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THE 2018 TULIP FESTIVAL IS IN THE BOOKS!! Saturday 4/21 & Sunday 4/22 Race Results


Saturday, April 21st , Day One of the 2018 Tulip Festival racing was completed under sunny skies!  Qualifying was run for Pro Nostalgia and Dragster/Roadster, and racing was completed in the Nostalgia Hot Rod Series #1, and the World of Speed Jr Racing Series #3 (LOL), along with a Run Tuff class.  Winners claimed in the Nostalgia Hot Rod Series were: Mark Tabert (Top Gas), Richard Beyea (Hot Rod), Mike Hansen (Street Machine), Bart Sowa (Street Rod), Doug Powers (Inline/Flathead), JP Kurilovchan (Stick Shift), Jim Wise (Gasser), while Conner Rice (Jr Lightning), Logan Scrivner (Jr Thunder), and Jed Biscay (Jr Storm) claimed wins in the World of Speed Jr Racing Series.  Tom Avgerakis and Shawn Cranford won in the Run Tuff category and Jr Tuff category, respectively.

Package for the Points Winners:
Super Pro:  Danny Wargnier, .020 Package – Abby’s Pizza
Pro:  Steve Kelly, .011 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories
Sportsman:  Angelo Palamaris, .057 Package – Lucas Oil Products

Top Gas eliminations had Mark Tabert facing off against Matt Kielman in the final round.  Tabert defeated Debbie Dawson, Earl Griffith, earned a single in round 3, and Danny Wargnier to reach the finals while Kielman defeated Fred Nicholas, Gary Wargnier, earned a single in round 3, and Danny Wargnier.  In the final round, it was Tabert who had a near perfect reaction time of .002, 9.252 ET, on a 9.21 dial, and 145.18 mph, to take the win against Kielman who ran .011 R/T, 10.951 ET, on a 10.90 dial, 126.90 mph.

Hot Rod eliminations showcased Richard Beyea and Tim McDaniel in the final round.  Beyea defeated Allan Stringham, Jerry Biscay, and earned a single in round 3, while McDaniel defeated Jerry Cogar, earned a single in round 2, and Rick Sales Sr.  In the final round both drivers turned on the dreaded red light, with Beyea having a -.014 R/T to McDaniel’s -.020 R/T, giving Beyea the win.

In the Street Machine category, it was Mike Hansen and Dean Tabert who went into the final round of eliminations.  Hansen eliminated Ted Hill, Todd Turner, and RJ Dominick, while Tabert defeated Jim Cotterman, Lindsay Wurn, and Shawn Choruby to reach the final.  In the final round, Hansen ran .038 R/T, 10.179 ET on a 10.15 dial, at 127.20 mph against Tabert’s .049 R/T, 9.069 ET on an 8.99 dial at 146.62 mph, giving the win to Hansen.

Street Rod eliminations had Bart Sowa and James Heriford II going to the finals.  Sowa eliminated Stephanie Biscay, Garry Heinrich, Jessica Biscay, and earned a single in round 4.  Heriford II eliminated Rich Strobehn, earned a single in round 2, and Steve Nicholson to meet Sowa in the finals.  In the finals, the race was over before it even began as Heriford II turned on the red light, meaning Sowa would walk away with the win.  Sowa’s ran .0489 R/t, 15.488 ET, 13.65 dial, 65.76 mph.

The Inline/Flathead competition centered around two 1966 Plymouth Valiants driven by Doug Powers and Dave Mueller.  Powers eliminated Richard Bjerklund, and Dave Fountain, while Mueller defeated Jerry Stauffer and CJ Stoakes to reach the final round. In a category that never disappoints for races, it was an equally exciting final where Powers won when he ran a .037 R/T, 17.818 ET, 17.85 dial, 75.15 mph, to Mueller’s .108 R/T, 18.547 ET, 18.78 dial, 73.54 mph.

Stick Shift, which is a class designated strictly for cars that use a manual transmission, featured JP Kurilovchan, which was his first time back since he had a brush with the wall last season and a rebuild over the winter, and Mark Boehi.  Kurilovchan defeated Bruce Poppino and earned a single in round 2, while Boehi defeated Rebecca Holland and John Eastburn. In the final round, Kurilovchan took the win when Boehi turned on the dreaded red light by -.069.  Kurilovchan ran .069 R/T, 9.968 ET, 9.85 dial, 142.60 mph.

The Gasser eliminations had Jim Wise and Lonnie Gilbertson going to the finals.  Wise earned two singles to me Gilbertson, who defeated Jeff Enger and Ron McBee.  In the final round, both drivers turned on the dreaded red light with Wise taking the win with a reaction time of -.007 to Gilbertson’s -.023.

