Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Travis Hilton Earns Third Title

Junior Fast is exactly as the name implies is the quickest and the fastest of the Junior Dragster classes. The truth is that a junior dragster which runs 7.90 in the eighth-mile would compare to a 12.35 quarter-mile ET which is quicker than many Sportsman and Sport Compact racers. Because the class at Woodburn Dragstrip is targeted for 15-17 year old racers, some drivers with a valid driver’s license also compete with other race cars in other classes of competition. Such is the case for the 2011 Woodburn Dragstrip Junior Fast Series Champion, Travis Hilton. You will read more about that in the recap of High School and Super Pro classes.

Travis began the 2011 Junior Fast Series with victories at the first two events. On April 2nd, he defeated Emily Mix and on the 9th, Spencer David (2010 Jr. Fast Champion) was the runner-up. Emily Mix appeared in her 2nd final with the same result when she was defeated by Jeffrey Taylor on April 30th. Molly Doherty earned the victory over Taylor Nielson on May 14th. Hilton picked up his third event win of the five events on May 28th when he met Nicole Fluge in the finals. Jeffrey Taylor and David Spencer appeared in their second finals of the series on June 4th with similar results as their previous appearance – Taylor had the win and David was runner-up. Halfway through the season, Hilton held a 50 point lead over Emily Mix.

Charlie Dietrich took the win over Jordon Stewart on July 2nd. Dietrich made the finals the following day and was runner-up to Taylor Nielson. Jeffrey Taylor earned victory number three on July 23rd when he defeated Kiefer Eickmann. Kiefer maintained his winning ways the following week with a victory over Taylor Nielson. At the end of July, Hilton’s lead over Jeffrey Taylor was down to 16 points. The final three events would be critical.

Travis responded with his fourth victory on August 20th which would make it difficult for anyone to catch him. Emily Mix was runner-up for the third time this season at that event. On September 11th, Spencer David took the win over Tucker Tooke-Terry and Casey Ladd met and defeated Rochelle Robnett at the final event. The 2011 Woodburn Dragstrip Junior Fast Series Championship is Hilton’s second in this class and third overall as he had won the Junior Lightning Championship in 2006. Congratulations are extended to him for his great season and to Jeffrey Taylor, Taylor Nielson, Emily Mix and Spencer David who finished second through fifth, respectively.

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