Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Fall ET Drag Racing Series Foot Brake Champion – Jerry Weber

Jerry Weber started off the championship run with a bang at the opening event. He took his Chevrolet Pickup six rounds at the Fall Classic to score the win, and never looked back. Curt Landis was a consistent competitor to try and beat Weber for the crown, but the latter was uncatchable with two wins and a semi-final finish.

In the first race of the series Weber took the win over Frank Petit by running a 14.50 on his 14.49 dial in. In the second race, Curt Landis took the win over Jeff Marchi on a holeshot. To this point, Landis was a slim two rounds behind Weber, a margin that would continue through the third race as both Weber and Landis find early loses in the 2nd round, allowing for George Burns Sr. to take the win at the jacket race over Chris Williams. The final race was then set: Weber had 200 points to Landis’ 180. Upon getting his 30 show up points, Weber eliminated everyone else from catching him, and then ‘took ‘er out the back door!’ by winning the final race over Susan Lamkin to solidify the championship victory.

Following are the top three point’s earners from the series, in order of Driver name, total points, and round wins.

1. Jerry Weber, 280 Points, 14 Round Wins
2. Curt Landis, 210 Points, 8 Round Wins
3. Jim Lamkin, 190 Points, 6 Round Wins

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