His Supra took top honors in Sport Compact Sportsman defeating the Honda Civic of Kyle Hall in the finals. Matt Gerharter and Zack Colton were semi-finalists.

David Pracht took home the winners share of the money in Run Tuff as he downed Jeff Marchi in the finals. Kevin Fletcher and Jacque Roberts picked up semi-final honors.

Following is the final results with the driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour, and dial in.

W: Devon Hilton, Vancouver, WA (’38 Chev) .036, 8.173, 157.70 (8.16 dial).
R/U: Dennis Weddle, Salem, OR (’08 Undercover) .017, 8.353, 169.39 (8.31 dial).
Semi’s: Jeremy McGhee, Vancouver, WA

W: Gary Fetters, Salem, OR (’55 Chev) .084, 10.271, 127.55 (10.27 dial).
R/U: Dave Wilson, Vancouver, WA (’65 Chevelle) .066, 11.889, 111.22 (11.86 dial).
Semi’s: Eli Taghon, Oregon City, OR

W: Derrick Jackson, McMinnville, OR (’67 Dodge A100) .014, 12.594, 103.60 (12.61 dial).
R/U: Gene Bergstrom, Wilsonville, OR (’80 Luv Pickup) – foul.
Semi’s: Tony Littleton, Salem, OR; Michael McFadden, Gladstone, OR

W: Kenny McGarry, Philomath, OR (’73 Nova) .075, 11.396, 117.23 (11.34 dial).
R/U: Travis Hilton, Vancouver, WA (’85 Blazer) .109, 13.390, 98.57 (13.40 dial).
Semi’s: Garrett Seeberger, McMinnville, OR

W: William Breese, Hillsboro, OR (’92 Talon) .010, 10.417, 127.78 (10.41 dial).
R/U: Ken Schaffer, Portland, OR (’09 Nissan) – foul.
Semi’s: Tim Schmidt, Portland, OR

W: Bryan Santino, Woodburn, OR (’86 Supra) .108, 17.605, 46.51 (16.45 dial).
R/U: Kyle Hall, Roseburg, OR (’98 Civic) .334, 16.093, 84.03 (14.55 dial).
Semi’s: Matt Gerharter, Roseburg, OR; Zack Colton, Albany, OR

W: David Pracht, Hillsboro, OR (’70 Skylark) .019, 10.113, 132.70 (10.06 dial).
R/U: Jeff Marchi, Estacada, OR (’67 Plymouth) .076, 10.741, 122.05 (10.75 dial).
Semi’s: Kevin Fletcher, Beaverton, OR; Jacquelyn Roberts, Monmouth, OR

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