In the Run Tuff category, with 22 racers competing, it was Tom Avgerakis and Bryce Moilanen who faced off, with Avgerakis taking the win when Moilanen turned on the dreaded red light. 

The World of Speed Jr Lightning Series featured Conner Rice and Nicholas Karr into the final round.  Rice defeated Tucker Turner and Ramon Vincent to reach the semi-final round single, while Karr defeated Tate Turner, earned a single in round 2, and Austin Varner in the semi-final round.  In the final, Rice took the win with .106 R/T, 7.91 dial, 81.01 Et, 76.18 mph, while Karr ran .018 R/T, 7.95 dial, 8.464 ET, 67.37 mph. 

In the World of Speed Jr Thunder category, it was Logan Scrivner against Ryan Dick.  Scrivner had a single in round 2 and defeated Lindsey Miller in the semi-final round, while Dick defeated Jayden Bigsby, and Ryan Bese.  In the finals, Scrivner had the reaction time advantage of .042 over Dick’s .071.  Scrivner took the win with an 8.904 ET on his 8.90 dial at 72.53 mph, while Dick broke out with an 8.927 ET on his 8.94 dial at 74.41 mph.

In the World of Speed Jr Storm category, it was Jed Biscay against Kody Bigsby.  Biscay eliminated Katie Chapman and earned a semi-final single, while Bigsby eliminated Kiera Rice and Maguire Gray.  In the finals, Bigsby left too soon and red lit away his race.  Biscay ran .007 R/T, 12.51 dial, 12.622 ET, 51.46 mph.

As for Jr Tuff, it Shawn Cranford and Jayden Bigsby who went to the finals.  Cranford ran .079 R/T, 7.90 dial, 8.044 ET, 74.02 mph, to Bigsby’s .221 R/T, 8.91 dial, 8.955 ET, 75.93, which earned Cranford the win. 

Listed below is Saturday’s qualifying order for Pro Nostalgia and Dragster/Roadster, with final round results for the rest of the bracket categories following that.


  1. Garrett Bateman, 6.777 ET, 211.01 mph
  2. Paul New, 6.803 ET, 201.97 mph
  3. Dewayne Sanders, 6.809 ET, 201.83 mph
  4. Kacee Pitts, 6.879 ET, 195.90 mph
  5. Jay Kinnee, 6.932 ET, 197.58 mph
  6. Russ Parker, 7.243 ET, 185.91 mph
  7. Steve Marcus, 7.336 ET, 184.31 mph
  8. Ralph Fox, 7.448 ET, 178.00 mph
  9. Marc Pruett, 7.779 ET, 171.16 mph
  10. Nick Pruett, 7.802 ET, 172.08 mph
  11. Pete Farrell, 7.907 ET, 178.67 mph
  12. Chris Parten, 8.148 ET, 158.70 mph


  1. David Cookman 0.005 R/T
  2. Jeff Lewis 0.014 R/T
  3. Mike Thomas 0.022 R/T
  4. Ted Hainline 0.026 R/T
  5. Molly Pruett 0.028 R/T
  6. Dave Snyder 0.120 R/T
  7. Steve Canton 0.120 R/T
  8. Pat Johnson 0.150 R/T
  9. Matt Goss 0.264 R/T

W:  Mark Tabert, Sherwood, OR, ’67 Nova, .002 R/T, 9.21 dial, 9.252 ET, 145.18 mph
R/U:  Matt Kielman, Vancouver, WA, ’70 Nova, .011 R/T, 10.90 dial, 10.951 ET, 126.90 mph
Semi’s:  Danny Wargnier, Keizer, OR

W:  Richard Beyea, Salem, OR, ’57 Chevy, -.014 R/T, 10.09 dial, 10.157 ET, 129.23 mph
R/U: Tim McDaniel, Lebanon, OR, ’57 Studebaker, -.020 R/T, 10.93 dial, 10.919 ET, 120.36 mph
Semi’s:  Rick Sales Sr, Eugene, OR

W:  Mike Hansen, Aurora, OR, ’67 Camaro, .038 R/T, 10.15 dial, 10.179 ET, 127.20 mph
R/U:  Dean Tabert, Tigard, OR, ’69 Nova, .049 R/T, 8.99 dial, 9.069 ET, 46.62 mph
Semi’s:  RJ Dominick, Portland, OR, and Shawn Choruby, Tigard, OR

