Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Alisha Miller ~ July 2015 Racer of the Month


AJ Miller

When it comes to picking out the Racer of the Month, there are a lot of challenges and difficulties as you get into the closer call finishes. At the conclusion of the month, there were two racers who both were very much so eligible to earn this coveted reward—and they are both racers in the World of Speed Jr Racing Series!  One of the racers, who competes in Jr Storm, earned two event wins in the two races they competed in, taking their total round win count for the season to 21 rounds, meaning that they earned 28% of their wins in this one month.

Opposite, however, was your July 2015 Racer of the Month, who also earned two event wins in the two events she competed in.  What is the difference? This racer’s 6 round wins means that she has earned 67% of her season totals for wins in this month alone! With that being said, it is without a doubt that your July 2015 Tualatin Transmissions Racer of the Month belongs to: Alisha Miller!

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