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Katie Day – April 2015 Racer of the Month

One of the hardest things about a season long points challenge is consistency. A racer who goes far at a few races will finish second to a racer who consistently goes deep rounds every time. Whenever a racer can go through the first three races of their series and not lose in the first round, […]

Team Woodburn — August 2014 Racer of the Month

When determining who should be the August 2014 Kershaw Knives Racer of the Month, there were many deserving persons. With a variety of events such as the Thunder Truck Drags, Hot Rod Nationals, Ford Fever Classic, Nitro Motorcycle Nationals, as well as the Summit ET Finals, there were many deserving candidates.
However, when a backwards step […]

Dylan Hough — July 2014 Racer of the Month

In July, there were many accomplished racers who drove very well. Jerry Durant Jr scored multiple wins, Kacee Pitts, and Tom Avgerakis to name a few.  But no driver put together the winning record like this one did. This driver was the Run Tuff winner at the Jet Car Nationals/Oregon State Championship. Then, at the […]

Kacee Pitts — June 2014 Racer of the Month

In the month of June, there are many drivers who performed at a high level. In the Jr Dragster category alone, there were two contestants who earned back-to-back wins in the month of June, Alisha Miller and Ramon Vincent respectively.  There were two other racers who both shined as well.  One of those racers, Jerry […]

Julie Adams — May 2014 Racer of the Month

In the month of May, rain plagued many of the races at Woodburn Dragstrip. Despite that, there was still a significant standout in terms of wins and performance. A race that was dominated by great reaction times, an consistent dial-in nailing passes.  Through the rounds and rounds, this young lady continued to show consistent success. […]

Steve Stuart — April 2014 Racer of the Month

In the month of April, there were two events ran for the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series competitors.  In this month, there were two racers who excelled mightily at both races.  One such racer earned a runner-up and semi-final round finish, totaling 140 points, 8 round wins, and a good lead to start the season. […]

Jerry Durant Jr – September/October 2013 Racer of the Month

What does it take to be awarded with the Kershaw Knives September/October Racer of the Month? Oh…not too much.  So long as you are the winner of the 2013 Summit ET Finals Sportsman category (for the second straight year!), winning in the Foot Brake category at the 28th Annual Fall Classic, and a runner-up at […]

Gary Tokos – August 2013 Racer of the Month

A first was decided upon for Racer of the Month in the month of August.  In this month, your Kershaw Knives Racer of the Month went four rounds on Sunday of the Hot Rod Nationals to claim victory in the motorcycle category.  Then,  just two short weekends later, he won not once but TWICE at […]

Shawn Cowie – July 2013 Racer of the Month

Despite what some may say, racing is not as easy as ‘cut a light, and run the number’.  There are obstacles to every run, every preparation, and even getting to the racetrack.  To be a successful drag racer, one must be prepared for any of these obstacles, so as to be able to properly adjust […]

Derrick Jackson – June 2013 Racer of the Month

The June Racer of the Month was a tough one to decide.  Two racers had spectacular months of which to count their points.  One racer was in the Pro Bracket class.  That racer cumulated 15 round wins, two Package for the Points victories, and finished off with a Win, Runner Up, and Semi-Final finish, earning […]