Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Fabulous Turnout @ 7th Annual Pacific Waterland Event

It was a crisp Fall day Sunday the 23rd of September as the 7th Annual Pacific Waterland event sponsored by Double J Motorwerks brought out a mass amount of Volkswagen, TDI and Audi race, show and swap meet participants. Jacob Zimmerman and Beau Hopper took individual victories in the Pro and Sportsman racing categories. Aside from racing, there were many different crowd pleasing activities, including a Vanagon 60-Foot push race, Vanagon Cram (in which the record was RESET TO 59! Yeehaw!), Engine Blow-up, Car Smash, and Burn-Out Contest.

In The Vanagan 60-Foot Race, team ‘Halsey’ took the Victory pushing to a track record 6.292. Also, a record 59 people were pushed, shoved, crammed, and sardine’d into a Vanagon, and, after having all the doors closed to ensure proper record rules, they unloaded with glee! The Engine Blow lasted for 12 grueling and heart-wrenching minutes, with times where the motor was sure to go before rising back to life, and finally detonating the number 2 cylinder. Before putting this Toyota to rest, spectators and racers alike were given the opportunity to beat the car with a sledgehammer, upon which…many did. Finally in the most anticipated event of the weekend, the Burn Out contest, Ricky “the Racer” Elverud did what he did best and let out 45 seconds of lung-clogging tire smoke to the cheers of the crowd.

Results of the Pro and Sportsman categories are listed below, in order of Driver name, hometown, make/model of vehicle, reaction time, elapsed time, mph, and dial in.

W: James Zimmerman, Federal Way WA (’69 Beetle) [.100] 12.882, 101.19 (12.68 dial).
R/U: Ricky Elverud, Aloha OR (’55 Bug) [.164] 13.442, 98.52 (13.30 dial).
Semi’s: Bernd Arndt, Tigard OR; Tony Schwab, Olalla, WA.

W: Beau Hopper, Lafayette, OR (’86 Golf) [.283] 14.159, 97.01 (14.20 dial).
R/U: Mike Morrow, Lincoln City OR (’12 GTI) – foul.
Semi’s: James McTarish, Portland OR.

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