Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Steve Stuart ~ 2016 Nostalgia Hot Rod Series ~ Street Machine Champion

In the Nostalgia Hot Rod Series, the Street Machine class is for vehicles 1966 – 1985 running 9.00 – 12.99.   The 2016 season featured 79 different racers battling it out for the championship trophy.

The first event held on April 23rd was the Bi-Mart 14th Annual Tulip Festival where the semi and final rounds could not be completed due to Mother Nature.  Winners of round 2 and who would have gone into the semi-finals were:  Lindsay Wurn, Jeff Sievers and Dave Bronec.  The 2nd race that was scheduled for May 15th was also cancelled due to weather.

The 3rd event held on June 26th for the NAPA Auto Parts/Bi-Mart 40th Annual Oldies But Goodies featured Gregg Heriford and John Rheinberger in the finals.  On one half of the ladder Heriford took down David Bronec, Ron Strong, Ryan Schaefer and Sonny Scheradella.  On the other half of the ladder, Rheinberger went through Dale Kraxberger, Wayde Dodd, Gary Wood and Randy Doan.  In the finals, Heriford used a .022 starting line advantage to win the day’s competition and ran a 10.509 on his 10.35 dial to Rheinberger’s 10.579 on his 10.32 dial.

In the Street Machine class on August 14th for the Wilson’s NAPA Auto Parts/GK Machine Inc/Bi-Mart 28th Annual Hot Rod Nationals, 32 racers converged to test their talents.  In the final, the winner would either be Steve Stuart or Frank Rhodes.  Stuart secured his position in the final round by defeating Todd Turner, Tim Dahl, and Barry Sheasgreen.  While on the other side of the ladder was Rhodes, who downed Dale Kraxberger, Tim Miller, Rob Newman and Alan Snyder.  In that final, Stuart used a .023 starting line advantage over Rhodes .054 reaction time, to win the day’s competition. Stuart ran 9.278 on his 9.25 dial while Rhodes ran 10.248 on his 10.24 dial.

September 24th brought the Bi-Mart 31st Annual Fall Classic with 42 racers vying for first place. The finals showcased Bryce Moilanen and Chris Stone after Moilanen downed Kevin Feeny, Jeff Sievers, Carl Wilkerson, Joe Trejo Jr, and Jim Goodman.  On the other side of the ladder, Stone downed Steve Williams, Brandon Keim, Wally Sowins, and Alan Snyder and earned a single in round 5.  The finals were over before they began when Stone turned on the dreaded red light by -.002, meaning that Moilanen went on to take the win.  Moilanen ran 10.263 on his 10.03 dial.

The last Nostalgia Hot Rod Series event was held on October 1st, and showcased Steve Stuart and George Burn III in the finals.  To get to the finals, Stuart defeated Dale Kraxberger, earned a single in round 2, and Hollis Runge, while on the other side of the ladder, Burns eliminated David Bronec, David Thompson, and earned a single in round 3.  In the final round, Stuarts ’66 Chevelle downed Burns after cutting a stellar .004 reaction time to get the win and secure the Championship.  Stuart ran a 9.335 on his 9.26 dial to Burns 10.600 on his 10.60 dial.    

With 310 Points and 2 Event Wins, the 2016 Street Machine Champion… Steve Stuart!!

Top 5 Points Finishers (Driver Name, Hometown and Total Points)

  1. Steve Stuart, Estacada, OR, 310 Points
  2. Gregg Heriford, Vancouver, WA, 240 Points
  3. Hollis Runge, Dallas, OR, 230 Points
  4. George Burns III, Turner, OR, 220 Points
  5. Dave Bronec, Hubbard, OR, 220 Points

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