Woodburn Dragstrip
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Woodburn, Oregon

Fall Jr Drag Racing Series Thunder Champion – Haley Skerjanec

2012 marked the beginning of the Jr. Fall Series, and it produced some excellent competition in all of the Jr classes. In Jr. Thunder, Haley Skerjanec came back from her hiatus to score the championship in the Inaugural series. Skerjanec won the first event of the series, and with that held the lead for the remainder in a wire-to-wire victory.

At the first event on September 22nd, Haley was able to hold off Josh Schmanke, last year’s Division 6 Jr. Driver of the year, in the final. The following weekend on September 29th, Connor Rice, in his first year of racing, was able to take out the Division 6 Champ Kyler Pitts in the final round. At this point, Haley’s points total was 120, with Josh Schmanke and Connor Rice nipping at her heals with 110 each, respectively. At the penultimate event, Haley again showed why she would eventually end up with the points lead with a dominating day at the races, taking out Josh McMyne in the final round.
These events set the stage for the final event, on October 14th. Haley’s points total was 200, Schmanke’s at 160, and Connor Rice at 150 points. Because there were only 7 cars at the final event compared to the other events, there was one less round of competition, mathematically eliminated Rice from the championship. However, Schmanke could take the season title if Haley Skerjanec was to lose first round and he won the race. And as luck would have it, Skerjanec and Schmanke matched up in the first round. Josh showed why last year he was the Division 6 Racer of the Year, uncorking a .002 to take out the point’s leader! The next two rounds would be crucial, but unfortunately for Josh a -.012 red light in the semi’s ended his day, giving the championship to Haley Skerjanec, the second of her career (2010, 8-9 Year Old). Congratulations go out to all competitors, as the final points standings read:

1. Haley Skerjanec, 9 round wins, 230 Points
2. Josh Schmanke, 8 round wins, 200 Points
3. Josh McMyne, 6 round wins, 180 Points

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