Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Sunday, June 17th Fathers Day – The race was completed in great weather, but watch out for those NW winds!

On Sunday, June 17th, the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series #11(LOL), World of Speed Jr Racing Series #7, Hole in the Hood #3, Modern MuscleCar #3, NAPA Import Parts Sport Compact #3, Powderpuff#3, Street Car Syndicate and Jr Tuff, was run in beautiful warm spring weather with a bit of crazy wind at the end of the day!

In a class of 28 cars, it was Ken Sweo who took the win in Super Pro.  In Pro, battling 39 other racers, it was Curt Landis who took the win.  In the Sportsman class of 36 racers, it was Brett Sowa who took the win.  Jay Phillips took the win in Hole in the Hood.  Winner in Modern MuscleCar was Dalton Carter.  NAPA Import Parts Sport Compact winner was Scott Parks.  Powderpuff winner was Amy Cole.  Street Car Syndicate winner was Joe Ernst.  In the World of Speed Jr Dragster Series in Jr Lightning, interestingly, the top 4 finishers were: Austin Varner who took his 2nd win in a row, with Ramon Vincent placing 2nd also two races in a row, and Ava Glenn and Nicholas Karr also getting the semi’s, two races in a row!  In Jr Thunder, it was Jayden Bigsby who took the win, trading places with Ryan Dick (who took 2nd) from last week’s race.  In Jr Storm, it was Kiera Rice who took her 3rd win in a row.  And, it was Cooper Chun who took the win in Jr Tuff.

The A-1 Performance Trans & Converters Package for Points Winners were:
SUPER PRO: Kyleah Taylor, ’89 Dragster, ‘033 Package – Lucas Oil
PRO:  Dave Bronec, ’72 Nova, .011 Package – Abby’s Pizza
SPORTSMAN:  Jessica Biscay, ’81 Mustang, .013 Package – Pico Wiring Accessories

Below are the final round results (driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time, dial-in, elapsed time, and miles per hour).

Winner:  Ken Sweo, Oregon City, OR, ’72 Capri, .024 R/T, 9.04 dial, 9.052 ET, 150.45 mph
R/U:  Dan Shepherd, Newberg, OR, ’01 Undercover, .026 R/T, 8.04 dial, 8.034 ET, 169.81 mph
Semi’s:  Bill King, Sandy, OR, and Earl Griffith, Mulino, OR

Winner:  Curt Landis, Newberg, OR, ’69 Chevelle, .035 R/T, 10.39 dial, 11.998 ET, 76.44 mph
R/U:  Alan Snyder, Cornelius, OR, ’64 ½ Mustang, -.055 R/T, 10.10 dial, 10.128 ET, 130.17
Semi’s:  Steve Kelly, Camas, WA

Winner:  Brett Sowa, Sandy, OR, ’99 Regal, .069 R/T, 12.04 dial, 12.071 ET, 108.00 mph
R/U:  Tony Bombara, Sutherlin, OR, ’76 C10, .122 R/T, 12.22 dial, 12.199 ET, 106.95 mph
Semi’s:  Kathy Figini, Oregon City, OR

Winner:  Jay Phillips, Aumsville, OR, ’74 Duster, .063 R/T, 9.98 dial, 9.998 ET, 125.90 mph
R/U:  Bob Rea, Aumsville, OR, ’72 Cuda, .197 10.13 dial, 10.109 ET, 131.75 mph
Semi’s:  Bill Brown, Woodburn, OR

Winner:  Dalton Carter, Hillsboro, OR, ’17 Camaro, .026 R/T, 12.54 dial, 12.460 ET, 112.55 mph
R/U:  Dan Kirwan, Longview, WA, ’04 Mustang, -.012 R/T, 13.61 dial, 13.562 ET, 99.26 mph
Semi’s:  Dan Powell, Vancouver, WA

Winner:  Scott Parks, Salem, OR, ’06 Lexus, .005 R/T, 13.95 dial, 14.021 ET, 99.11 mph
R/U:  Ken Schaffer, Portland, OR, ’97 Supra, .047 R/T, 16.23 dial, 16.220 ET, 80.83 mph 
Semi’s:  Eric Steen, Spanaway, WA, and Tim Knudsen, Salem, OR

Winner:  Amy Cole, Scappose, OR, ’04 F150, .159 R/T, 17.53 dial, 17.611 ET, 79.67 mph
R/U:  Valerie Bronec, Hubbard, OR ’14 Volvo, -.004 R/T, 15.20 dial, 15.570 ET, 85.41 mph 
Semi’s:  Stephanie Biscay, Toledo, WA

Winner:  Joe Ernst, Portland, OR, ’02 Mercedes, .031 R/T, 13.68 dial, 13.730 ET, 102.83 mph
R/U:  Jan Hase, Albany, OR, ’91 S10, -.045 R/T, 12.15 dial, 12.099 ET, 109.24 mph
Semi’s:  Bret Stevens, Tualatin, OR

Winner:  Austin Varner, Astoria, OR, ’11 RC4K, .061 R/T, 7.91 dial, 7.899 ET, 82.35 mph
R/U:  Ramon Vincent, Stayton, OR, ’12 RC4K, .059 R/T, 8.75 dial, 8.725 ET, 73.83 mph 
Semi’s:  Nicholas Karr, Salem, OR, and Ava Glenn, Kelso, WA

Winner:  Jayden Bigsby, Salem, OR, ’06 RC4K, .002 R/T, 8.90 dial, 8.912 ET, 76.09 mph
R/U:  Ryan Dick, Astoria, OR, ’07 Halfscale, .066 R/T, 9.09 dial, 9.072 ET, 73.67 mph
Semi’s:  Logan Scrivner, Hillsboro, OR

Winner:  Kiera Rice, Milwaukie, OR, RC4K, .023 R/T, 11.95 dial, 12.053 ET, 53.52 mph
R/U:  Kody Bigsby, Independence, OR, RC4K, .138 R/T, 11.95 dial, 11.933 ET, 54.10 mph
Semi’s:  Xzavier Heaton, Vancouver, WA, and Maguire Gray, Portland, OR  

Winner:  Cooper Chun, Vancouver, WA, ’99 Spitzer, .057 R/T, 9.39 dial, 9.462 ET, 69.41 mph
R/U:  Conner Rice, Milwaukie, OR, RC4K, .013 R/T, 7.90 dial, 7.866 ET, 81.10 mph
Semi’s:  Duncan Gray, Portland, OR 

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