Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Charles Stouder – 2011 Canby Transmission High School Champion

The 2011 Canby Transmission High School Drag Race Series is one to be remembered. Because one of the scheduled 5 events fell victim to the rain, only four events remained. Three different racers picked up the victory in those four events, which means that one racer was a double winner. That racer would go on to become the 2011 Champion.

Philomath racer, Charles Stouder took the win at the first event by defeating Astoria racer, Samuel Burnett on April 23rd. Travis Hilton and Amanda Presser were semi-finalists at this event. The only victor at the May 15th event was Mother Nature as all racing was cancelled due to inclement weather. The third event on June 19th was special to Shawn Mayhew. The racer, who doubles as a State weight-lifting champion from Aloha, OR, met and defeated Travis Hilton in the finals. Nicholas Rose was the semi-finalist. At this point in the series, Stouder, Hilton, and Mayhew were locked in a three-way tie for first place.

Charles Stouder and Travis Hilton were up to the challenge. They met in the finals of event number 4 on July 23rd. Stouder emerged victorious and moved into the final event with a 20-point lead over Hilton. John McGrath was the semi-finalist at this event. In order to earn the championship, Hilton would need to either win the event or go at least 2 more rounds than Stouder at the final event.

The final event was won by Andrew Kirby over Rochelle Pappel. When Rochelle defeated Hilton in the first round, Travis’ chances for the championship disappeared. Stouder won the first round but fell victim to Kirby in the semi’s while Pappel defeated Mayhew. None-the-less, Stouder’s points lead extended to 30 points over Hilton for the championship. Hilton was second, with Mayhew finishing third. Samuel Burnett, Nicholas Rose, and John McGrath finished fourth through sixth, respectively.

A total of 17 racers competed in the 2011 High School Series. Congratulations to the 2011 Canby Transmission High School Champion, Charles Stouder. As champion, Stouder received a $500 voucher from Canby Transmission.

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