Woodburn Dragstrip
7730 Hwy. 219
Woodburn, Oregon

Results from Day #3 of the 8th Annual Baxter Auto Parts/Sunbelt Rentals/Bi-Mart ET Bracket Triple Crown race! 

Results from Sunday, July 29th, the 3rd and last day of the 8th Annual Baxter Auto Parts/Sunbelt Rentals/Bi-Mart ET Bracket Triple Crown race! 

Winners for the ET Bracket Triple Crown #3 are: Justin Cooper (Electronics), Brandon Wilkinson (Non-Electronics).  Other category winners are:  Molly Pruett (Dragster/Roadster), Kerry Drost (ET Motorcycle), Mark Canty (Quick 8), Jeff Lilly (Pro Mod), Nick Duda (Outlaw 10.5), and Sherry Castagno (Outlaw 8.5).

The Package for Points went to ET Motorcycle: Don DePeel, Gladstone, OR, .011 package, ’74 Kawasaki.  The ET Motorcycle #1 Qualifier was Ted Brown from Vancouver, WA, who had a perfect light!

Listed below are the final round results are listed as driver name, hometown, vehicle year/model, reaction time, dial-in, elapsed time, and miles per hour. 

Winner:  Justin Cooper, Medical Lake, WA, ’06 Undercover, .031 R/T, 7.58 dial, 7.682 ET, 151.92 mph
Runner-up:  Amanda Larson, Milton, WA, ’00 Dakota, -.006 R/T, 7.81 dial, 8.088 ET, 135.07 mph
Semi’s:  Mike Nicholson, Vancouver, WA

Winner:  Brandon Wilkinson, Vancouver, WA, ’69 Nova, .013 R/T, 10.29 dial, 10.322 ET, 123.57 mph
Runner-up:  Jeff LaSalle, Cloverdale, CA, ’67 Coronet, .022 R/T, 10.31 dial, 10.302 ET, 128.02 mph
Semi’s:  Chris Stone, Mission, BC, and Cameron Loos, Brush Prairie, WA

Winner:  Molly Pruett, La Center, WA, ’48 Fiat, .060 R/T, 8.70 dial, 8.704 ET, 148.00 mph
Runner-up:  Travis Smith, Redmond, OR, ’34 Willys, -.003 R/T, 10.27 dial, 10.202 ET, 133.86 mph
Semi’s:  Pat Johnson, Tillamook, OR

Winner:  Kerry Drost, Sherwood, OR, ’99 Haybusa, .034 R/T, 8.52 dial, 8.509 ET, 156.41 mph
Runner-up: Terry Holloway, Yakima, WA, ’03 Suzuki, .037 R/T, 9.41 dial, 9.390 ET, 142.18 mph
Semi’s:  Jeramy Reber, Rogue River, OR, and Ted Brown, Vancouver, WA

Winner:  Mark Canty, Vancouver, WA, ’08 Kawasaki, .053 R/T, 9.55 dial, 9.653 ET, 125.13 mph
Runner-up:  Kerry Drost, Sherwood, OR, ’99 Hayabusa, -.035 R/T, 8.47 dial, 22.589 ET, 32.98 mph
Semi’s:  Robley Evans, Kent, WA

Winner:  Jeff Lilly, Banks, OR, ’00 Suzuki, .040 R/T, 7.392 ET, 179.60 mph
Runner-up:  Shawn Blehm, Sheridan, OR, ’09 Suzuki, .102 R/T, 7.858 ET, 167.50 mph
Semi’s:  Jeremy Wanders, Meridian, ID, and Gary Christopher, Hope, BC

OUTLAW 10.5  
Winner:  Nick Duda, Langley, BC, ’63 Corvette, .124 R/T, 4.507 ET, 166.02 mph
Runner-up:  Eddy Whipple, Spokane Valley, WA, ’67 Mustang, .097 E/T, 4.794 ET, 158.64 mph
Semi’s:  Eric Halverson, Chehalis, WA

Winner:  Sherry Castagno, Ethel, WA, ’68 Camaro, .234 R/T, 5.305 ET, 138.97 mph
Runner-up:  Walter Poyner, Castle Rock, WA, Broke
Semi’s: Troy Lind, Meridian, ID, and KJ Glennon, Salem, OR

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