Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Fall ET Drag Racing Series Trans Brake Champion – Dave Nassimbene

Consistency is something that every drag racer wishes they had. Winning races and going rounds are great, but in terms of winning a championship, consistent rounds are better than winning one in a hundred. For Dave Nassimbene, consistency was the name of the game in securing his first championship in the Fall Trans Brake series. With only one first round loss and one event win, Nassimbene took a 70 point victory over second place Steve Stuart.

In the opening event, Tracy Short took the win over Steve Stuart for the early lead. At the next event, Robert Steffen took the win over Fred Nicholas. At this point Nassimbene was sittin’ pretty in 2nd place, behind first event winner Tracy Short. The third event was a perfect storm for Dave. After an exit in the 2nd round, and with other competitors either not showing up or also going out early, he emerged with the points lead despite Darrell Heard winning the jacket over Richard Potter. Despite the forecast and questionable weather, ‘Crazy Dave’ made the drive to Woodburn Dragstrip and claimed the victory, sealing his championship.

Following are the final point’s standings for the top three points earners, in terms of driver name, round wins, and total points.

1. Dave Nassimbene, 4 Round Wins, 170 Points
2. Steve Stuart, 4 Round Wins, 100 Points
3. Tracy Short, 5 Round Wins, 90 Points

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