Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Results from the 2nd day of the 8th Annual Baxter Auto Parts/Sunbelt Rentals/Bi-Mart Night of Fire & ET Bracket Triple Crown #2!!

Saturday, July 28th, proved to be a warm one for the 300+ racers on the 2nd day of the 8th Annual Baxter Auto Parts/Sunbelt Rentals/Bi-Mart Night of Fire & ET Bracket Triple Crown race!  Our night show proved once again to be the fans favorite night with the AA/Fuel Altereds, Ed Jones’ Wheelstander, Nitro Harley’s, NW BB/Funny Cars, Outlaw 10.5 and 8.5 and Jet Cars!!

With over 60 racers competing in the ET Bracket Triple Crown #2 (Electronics class), when it came down to the 7th round and finals, it was Kevin Heffington and Stephanie Nass who went head to head to the finish!  And, there were over 90 racers competing in the ET Bracket Triple Crown #2 (Non-Electronics class), where the 7th and final round found Bryce Moilanen and Jeff LaSalle battling it out down the track!

The ET Motorcycle #1 Qualifier was Ted Brown from Vancouver, WA, who had a perfect light!

Also listed below are the results for Quality Concrete Electronics Ultimate & Non-Electronic Ultimate, ET Motorcycle, Harley Eliminator, and Jr Dragster Exhibition.  The final round results are listed as driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time, dial-in, elapsed time, and miles per hour. 

Winner:  Kevin Heffington, Moxee, WA, ’16 Racetech, .018 R/T, 7.33 dial, 7.352 ET, 179.17 mph
Runner-up:  Stephanie Nass, Canby, OR, ’01 Undercover, .002 R/T, 8.02 dial, 8.066 ET, 166.48 mph
Semi’s:  Jeff Barnes, Tenino, WA

Winner:  Bryce Moilanen, Woodburn, OR, ’71 Vega, .003 R/T, 9.78 dial, 9.783 ET, 134.77 mph
Runner-up: Jeff LaSalle, Cloverdale, CA, ’67 Coronet, .019 R/T, 10.28 dial, 10.295 ET, 119.37 mph
Semi’s:  Brandon Wilkinson, Vancouver, WA

Winner:  Colin Richburg, Belfair WA, ’85 S-10, .010 R/T, 5.89 dial, 5.905 ET, 116.91 mph
Runner-up:  Trevor Harkema, Coeur d’Alene, ID, ’06 T&T, .028 R/T, 4.81 dial, 4.818 ET, 140.27 mph
Semi’s:  Kevin Heffington, Moxee, WA, and Janice Myhre, Sheridan, CA

Winner:  John Floyd Jr, Gresham, OR, ’72 Nova, .063 R/T, 9.06 dial, 9.065 ET, 72.42 mph
Runner-up:  Gary Howe Jr, Gig Harbor, WA, ’71 Skylark, .054 R/T, 7.69 dial, 7.713 ET, 82.23 mph
Semi’s:  Chris Stone, Mission, BC, and Harry Cole, Gresham, OR

Winner:  Don DePeel, Gladstone, OR, ’74 Kawasaki, .008 R/T, 8.41 dial, 8.495 ET, 153.13 mph
Runner-up: Randy Whiteman, North Plains, OR, ’80 Kawasaki, -.008 R/T, 8.16 dial, 8.281 ET, 158.92 mph
Semi’s:  Jeramy Reber, Rogue River, OR, and Mark Canty, Vancouver, WA

Winner:  Henry Robinson, Tualatin, OR, ’08 Harley, .267 R/T, 12.45 dial, 12.554 ET, 104.35 mph
Runner-up: Angie Clausen, Tacoma, WA, ’03 Sportster, .153 R/T, 15.573 dial, 92.59 mph
Semi’s:  Bob Osborne, Dallas, OR 

Winner: Austin Varner, Astoria, OR, RC4K dragster, .073 R/T, 7.97 dial, 7.964 ET, 80.22 mph
Runner-Up:  Logan Scrivner, Hillsboro, OR, .031 R/T, 9.11 dial, 9.094 ET, 71.29 mph
Semi’s:  Kody Bigsby, Independence, OR, and Kiera Rice, Milwaukie, OR 

Saturday night, the NW BB/FC Association raced to a target ET of 6.70.  The win goes to the racer closest to the target ET (6.70), over or under as there are no breakouts.

Winner:  Russ Parker, Salem, OR, ’67 Nova, .149 R/T, 6.748 ET, 213.27 mph
Runner-up:  Brett Lammers, Green Valley, AZ, .305 R/T, 7.843 ET, 134.34 mph

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