Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

The 40th Annual Lucas Oil Products & Vision Diesel Performance Thunder Truck Drags is in the books!!

On Saturday, August 4th, under sunny summer skies, the 40th running of the Lucas Oil Products Inc./Vision Diesel Performance Thunder Truck Drags was great fun for everyone!   The Big Rig Diesel class (32 trucks), was split into four separate categories: Big Rig A, B, C & D.   Winners of each class were: Dennis Flint (Big Rig Diesel A), Howard Romane (Big Rig Diesel B), Kandi Miller (Big Rig Diesel C), and Nick McElroy (Big Rig Diesel D). For the King of the Valley to be decided, we then took those four winners and ran them off in a special eliminator bracket, where Howard Romane claimed the Lucas Oil Big Rig King of the Valley award.  The Hot Truck class with 25 contenders was for all pickups running 13.99 and quicker and featured Rick Sales Sr and Rick McAdams in the finals.  The Pickup class was run to completion where Steve Nicholson and Jared Carlston met in the finals.  The 4×4 Gas class featured Kassie Trivelpiece and Jessica Claussen in the finals, while the 4×4 Diesel class featured Jay Hindman and Kyle Ward going to the final round.  In the Big Rig Run Tuff, it was Chris Smith going against Smoke Oakley while, in the Run Tuff category, it was Luciano Rivas and Tim McDaniel who made it to the final round.  

Listed below are final round results, in order of driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time, dial-in, elapsed time and mile per hour.

Winner:  Dennis Flint, Estacada, OR, ’88 GMC, .425 R/T, 23.00 dial, 24.192 ET, 58.35 mph
Runner-up:  Frank Merrill, Silverton, OR, ’82 Freightliner COE, .372 R/T, 20.90 dial, 22.147 R/T, 58.34 mph

Winner:  Howard Romane, Eugene, OR, ’03 Kenworth, .263 R/T, 20.20 dial, 20.658 ET, 67.76 mph
Runner-up:  Franklin Hussey, ’18 Kent, .940 R/T, 19.00 dial, 19.059 ET, 75.57 mph 

Winner:  Kandi Miller, Independence, OR, ’18 Peterbilt, .086 R/T, 25.05 dial, 25.657 ET, 58.60 mph
Runner-up:  Scott McElroy, Alsea, OR, ’13 Kenworth, .768 R/T, 19.00 dial, 19.344 ET, 73.16 mph

Winner:  Nick McElroy, Toledo, OR, ’18 Kenworth, .208 R/T, 20.00 dial, 19.418 ET, 70.28 mph
Runner-up:  Arnold Wolfe, Waldport, OR, ’16 Kenworth, -.115 R/T, 19.60 dial, 20.042 ET, 68.17 mph

Winner:  Howard Romane, Eugene, OR, ’03 Kenworth, .173 R/T, 20.20 dial, 21.005 ET, 68.19 mph
Runner-up:  Dennis Flint, Estacada, OR, ’88 GMC, .388 R/T, 23.40 dial, 24.440 ET, 55.23 mph

Winner:  Rick Sales Sr, Eugene, OR, ’65 GMC, .042 R/T, 10.19 dial, 10.374 ET, 114.81 mph
Runner-up:  Rick McAdams, Gresham, OR, ’11 RAM, .242 R/T, 12.74 dial, 12.828 ET, 106.16 mph

Winner:  Steve Nicholson, Hillsboro, OR, ’76 Van, .071 R/T, 15.25 dial, 15.282 ET, 78.51 mph
Runner-up:  Jared Carlston, Gladstone, OR, ’98 RAM, .265 R/T, 17.74 dial, 17.655 ET, 76.43 mph 

Winner:  Jay Hindman, Portland, OR, ’12 Chevy, .136 R/T, 14.35 dial, 14.379 ET, 88.79 mph
Runner-up:  Kyle Ward, Prineville, OR, ;18 GMC, .219 R/T, 15.28 dial, 15.416 ET, 88.14 mph

4×4 GAS
Winner:  Kassie Trivelpiece, Yamhill, OR, ’05 Tahoe, .277 R/T, 17.80 dial, 18.051 ET, 77.63 mph
Runner-up:  Jessica Claussen, Yamhill, OR, ’94 Toyota, .403 R/T, 16.90 dial, 17.045 ET, 79.46 mph

Winner: Chris Smith, Toledo, OR, ’18 Kenworth, .285 R/T, 22.15 dial, 22.693 ET, 60.83 mph
Runner-up: Smoke Oakley, Yreka, CA, ’97 Peterbilt, .760 R/T, 17.00 dial, 17.185 ET, 78.98 mph

Winner:  Luciano Rivas, Vernonia, OR, ’05 RAM, .286 R/T, 16.05 dial, 16.072 ET, 82.56 mph
Runner-up:  Tim McDaniel, Lebanon, OR, ’57 Studebaker, .062 R/T, 11.07 dial, 10.984 ET, 115.00 mph

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