Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

High School Champion – Travis Hilton

The High School Series, sponsored by Canby Transmissions, is a series that allows high school aged competitors to battle it out in a five-race series for the season championship. To be eligible, drivers must have a state driver’s license, and have attended high school in the calendar year of which they compete.

The competition for the 2011 Championship was close, with the decision coming down to the final race, where Charlie Stouder, part of the Philomath racing team, downed Travis Hilton, representing Skyview High School, to win the championship. That was Hilton’s second year in a row finishing second.

In the 2012 points battle, the series started off on April 29th with replacement Philomath driver Kenny McGarry taking the win over Hilton. The second event, on May 12th, featured Garrett Seeberger scoring the victory over Chevy Lee Olson. At this point McGarry was in the lead with 130 points, Seeberger in 2nd with 130, and Hilton in 3rd with 100. Hilton then took the field by storm, winning the next two races in dominating fashion (qualifying number one at both) while downing Luke Hammond on June 17th and McGarry on July 8th. Now, with one race left, Hilton had taken the lead with 250, McGarry in second with 230, and Seeberger in 3rd with 170. With the championship going to either McGarry or Hilton, it was fitting for them to face off in the first round. And the victory to…Hilton! Travis Hilton then went on to win the season ending August 18th event, and score the championship.

Following are the top three standings, in order of name, total points, and total round wins.
1. Travis Hilton, 320 Points, 14 Round Wins
2. Kenny McGarry, 260 Points, 10 Round Wins
3. Chevy Lee Olson, 200 Points, 5 Round Wins

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