W: Bart Sowa, Portland, OR, ’72 Chevy, .048 R/T, 13.65 dial, 15.488 ET, 65.76 mph
R/U: James Heriford II, Battle Ground, WA, ’64 Galaxie, -.023 R/T,
Semi’s:  Steve Nicholson, Hillsboro, OR, ’76 Chevy, .438 R/T, 15.35 dial, 15.158 ET, 83.21 mph

W: Doug Powers, Portland, OR, ’66 Valiant, .037 R/T, 17.85 dial, 17.818 ET, 75.15 mph
R/U: Dave Mueller, Kelso, WA, ’66 Valiant, .108 R/T, 18.78 dial, 18.547 ET, 73.54 mph
Semi’s: Dave Fountain, Portland, OR, and CJ Stoakes, Halsey, OR

W: JP Kurilovchan, Aloha, OR, ’67 Chevelle, .061 R/T, 9.85 dial, 9.968 ET, 142.60 mph
R/U:  Mark Boehi, Portland, OR, ’78 Camaro, -.069 R/T, 10.29 dial, 10.240 ET, 135.56 mph
Semi’s:  John Eastburn, St Helens, OR

W: Jim Wise, Lebanon, OR, ’40 Ford, -.007 R/T, 10.98 dial, 13.907 ET, 81.29 mph
R/U:  Lonnie Gilbertson, Milwaukie, OR, ’55 Chevy, -.023 R/T, 11.15 dial, 11.111 ET, 116.83 mph
Semi’s:  Ron McBee, Portland, OR

W: Tom Avgerakis, Newberg, OR, ’95 Chevy, 1.042 R/T, 8.43 dial, 27.191 ET, 34.74 mph
R/U:  Bryce Moilanen, Woodburn, OR, ’71 Vega, -.029 R/T, 9.68 dial, 9.731 ET, 133.82 mph
Semi’s:  Jimmy Heriford, Battle Ground, WA

W: Conner Rice, Milwaukie, OR, RC4K Jr Dragster, .106 R/T, 7.91 dial, 8.101 ET, 76.19 mph
R/U: Nicholas Karr, Salem, OR, 2010 Halfscale, .018 R/T, 7.95 dial, 8.464 ET, 67.37 mph
Semi’s:  Austin Varner, Astoria, OR

W: Logan Scrivner, Hillsboro, OR, ’07 Eickmann, .042 R/T, 8.90 dial, 8.904 ET, 72.53 mph
R/U:  Ryan Dick, Astoria, OR, ’06 Halfscale, .071 R/T, 8.94 dial, 8.927 ET, 74.41 mph
Semi’s:  Lindsey Miller, Yakima, WA, and Ryan Bese, Keizer, OR

W:  Jed Biscay, Toledo, WA, ’01 Coggin, .007 R/T, 12.51 dial, 12.622 ET, 51.46 mph
R/U: Kody Bigsby, Independence, OR, RC4K Jr Dragster, -.214 R/T, 12.00 dial, 11.916 ET, 53.76 mph
Semi’s:  Maguire Gray, Portland

W: Shawn Cranford, Woodburn, OR, RC4K Jr Dragster, .079 R/T, 7.90 dial, 8.044 ET, 74.02 mph
R/U:  Jayden Bigsby, Salem, OR, ’06 RC4K Jr Dragster, .221 R/T, 8.91 dial, 8.955 ET, 75.93 mph
Semi’s:  Katie Chapman, Sandy, OR


Sunday, April 22nd, found us racing under a second sunny day for the 2018 Tulip Festival!  Eliminations were run in Pro Nostalgia and Dragster/Roadster, and racing was completed in the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series, Super Shifter and a Run Tuff class.  Winners claimed in the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series were: Mark Dawson (Super Pro), Steve Kelly (Pro), Lori Winberg (Sportsman), while Mark Boehi won in Super Shifter, Dewayne Sanders in Pro Nostalgia, Mike Thomas in Dragster/Roadster, and Jeff Staley in Run Tuff.

Super Pro eliminations had Mark Dawson facing off against Casey Ladd.  Dawson defeated Dennis Blackford, David Pracht, Danny Wargnier, and Mike Tarabochia, while Casey Ladd defeated Robert Glembocki, Tom Avgerakis, Gary Wargnier, and Mike McManus.  In the final round Ladd turned on the dreaded red light with an -.003-reaction time, meaning Dawson would walk away with the win.

In the Pro class with 35 competitors, it was Steve Kelly and Kenneth McGarry in the final round.  On his way to the final round, Kelly defeated Pat Figini, Tony Price, Greg Gifford, Rick Sales Sr, and earned a single in semi-finals, while McGarry defeated Frank Scali, Frank Sukosd, Mike Hansen, and earned a single in round 5, and Jerry Durant Sr.  In the final round, Kelly took with win when McGarry turned on the red light.

