Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Battle Of Detroit-Super Shifter-Sport Compact Challenge Winners

The Battle of Detroit was decided by the last two pair of cars left in competition. With General Motors holding a 2 point lead over Chrysler Corporation Jerry Durant, Jr. and Eric Clardy would both need to win for the score to be tied. Durant faced Larry Canfield in the finals of Sportsman. When Canfield went red by -.003, Durant took the win and the score was 10-9 with General Motors leading Chrysler Corporation with one more pair to run. John Baker faced Eric Clardy in the finals of Pro. Eric had the better reaction time but took just a little too much stripe, breaking out as a result. Baker’s win gave the 2012 Battle of Detroit championship to General Motors with the final score being 11-9.

The 2012 Super Shifter Series Dick Arnold saved his best reaction time for the finals against Steve Erickson. Dick cut down the tree with a .009 reaction time to take the win in his ’67 Camaro. John Masterman still has an insurmountable lead in the series points with one event remaining.

Sport Compact racers battled for the win and the points in the 5th event of the series. In Sport Compact Sportsman, Hoppy Hopkins took the win over Cristina Presser’s red light start. Presser holds a 30 point lead over Hopkins with one event remaining. In Sport Compact Pro, Jesse Tait took the win over Bud Kuhns running 12.706 on his 12.70 dial. Kuhns moved up to 2nd place in the series point standings. William Breese holds a 6-round lead with one remaining event. Run Tuff competition found Alik Osheim’s hard running Dodge van taking the win over Hoppy Hopkins.

Final results are listed giving the driver’s name, city, car, reaction time, elapsed time, miles per hour, and dial in.

W: Debbie Dawson, Sutherlin, OR (’76 Vega) .293, 10.541, 113.83 (9.88 dial).
R/U: Mark Dawson, Sutherlin, OR (’27 Ford) – foul. (way early)

W: John Baker, The Dalles. OR (’75 Vega) .148, 11.744, 113.00 (11.77 dial).
R/U: Eric Clardy, Ilwaco, WA (’72 Dart) .118, 12.431, 106.81 (12.46 dial).

W: Jerry Durant, Jr., Oregon City, OR (’05 Dodge) .017, 14.452, 92.65 (14.44 dial).
R/U: Larry Canfield, Portland, OR (’63 Chev) -.003 foul.

W: Dick Arnold, Washougal, WA (’67 Camaro) .009, 10.957, 122.49 (10.75 dial).
R/U: Steve Erickson, Scappoose, OR (’07 Shelby GT 500) .030, 10.937, 128.55 (10.73 dial).

W: Jesse Tait, Sutherlin, OR (’08 BMW 3351) .033, 12.706, 103.93 (12.70 dial).
R/U: Bud Kuhns, Roseburg, OR (’89 CRX) .166, 12.778, 102.06 (12.70 dial).

W: Hoppy Hopkins (’93 Honda) .097, 17.919, 77.23 (17.95 dial).
R/U: Christina Presser (’93 Taurus) -.125 foul.

W: Alik Osheim, Beaverton, OR (’72 Dodge) .135, 13.629, 94.81 (13.45 dial).
R/U: Hoppy Hopkins, Beavercreek, OR (’93 Honda) -.037 foul.

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