Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon


 In a come from behind performance for the ages, Team Woodburn claimed its 16th Team Championship, further cementing the lead for most in the nation.  Going into the fourth round of bracket-style eliminations, Team Woodburn was 14 points out of the lead.  That’s when the magic happened. Late round wins were flying in from Gary Palmateer in Super Pro, Ryan Schaefer and ‘Dynamite’ Dave Bronec in Pro, Robert Glafka and Karl Hart in Sportsman, and Joe Lind and Jim Werre in Bike/Sled.  The round wins brought in from each team member accumulated to the total, but more than that was the support from those unfortunate first round losers, as well as the large amount of non-racers who showed up to cheer for the team. 


A congratulations to all of those who had the honor of making the 2014 Team, and to the following team members for their accomplishments. Click on the team member’s name to view a picture of their car. (Points earned in parenthesis)

Super Pro: Mark Dawson, Debbie Dawson, Loretta McCool, Traci DePeel, Stephanie Gross, Julie Adams, Gary Wargnier, Tom Avgerakis, Rene Crunelle (1), Danny Wargnier (1), Bill McNeal (1), Vicki Shepherd (1), Robert Glembocki (1), Devon Hilton (2), and Gary Palmateer (4).  11 Total points were claimed in Super Pro.

Pro: Tony Price, Dan Stokes, Dave Nassimbene, Kacee Pitts, Steve Stuart, Matt Kielman, Rich Potter, Ron Parks (1), Pat Figini (1), Roger McWilliams (1), Carl Wilkerson (1), John Maul (1), Nicholas Shepherd (2), Ryan Schaefer (6), Dave Bronec (7, ET FINALS CHAMPION). 20 Total points were claimed in Pro.
Sportsman: Derek Ringer, Garry Heinrich, John Floyd Jr, Kathy Figini, Lee Ennis, Kacee Pitts, Jerry Weber, Tony Bombara (1), Jerry Durant Jr (1), Derrick Jackson (2), Jim Fields (2), Robert Glafka (6), Karl Hart (7, ET FINALS CHAMPION). 19 Total points were claimed in Sportsman.
Bike/Sled: Gary Tokos, Don DePeel, Shane White (1), Mark Adams (1), Joseph Lind (3), Jim Werre (5). 10 Total points were claimed in Bike/Sled.
Jr Lightning: Carson Wheeler (2), Taylor Toftemark (2). 3 Total points were earned in Jr Lightning
Jr Thunder: Alisha Miller (1), Ramon Vincent (1), Conner Rice (2), Rilynn Saucy (2). 6 Total points were earned in Jr Thunder


Day two was showcased with Division Championships and trips to Pomona on the line.  In Super Pro, it was Norm Braedt, Tacoma WA., getting the win over Sean Shaffer, Boise ID.  Rayce Kidd was the lone semi-final finisher.  Pro bracket had first time Division 6 representative Nicholas Shepherd, Tigard OR., taking down last year’s champion Chris Stone, Mission BC., via a red-light start.  Greg Steen steered his way into the semi-finals. Sportsman’s final round showcased Gordon Rust, Kirkland, WA., getting the win over Brian Jennen, Spangle WA., in a double-breakout finish.  Mike Ritz  made the journey to the semi-finals.  Bike/Sled featured Jeff Havens, Yakima WA., getting his third straight Saturday victory and subsequent trip to Pomona, this time over Al Omond, Abbotsford BC.  Richard Pedraza, Boise ID., and Cory Wayne, Vancouver WA., were the semi-final finishers. 


Division Championships were claimed in High School, Jr Lighting, and Jr Thunder as well.  Cameron Loos, Brush Prairie WA., took the win over Zach Zurbrugg, Bremerton, WA.  Jr Lightning featured Adam Lint, Vancouver WA., winning over Jordin Howell, Port Orchard, WA.  Finally, in Jr Thunder, it was Alisha Miller, Warren OR., winning over Levi Burke, Bates, OR.


Team Pacific Raceways were the winners of the Track Managers Challenge, earning a grand total of 54 points amongst their racers, while Team Woodburn finished second with 47, and Team Mission in third with 39.


With day number one in the records, it’s on to the ‘big show’ Saturday and Sunday of the NHRA Division 6 Summit ET Finals. It was a good day to be from Washington as all of the winners claimed for today’s gambler were from the state.  Under the lights, it was wins in favor of Lonnie Sharkey (Super Pro), Steve Kelly (Pro), Gordon Cady Jr (Sportsman), Chris Benda (Bike/Sled), and Emily Lewis (Jr Dragster). On Saturday, August 29th, we will complete the NHRA Division 6 Summit ET Finals Race of Champions, to determine what racer will head to Pomona at the NHRA Auto Club Finals.

Listed are final round results, in order of drive name, city/state, (vehicle year/model), [reaction time], elapsed time, miles per hour, and (dial-in).

Super Pro
W: Lonnie Sharkey, Bremerton WA (’66 Chevy II) [.019] 9.833, 130.20 (9.82 dial).
R/U: Danny Wargnier, Keizer OR (’08 GTO) [.010] 7.915, 172.47 (7.89 dial).
Semi’s: Debbie Dawson, Sutherlin OR.

W: Steve Kelly, Camas WA (’67 Camaro) [.020] 10.600, 114.37 (10.58 dial).
R/U: Ron Sears, Port Orchard WA (’71 Camaro) [.039] 10.121, 131.92 (10.11 dial).
Semi’s: Tyler Warman, Spokane WA; Chris Stone, Mission BC.

W: Gordon Cady Jr, Vancouver WA (’65 El Camino) [.068] 12.743, 103.57 (12.74 dial).
R/U: John Nelson, Vancouver WA (’72 Nova) [.060] 11.984, 107.82 (12.00 dial).
Semi’s: Jason Biscay, Ellensburg WA; Steve Johnson, Rochester WA.

W: Chris Benda, Auburn WA (’09 Kawasaki) [.065] 9.310, 145.27 (9.28 dial).
R/U: John Plasterm, Buckley WA (’00 Harley) [-.010] foul.
Semi’s: John Walker, Gold Hill OR.

Jr Dragster 
W: Emily Lewis, Maple Valley WA (’07 Creative) [.089] 7.961, 80.78 (7.99 dial).
R/U: Kennedy Krier, Lake Tapps WA (’07 Creative) – broke.
Semi’s: Jake Nickerson, Spokane Valley WA; Jordan Meyers, Medicine Hat AB.


Click on the class below for full class results.

Friday Final Round Results
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