Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

GM Showdown & Jr Drag Racing Series Results

The 14th Annual Buy.Sell.Ride GM Showdown at Woodburn Dragstrip on June 16, 2012 was held in conjunction with the Woodburn Dragstrip Jr Dragster Series, a swap meet and a car show with assistance from the GTO Club of Oregon. In addition, drag race competition was held in the Car Club Challenge series, with “The Gladiators” taking top honors. Team members Cliff Mansfield, Chris Ross, Spencer David, John O’Donnell, and Jim Barham earned a total of 6 round wins to defeat the team known as the “Chariots”.

Car show award winners and runners up for each class were:

• Pontiac 1st Place – Jack & Sue Farrand – 1967 Pontiac GTO
2nd Place – Rick Nichols – 1966 Pontiac Catalina
• Chevrolet 1st Place – Mark Bryant – 1956 Chevy 150
2nd Place – Lynn Peterson – 2009 Chevy HHR
• Best Interior – Dave Bryant – 1969 Pontiac GTO
• Best Paint – John & Spencer Brewer – 1968 Pontiac GTO
• Best Engine – Rod & Terri Nichols – 1967 Pontiac GTO
• Best of Show – Frank Wildgrube – 1964 Pontiac GTO

In Jr Drag Racing action, the top qualifiers in the three Junior Classes were:
– Jr. Fast: Dustin Day .008
– Jr. Lightning: Taylor Toftemark .004
– Jr. Thunder: Kyler Pitts .049

Jessie Skerjanec took the Jr. Fast win over Cheyanne Helvey running 7.92 on her 7.90 dial. Emily Mix earned a semi-final finish. In Jr. Lightning, Katie Day’s better reaction time earned the victory over Chad Tallan. Austin Varner and Taylor Toftemark were semi-finalists. In Jr. Thunder, Kyler Pitts was victorious over Trevin Walberg while Dylan Hough and Nicholas Karr were just one round away from the finals.

In GM Showdown competition, Robert Glembocki defeated Phil Johnson in Super Pro, while Pat James, in his “Break the Chains” S-10 defeated a red lighting Hollis Runge in Pro Bracket and John Nelson defeated Jolene Woodward in Sportsman. Complete final results for each class is listed here with the driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour, and dial in.

W: Robert Glembocki, Bend, OR (’67 Nova) .034, 9.833, 125.20 (9.71 dial).
R/U: Phil Johnson, Winlock, WA (’68 Camaro) .276, 8.900, 155.19 (8.77 dial).
Semi’s: Gary Wargnier, Keizer, OR

W: Pat James, Boring, OR (’84 Chevy S-10) .212, 10.633, 125.08 (10.50 dial).
R/U: Hollis Runge, Dallas, OR (’74 Nova) – foul.
Semi’s: Michael Taylor, Turner, OR

W: John Nelson, Vancouver, WA (’72 Nova) .029, 12.061, 105.83 (12.00 dial).
R/U: Jolene Woodward, Lyons, OR (’72 Chevy) .056, 12.836, 103.19 (12.80 dial).
Semi’s: Garry Heinrich, Boring, OR

W: Cliff Mansfield, Odell, OR (’73 Ford F100) .048, 9.608, 136.96 (9.60 dial).
R/U: Jim Barham, Beavercreek, OR (’64 Tempest) .058, 11.634, 116.50 (11.65 dial).
Semi’s: Chris Ross, Ridgefield, WA

W: Jessie Skerjanec, Estacada, OR (Jr Dragster) .091, 7.924, 79.05 (7.90 dial).
R/U: Cheyanne Helvey, Milwaukie, OR (’09 Eickmann) .143, 9.640, 68.56 (9.45 dial).
Semi’s: Emily Mix, Aumsville, OR

W: Katie Day, Estacada, OR (Jr Dragster) .049, 11.405, 54.85 (11.32 dial).
R/U: Chad Tallan, Molalla, OR (Jr Dragster) .276, 9.140, 71.07 (9.10 dial).
Semi’s: Austin Varner, Astoria, OR; Taylor Toftemark, Castle Rock, OR

W: Kyler Pitts, Lebanon, OR (Jr Dragster) .166, 9.122, 70.30 (9.05 dial).
R/U: Trevin Walberg, Junction City, OR (’04 Fluge) .071, 14.379, 44.64 (14.14 dial).
Semi’s: Dylan Hough, Junction City, OR; Nicholas Karr, Salem, OR

W: Austin “AJ” Harmon, Bay City, OR (’06 Eickmann) .075, 8.012, 83.46 (7.98 dial).
R/U: Kacee Pitts, Lebanon, OR (Jr Dragster) – foul.
Semi’s: Miranda Floyd, Gresham, OR

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