Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Malarkey Super Quick Series to be run at the 44th Annual Baxter Auto Parts Season Opener – May 20 & 21


Class is for full bodied vehicles, dragsters, altereds, street roadsters, or funny car-type vehicles only. This will be an ALL RUN qualified field. Qualifying based on the NHRA sportsman ladder from quickest to slowest; faster MPH will be used to break ties. Handicapped start system utilizing a .5-second full tree with open top bulb and/or Crosstalk. Competitors may dial quicker than qualified time; may only dial a maximum of .20-second slower than their qualified time, but never slower than 8.20 (5.30 1/8).

Requirements for Super Quick Series are the same as those for E.T. or Advanced E.T. for those quicker than 7.50 (4.50 – 1/8mi) vehicles.


STAGING: Courtesy staging required.

QUALIFYING: To constitute an official qualifying attempt, all vehicles must stage under their own power. Qualifying will be based on E.T. (quickest to slowest), and competitors will be laddered using the NHRA Sportsman ladder. MPH will be used to break any ties. All cars will be laddered prior to first round of eliminations.

DIAL-INS: All vehicles must have an appropriate area designated to post a dial-in on the vehicle. Dial-ins must be legible from the tower. A contestant’s dial-in may not be changed once vehicle begins forward motion while leaving the head of staging. Once contestant has pre-staged, said contestant has accepted the dial-in posted on the scoreboard. If the dial-in is incorrect, do not pre-stage; No reruns will be afforded in this situation.

LANE CHOICE: Lane choice will be awarded to the higher qualified/quicker car during eliminations.

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