Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Dave Sattem – June Racer of the Month

Sattem Racer of the Month

Woodburn Dragstrip is fortunate to have so many highly qualified racers. With this high level of competition, it is difficult to string together multiple weeks of successful results. To demonstrate how close the competition was for the month of June, here are the stats.
1. The most points scored by any racer in any series was 200.
2. There were two racers who each earned 200 points in the month of June.
3. Each entered the exact same number of events.
4. Each won one event during the month.
5. Each racer won the exact same number of rounds of racing in the events entered.
6. However, the one fact that tips the scale in this racer’s favor is the fact that he scored one “A-1 Performance Transmissions and Converters Package for the Points” event during the month of June.

Therefore, Woodburn Dragstrip is proud to Award the June, 2011 Racer of the Month Award to Super Pro Racer, Dave Sattem.

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