Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Fantastic Finish At The ET Bracket Triple Crown

The third day of the K & N Filters ET Bracket Triple Crown was also a Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series points day for Woodburn racers in addition to the bonus payout in Electronics and Non-Electronics. The winners of the 10 bonus points in the A-1 Performance Transmissions & Converters “Package for the Points” were: Super Pro – Dan Lafferty (.004); Pro – Sherry Wilson (.003); Sportsman – Jeremy Sears (.037).

In Electronics, Kevin Heffington’s stellar .006 reaction time and 7.403 et in the finals earned him the win over Mark Dawson and the $3,000 payout. Sadie Floyd and David Pracht completed their day with a semi-final finish. In Non-Electronics, Chris Stone took the win and the $1,500 payout when Lucky Long turned on the red light. Steve Stuart was the lone semi-finalist.

The 10.5 Outlaw Pro Street racers put on an outstanding show running the eighth-mile distance. Apple Valley, CA racer, Doug Sikora, was the top qualifier with a 4.291 at 177 mph. much to the delight of the fans and racers who had never seen this kind of performance. Eric Halverson met Barry Hobson in the finals after Paja Agatonovic and Jeff Dungey had lost in the semi-finals. Barry took a .007 starting line advantage but was the victim of Eric‘s 4.529 blast at 171 mph. Needless to say, we would love to see more of this.

In the Dragster/Roadster class, 2011 champion Ron Austin earned another victory. He met Ron Wirostek in the finals and used a .023 starting line advantage to earn the victory. Christina Presser earned the semi-final finish.

Casey Ladd defeated Dustin Day in the semi-finals of Jr. Fast but fell victim to Charlie Dietrich in the finals. It was a unique race, with both racers dialed at 7.90. Both racers fouled at the start, but the win went to Charlie, -.005 to Casey’s -.010. In Jr. Lightning, Boyd Eickmann earned the victory in a double break-out finish – Eickmann (.002 break-out) to Katie Day (.020 break-out). In Jr. Thunder, Trevin Walberg got his first win of the season, defeating Maria Marroquin in the finals. Trevin would like to thank Jerry Ehlers with Snap-On Tools of Eugene for his assistance and support this season. Walberg ran 10.131 for the win.

In the Northwest Heads-Up classes, it was Derek Losey over Framm Acosta in the Double Index class, Rick Conley, Sr. over Trevor Frye in the Real Street class, Glenn Losey over Randy Varnell in the Modified Street class, and John Carper over Chris Kittleson in the Hot Street class.

Listed here are the final results for each class giving driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour, and dial-in.

W: Kevin Heffington, Moxee, WA (’09 Mullis) .006, 7.403, 178.46 (7.38 dial).
R/U: Mark Dawson, Sutherlin, OR (’27 Roadster) .026, 8.836, 145.44 (8.83 dial).
Semi’s: Sadie Floyd, Happy Valley, OR; David Pracht, Hillsboro, OR

W: Chris Stone, Mission, BC (’68 Dart) .061, 10.316, 127.75 (10.32 dial).
R/U: Lucky Long, Molalla, OR (’72 Demon) – foul.
Semi’s: Steve Stuart, Estacada, OR

W: Eric Halverson, Kelso, WA (’70 Camaro) .045, 4.529, 171.23.
R/U: Barry Hobson, Seattle. OR (’06 GrandAm) .038, 4.570, 154.82.
Semi’s: Paja Agatonovic, Beaverton, OR; Jeff Dungey, Grayland, WA

W: Ron Austin, Medford, OR (’48 Fiat) .006, 8.819, 139.34 (8.79 dial).
R/U: Ron Wirostek, Brush Prairie, WA (’23 Ford T) .029, 10.018, 133.92 (9.98 dial).
Semi’s: Christina Presser, Salem, OR

W: Charlie Dietrich, Battle Ground, WA (’07 Motivational) -.005, 7.947, 82.57 (7.90 dial).
R/U: Casey Ladd, Welches, OR (’09 Halfscale) -.010, (7.90 dial) – foul.
Semi’s: Dustin Day, Estacada. OR

W: Boyd Eickmann, Turner, OR (’09 Eickmann) .075, 8.168, 79.15 (8.17 dial).
R/U: Katie Day, Estacada, OR (Jr. Dragster) .094, 11.430, 54.73 (11.45 dial).
Semi’s: Justin Harmon, Bay City, OR; Jerold Mix, Aumsville, OR

W: Trevin Walberg, Junction City, OR (’04 Fluge) .129, 10.131, 62.38 (10.07 dial).
R/U: Maria Marroquin, Wood Village, OR (’99 Dragster) .197, 9.862, 66.85 (9.80 dial).
Semi’s: Tommy Tallan, Molalla, OR

DOUBLE INDEX 8.60 & 9.60
W: Derek Losey, Tacoma, WA, (Camaro) .048, 8.613, 146.05
R/U: Framm Acosta, Portland, OR, (’68 Camaro) .196, 9.102, 148.93

W: Rick Conley, Sr. Shelton, WA (’70 Nova) .081, 12.115, 104.84
R/U: Trevor Frye.

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