In the Sportsman class, 26 cars entered the day, and when the dust settled it was Lori Winberg and Brandon Robinson battling out the see who would claim the first Sportsman event win for the 2018 Season.  Earning her way to the final round, Winberg defeated Angelo Palamaris, Lee Ennis, Kathy Figini, and had a semi-final single, while Robinson defeated Karen Kalsch, Richard Watson, Stephanie Biscay, and Earl Eberly.  In the final round, while neither driver had a stellar reaction time, Robinson did have a .06 advantage on the tree to find himself breaking out with a 12.153 on a 12.18 dial-in.  Winberg’s winning ET of 12.037 on her 12.02 dial-in at 111.46 mph, sealed the deal for her first sportsman event win.

In the Super Shifter class, it was Mark Boehi and John Masterman going to the finals.  Boehi eliminated Bruce Poppino and Bernd Arndt while Masterman who had a single in round 1, defeated Rob Merriman, to meet in the finals.  In the final round, the race was over before it even began when Masterman turned on the red light, meaning Boehi would walk away with the win. 

In the Run Tuff category, with 22 racers returned to compete for the win, it was Jeff Staley and Todd Turner who faced off with Staley taking the win with a .060 R/T, 1010 dial, 10.200 ET, 118.18 mph against Turner’s .147 R/T, 10.23 dial, 10.256 ET, 130.09 mph.    

Listed below is Sunday’s final round results for Pro Nostalgia, Dragster/Roadster, Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, Super Shifter and Run Tuff.

W:  Dewayne Sanders, Albany, OR, ’98 Tuttle, .106 R/T, 6.76 dial, 6.766 ET, 192.67 mph
R/U:  Kacee Pitts, Lebanon, OR, ’01 Jerry Hill, .015 R/T, 7.05 dial, 7.235 ET, 173.37 mph 
Semi’s:  Steve Marcus, Molalla, OR

W:  Marc Pruett, Vancouver, OR, ’23 T Roadster, -.032 R/T, 7.60 dial, 7.715 ET, 171.59 mph
R/U:  Nick Pruett, Eagle Creek, OR, ’02 Tuttle, -.011 R/T, 7.80 dial, 7.745 ET, 172.87 mph
Semi’s:  Pete Farrell, West Linn, OR

W:  Mike Thomas, Molalla, OR, ’27 Ford, .054 R/T, 9.37 dial, 9.425 ET, 138.31 mph
R/U:  Molly Pruett, LA Center, WA, ’48 Fiat, .097 R/T, 8.58 dial, 8.524 ET, 150.62 mph
Semi’s:  Ted Hainline, Brinnon, WA

W: Mark Dawson, Sutherlin, OR, ’70 Datsun 240Z, .012 R/T, 9.28 dial, 9.276 ET, 140.18 mph
R/U:  Casey Ladd, Welches, OR, ’67 Mustang, -.003 R/T, 9.90 dial, 9.886 ET, 150.60 mph
Semi’s:  Mike Tarabochia, Astoria, OR, and Mike McManus, Happy Valley, OR

W:  Steve Kelly, Camas, WA, ’67 Camaro, .039 R/T, 9.91 dial, 10.742 ET, 90.63 mph
R/U:  Kenneth McGarry, Corvallis, OR, ’73 Nova, -.021 R/T, 11.38 dial, 11.395 ET, 115.13 mph
Semi’s:  Jerry Durant Sr, Molalla, OR

W:  Lori Winberg, Lafayette, OR, ’64.5 Mustang, .179 R/T, 12.02 dial, 12.037 ET, 111.46 mph
R/U:  Brandon Robinson, Salem, OR, ’73 Duster, .115 R/T, 12.18 dial, 12.153 ET, 99.48 mph
Semi’s:  Earl Eberly, Aurora, OR

W:  Mark Boehi, Portland, OR, ’78 Camaro, .107 R/T, 10.23 dial, 10.187 R/T, 135.99 mph
R/U:  John Masterman, Milwaukie, OR, ’79 Camaro, -0.16 R/T, 11.96 dial, 14.659 ET, 74.67 mph
Semi’s: Bernd Arndt, Tigard, OR, and Rob Merriman, Cloverdale, OR

W:  Jeff Staley, Vancouver, WA, ’66 El Camino, .060 R/T, 10.10 dial, 10.200 ET, 118.18 mph
R/U:  Todd Turner, Castle Rock, WA, ’67 Chevelle, .147 R/T, 10.23 dial, 10.256 ET, 130.09 mph
Semi’s:  Tracy Herinckx, Vernonia, OR


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