Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Shawn Cowie – July 2013 Racer of the Month

Despite what some may say, racing is not as easy as ‘cut a light, and run the number’.  There are obstacles to every run, every preparation, and even getting to the racetrack.  To be a successful drag racer, one must be prepared for any of these obstacles, so as to be able to properly adjust and stay to their game plan.

Of course, some obstacles are larger than others.  In one case it may be a broken motor, which keeps a racer off the ¼ mile for a few weeks to get replaced.  Or maybe it is an electrical issue that forces a driver to make many aborted passes down the track trying to find the gremlin.  Of course, there is also the possibility of a near-fatal motorcycle accident that was at multiple points certain to permanently ruin ones racing career.  However, some don’t see it that way.  The story has been told time and time again: Shawn Cowie’s motorcycle accident (from March 2011), and the possibility of never racing again.  However, Cowie fought back, made his first pass since the accident right here at Woodburn Dragstrip, running a 5.45 at 265 mph.  Then, since making a pass wasn’t good enough, he went on to qualify number one and then won the Les Schwab Challenge NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event that same weekend.  Although not in the month of July, August 3rd Cowie then won the Northwest Nationals held at Pacific Raceways, going two-for-two in his return to racing, with the technicality of ‘three in a row’ considering his last race prior to the accident was a national event win in Las Vegas March of 2011.  Racing is all about performing above the obstacles that are presented to you, and by far the 2013 Kershaw Knives July Race of the Month rocketed past his obstacles.


With one event win in one race attended, the 2013 Kershaw Knives July Racer of the Month…Shawn Cowie.

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