Woodburn Dragstrip
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Woodburn, Oregon

Nostalgia Hot Rod Series, Stick Shift Championship to Dick Arnold

Stick Shift is one of the seven classes of the Nostalgia Hot Rod Series that was new for 2011. It should not be confused with the Super Shifter Series, although many of the drivers compete in both classes. The Nostalgia Hot Rod Series is restricted to 1975 and older manufactured race cars, where the Super Shifter Series is open to all years, makes, and models including current muscle cars equipped with standard transmissions.

Dick Arnold competed in both classes in 2011. He did very well in each series, to say the least. In fact, going into the final event, Dick was tied for first in both series. Driving his beautiful red 427 cubic inch 1967 Camaro, Dick led the way over 26 fellow racers and finished the season as the 2011 Woodburn Dragstrip Nostalgia Hot Rod Series Stick Shift Champion.

The first event was dominated by Zac Sommers who defeated all with his ’50 Ford. The Oldies But Goodies was the second event in the series. Arnold took the victory over John Selman at that event with Dean Tabert and Bill Brown as semi-finalists. Dick Arnold finished runner-up to Bob Johnson on July 7th with Randy Ashley and Paul Carbaugh as semi-finalists. Jeff Haag drove his ’65 Dart to victory over Bob Johnson’s ’65 Fairlane at the Hot Rod Nationals and the stage is set for the final event. Due to a schedule conflict, it was necessary to combine the Stick Shift class with the Super Shifter class with drivers being awarded points in their respective class at this event. Sometimes a conflict will not permit a racer to attend an event. Such was the case with Bob Johnson and Zac Sommers who finished second and third, respectively in this inaugural season for this Stick Shift Series. Dick Arnold secured 30 points at the final event which vaulted him into the championship.

Incidentally, when you get the opportunity to speak with Dick, ask him about the Super Shifter race where he made it to the finals with only first and second gears in his transmission. Congratulations to Dick for a great year in 2011. We anticipate similar intense competition in 2012.

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