Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Fastest On Race Day Shine Under Blue Skies

“Blue Ovals” overtook Woodburn Dragstrip August 19th, as the 15th Annual Ford Fever Classic, presented by Hillyer’s Mid City Ford, was run under blue skies. In conjunction with the excellent drag racing held, a car show with many spectacular machines was on display, as well as a swap meet with many different parts and pieces for your Ford desire. In the Super Pro racing category, Bill Heard was able to emerge victorious over Mike Miller despite having a slower reaction time. By a minuscule .0019, Sven Bentdahl took the Pro victory over the veteran Pat Figini. Rick Edwards red lit away a chance for a victory in the Sportsman class, handing the victory to Danny Olson. In the Stick shift category it was Mustang vs. Mustang, with Steve Caruth downing Rob Merriman, and in the Run Tuff category Wendy Flett took out Richard Woodford and his sizzling 2013 Cobra.

Complete final results for each class are listed below with the driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour and dial in.

W: Bill Heard, Portland, OR (’80 Pinto) .036, 9.385, 140.60 (9.38 dial).
R/U: Mike Miller, Portland, OR (’71 Pinto) .030, 9.066, 146.36 (9.07 dial).
Semi’s: Brian Overturf, Portland, OR.

W: Sven Bentdahl, Beavercreek, OR, (’70 Mustang) .088, 10.785, 126.92 (10.75 dial).
R/U: Pat Figini, Oregon City, OR, (’69 Mustang) .046, 10.478, 127.85 (10.40 dial).
Semi’s: Bill Beaird, Woodland, WA.

W: Danny Olson, Winlock, WA, (’07 Mustang) .092, 13.404, 101.83 (13.44 dial).
R/U: Rick Edwards, Vancouver, WA, (’64 Fairlane) -.280, foul.
Semi’s: Dan Jones, Hubbard, OR.

W: Steve Caruth, Keizer, OR, (’92 Mustang) .064, 13.700, 99.05 (13.78 dial).
R/U: Rob Merriman, Pendleton, OR, (’68 Mustang) .018, 11.898, 109.60 (11.98 dial).
Semi’s: John Flett, Tillamook, OR; Pat Armstrong, Beaverton, OR.

W: Wendy Flett, Tillamook, OR, (’00 LS) .123, 15.498, 88.54 (15.59 dial).
R/U: Richard Woodford, Silverton, OR (’13 Mustang) .314, 12.020, 121.04 (12.40 dial).
Semi’s: Cindy Harrison, Tillamook, OR; Cliff Mansfield, Odell, OR.

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